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Major Nurses Union Calls Medicare X Plan 'Sub-Par and Wholly Inadequate to Address the Healthcare Crisis'


Major Nurses Union Calls Medicare X Plan 'Sub-Par and Wholly Inadequate to Address the Healthcare Crisis'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Democratic Senators Tim Kaine and Michael Bennet reintroduced their "Medicare X" public option plan Tuesday in an effort expand health insurance coverage, but National Nurses United said the bill is "sub-par and wholly inadequate to address the healthcare crisis confronting our country."



I saw this turd on CNN this morning. I had to change the channel once I saw what he was getting at. GODDAMNIT!

Heritage/Romney/Obamacare - Medicare For America - Medicare X. Continuous down hill slide to keep the Status Quo and the Mega-Donors paying up.

WTF is the matter with these creatures?

This is a good time to inject this as a reminder:

Chris Hedges - from Why Chris Hedges Thinks The American Empire Has Lost Control…

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.

In an interview reported in the Hill, Obama admited:

“… back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican,” he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.

It’s time the Democratic Party start supporting Democrats rather than Republicans lying about who they are.

Anyting that keeps the parasitic Insurance companies open is a non-starter



I think you answered my question which was, are the insurance companies still in play with any of these plans?



If it weren’t so sick, this kind of horse shit would make one LOL. How can so many seemingly sentient beings be so out of touch with reality?

Oh wait, I know – to paraphrase one of our superstar progressive members of Congress – “It’s the Benjamins baby!”



They are the heart and soul of these plans – and the principal political donors as well, of course.



Bennet and Kaine are among the most corporate of the corporate Dems… and that’s saying a lot. So anyone with any sense at all would know that whatever they’re offering should be suspect. Caveat Emptor!



My Senator Tim Kaine was in Venezuela a week or two ago marching with Guaido’s crowd. He is a despicable sellout of the worst kind.

Only Senator Mark Warner is worse …

Wait! He’s my other senator!



Tim Kaine, Republican Democrat for the establishment.



That’s hilarious, and also very sad

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Both of these Vichy Dems need to be Primaried



Recognize these Democrats for the frauds that they are. It was just over 8 years ago that Democratic Politicians such as these along with Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama , were promoting Obamacare as the solution to the health care crisis in the US of A.

They were called on it by many but persisted in passing it anyways making all kinds of claims as how it would fix things once and for all.

Here you are all a little over 8 years later and these same Politicians , in announcing improvements to the system with these proposed new bills , are all but ADMITTING that they either got it wrong the first time around or outright lied the first time around.

Why allow these failures and liars to fail and lie again?

They seem to feel that “Getting it right the first time” means passing a Bill that only the RIGHT can love.
(Obamacare was a copy of Romneycare in any case)



Medicare X = ObamaCare without lipstick. Neoliberal Democrat Toadies serving their insurance and pharma masters… its time to rollover these fools.



I’m lucky to have one of the most progressive senators in my state of Oregon, Jeff Merkley, he was the only senator to endose Sanders for president in 2016.



Wasn’t FDR then later Truman promoting a national healthcare policy ( not insurance ) way back then? It was always shot down by the rethugicans, and now the corporate dems as well.



Medicare for All.

Three words.

Open the rule book;

  1. Edit age of eligibility to birth.

  2. Edit 80% limit to 100%.

  3. Close medicare rule book.

Vote on it. Now.

The rest is b s political crapola.



The idea that anyone would support going through another drawn out ACA like process, have to fight the powerful interests to pass something like this is absurd. I am sick to death of quarter measures, this isn’t even a half measure. These empty people should stay the hell out of at this point, they offer nothing, and Medicare buy in policies are horrible for a number of reasons. It would actually weaken Medicare, and as these tone deaf people themselves said, it leaves the system in place as is. Why? Why?! Corruption and ideological rigidity.

Oh, and thanks to Clinton for naming this rotten asshole her VP. She was a bad candidate that managed to pick someone that made her weak candidacy even weaker. What a horrible VP he would have been.



Expanding an existing, popular and efficient program is a no brainer, which is why corrupt and ideologically rigid sellout politicians don’t go for it. They all run in, in a hurry, whenever an actual solution is proposed. They must think, “Hey, what the hell are you doing, proposing an actual solution? No, we look at structural problems, offer to superficially change a system rotten to its core, then lecture those dying and suffering from our corruption about our pragmatism.”



… and the architects of each “plan.” they’re scuzballs and RM, if you’re in colorado, i hope you’re making plans to work against Bennet. i’ve had it with him…for many reasons, not just this issue.

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if you mean to use one of those huge rollers machines from street paving, i second the motion.



Dear Congress: YOU are all OF the People----so what you get in health care is what the rest of the People should get----otherwise you stink of classism. Let’s just stop the healthcare of Congress and the Congress people can wander searching for care too. I think you need the actual experience , Congress, so you understand what the REST of the People go through.
. As long as Congress has its health care—the People will be forgotten. Take away their health care and make them wander through the labyrinth of the health care company minotaurs and see what a BITE they take out of you. I think that once the OF the People Congress has been minotaur bitten several times -------they will suddenly understand what the REST of the People face!
MEDICARE for ALL ( all for one and one for all) is what we would have in a genuine democratic republic----------have your Nike moment , Congress, and JUST DO IT! : )

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