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Major Media Bury Groundbreaking Studies of Pentagon's Massive Carbon Bootprint

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/12/major-media-bury-groundbreaking-studies-pentagons-massive-carbon-bootprint


Thank you for your attempt at elucidating us on a critical and ignored topic.

Who even NEEDS censorship, when this incredibly astute and pertinent story is simply ignored; since we’ve been conditioned into what’s sexy, scary or worthy of investigation. Crickets in 5… 4… 3… ZzzZzz…

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And its also “what” the enemy is. The system ‘players’ are leveraging its pyramid dynamics in all dimensions and ways possible. My desires are my poison. My capacity to meet reality with humility simplicity and be energized by so doing - together with neighbors and folks I do not yet know is a spiritual art that all true spiritual traditions nurture with all the subtlety of the stunning richness of nature. The system churns out deaf, dumb and blind material dimensions like most of us breathe.

“Armies of angels could rise up out of the waves, but if you are looking for a one-eyed giant you could sail right through them without feeling so much as a freshening of the breeze”
Doris Lessing

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So, question----can there be a Green New Deal without an anti-war and anti-MIC movement - in what sense, and to what extent?

I am thinking that the answer lies somewhere between “No way” and “Not much,” but that seems to be a far from universal opinion. It means concluding that we cannot expect much of much of any of our candidates in either major party, given their ongoing support for various war efforts.

Doesn’t it?


Well, if Carter had managed to avoid multinational oil & gas industry wars, we’d have sold the entire world 1st Gen PVs, Westinghouse PWRs & GE BWRs, wind turbines, hydroelectric, geothermal and Foster Wheeler co-gen coal boilers instead of escalating forever wars, fuel cells, regenerative organic farms, CNG micro-turbine/ EV trucks and rebuilt urban mass transit, including maglevs? Oh, that’s right… Both the Soviet and US Empires got our asses kicked, over fossil fuels, so we never beat AGW while it was still plausible, and we’d all be retired on our exported technologies? Oh well, maybe next time?


While insisting on checking the horses teeth.
“Damn the torpedoes,” but it would be smart to watch for enemy subs.

Maybe the next scam will be to invent a diversionary conversion of the fuel used to make the machine keep running, and flying, and sailing, and bombing, and transporting. Perhaps fairy dust.

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