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'Major Milestone': Obama Secures Veto-Proof Majority on Iran Deal



For the first time this century, Diplomacy has trumped war. That is how it used to be. Perhaps this will serve as a wake up call, will bring people to the table instead of the trenches to solve problems.
* We can only hope that this may prove a trend setter.


But, if this goes through, who will Jesus get to bomb? Not killing " the other " for profit, treasure, plunder and kicks and giggles, doesn't seem very Adelsonian/McCainian/Libermanian. Can we find some honest work for the MIC to do, now? How about a job guarding grinning each other, as suggested by Jello Biafra, years back. grinning



Waiting for the warfare state's shoe to drop.


JFK and Kruschev also used diplomacy--done under the radar to deter any escalation of war outside of Cuba.


How does the empire benefit from a mutual protection pact between Iran, Russia and China? Could you be a little more specific?


Nice summation. This Ukrainian assembly seems to be willing to cede some of the land back to Eastern Ukraine, though. You know, so it looks like that area of fighting will end, at least. Taking Russian ports by force and god; well, Ted Cruz isn't even that stupid. Maybe Monsanto can't get anyone to buy GMOs at the farmer's markets? Syria and Iraq will probably be partitioned, too. A real Kurdistan would be nice if your a Kurd, methinks. Since the British did this they should pay reparations to all aggrieved parties. Bankrupting the British would be great. Do they really make anything besides financial instruments, polo ponies and soccer players? Selling Buckingham Palace to the Saudis sounds like a done deal then, right? Sign me up on that. And, please elaborate on those " several ways the Empire benefits " you mentioned.


It is a good deal for the Middle East that Iran again joins the global community. There will be much natural gas to export. Iran does many things well. Its people are educated, smart. Everyone knows that the conflict with Iran has little to do with nuclear weapons. Much more about which thug is controlling the territory. The Israel-Saudi marriage disappoints. One guesses that Chinese high speed trains will be in Iran in a decade or less. And ports in Iran will do much to develop the Caucases. One can hope that some commercial-political marriage of Turkey-Syria-Iran could evolve. Maybe call it Ottomania. Certainly the region needs a unified policy on water, on energy, on the environment, on healthcare. The Middle East needs a new script. It would be appropriate to think this new act will be an improvement. Hard to get a worse result than the present disaster.



Sane informed expert discussion on the Ukraine.


I'm very happy at that result, but I'm also very suspicious of the other side. Already there are rumours of certain elements preparing a string of legislation and campaign to sabotage the deal execution. The old false flags may still play a role.

And it's a shame he had to just scrape through. I was expecting a triumphal parade. This is as big as Nixon in China and other epochal shifts.


In other words, for the first time in a long time, liberals may have beat the war profiteering conservatives, if only temporarily.


This treaty is a solution in search of a problem.
More bread and circuses from the Obama bullshit machine. He's pushing this like its the foreign policy version of the ACA.
I can only assume that the Iranians know they are being taken advantage of, by the Americans, the Saudis, and the Israelis. This is just the beginning of the end game, and that game being the Wests desperate attempt to procure what is left of the Arabian oil, and of course to keep it out of the hands of the Chinese, Indonesians, and Indians.
Welcome to the 21st century resource wars.


I suspect he is referring to the use of that commodity called MONEY and multiplying same.


An eye-opening (to me at least) analysis of these matters appeared in Counterpunch on July 24:


That is one of the reasons I said, "this century."
* If you haven't already read it, read JFK and the Unthinkable. Marvelous and well researched.


Siouxrose, are you aware that there was a Soviet sub with torpedoes with nuclear warheads near our blockading destroyers during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Once detected, our destroyers started depth-charging the sub. Both the captain and first officer wanted to use the torpedoes to attack our destroyers. But on Soviet subs 3 officers must agree to use nuclear weapons: the captain, the first officer and the political officer (if you have seen the movie "The Hunt for Red October," you know this). The political officer refused to agree to use nuclear weapons and the sub did not attack our destroyers. We can all thank this nameless Soviet officer for preventing WWIII.

Our military wanted to bomb and invade Cuba, but because the president is commander-in-chief, the generals were ignored. Bobby Kennedy said that an attack on Cuba would be: "Pearl Harbor in reverse."

So, it was the intelligence of the Soviet political officer on the Soviet sub and the fact that in the US a civilian is commander-in-chief, that prevented WWIII during the Cuban Missile Crisis. As Clemenceau famously said: "War is too important to be left to the generals."


You wouldn't know an empire if one jumped up and bit you in the ass.

Iran signed this deal with the US, the UK, Germany, France, the Soviet Union and China. Do you actually think these nations make up an empire?

Have you heard of the logical fallacy affirming the consequent?

If I am in Kansas, then I am in the US.
I am in the US.
Therefore, I am in Kansas. (The conclusion is false because I could be in any of the other 49 states.)

If the US is an empire, then things will happen that I don't like.
Things happen that I don't like.
Therefore, the US is an empire.


Interesting article. Apparently no country is run by anybody but self-seeking, power-hungry bureaucrats who will sell their country for a mess of pottage.
* I've always loved and respected Iran, but since Mossadeq's removal by the CIA, its leadership sucks.
* I hope the Iranian people can survive this mess and hold Iran together, without having to fill the land with cheap junk and trinkets from, the "West," in return for their national treasures and the natural wealth of their land.


Interesting that you keep putting your verbal emphasis on Iran getting bombed back to the Stone Age. How about the United States getting bombed back to the Stone Age? Or don't you see the possibility of this if diplomacy fails here or elsewhere and we get into war against the second biggest religion in the world with all other countries then chiming in on one side or the other.