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Major Papers Urge Trump to Kill Syrians, Risk World War III


Major Papers Urge Trump to Kill Syrians, Risk World War III

Gregory Shupak

Western governments accuse the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical weapon attack in Douma, a suburb of Damascus.


Beating the drums of war–reminds me of that poem by Whitman…
“…To the drum-taps prompt,
The young men falling in and arming,
The mechanics arming, (the trowel, the jack-plane, the black
smith’s hammer, tost aside with precipitation,)
The lawyer leaving his office and arming, the judge leaving the
The driver deserting his wagon in the street, jumping down,
throwing the reins abruptly down on the horses’ backs,
The salesman leaving the store, the boss, book-keeper, porter, all
Squads gather everywhere by common consent and arm,
The new recruits, even boys, the old men show them how to wear
their accoutrements, they buckle the straps carefully,
Outdoors arming, indoors arming, the flash of the musket-barrels,
The white tents cluster in camps, the arm’d sentries around, the
sunrise cannon and again at sunset,
Arm’d regiments arrive every day, pass through the city, and
embark from the wharves,
(How good they look as they tramp down to the river, sweaty,
with their guns on their shoulders!
How I love them! how I could hug them, with their brown faces
and their clothes and knapsacks cover’d with dust!)
The blood of the city up—arm’d! arm’d! the cry everywhere,
The flags flung out from the steeples of churches and from all the
public buildings and stores,
The tearful parting, the mother kisses her son, the son kisses his
(Loth is the mother to part, yet not a word does she speak to
detain him,)
The tumultuous escort, the ranks of policemen preceding, clearing
the way,
The unpent enthusiasm, the wild cheers of the crowd for their
The artillery, the silent cannons bright as gold, drawn along,
rumble lightly over the stones,
(Silent cannons, soon to cease your silence,
Soon unlimber’d to begin the red business;)
All the mutter of preparation, all the determin’d arming,
The hospital service, the lint, bandages and medicines,
The women volunteering for nurses, the work begun for in earnest,
no mere parade now;
War! an arm’d race is advancing! the welcome for battle, no
turning away;
War! be it weeks, months, or years, an arm’d race is advancing
to welcome it…”
From “First O Songs for a Prelude.”


I guess that incubator thing is past its shelf life.


Ever since media magnate Hearst promoted the Spanish American War nearly 120 years ago, mainstream media has been instrumental in the creation and expansion of the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC).


I for one boycott the MSM.


Is there a war that the NYTimes and WashPost didn’t cheerlead?

Who dictates their editorials? AIPAC?


Much worse because we are burdened with a nuclear and mental health problem. We’ve got Trump and bomb access in the same zip code, which is not good.
As to these newspapers; well, they were handing out free samples of the NYT at work on Wednesday. All nicely wrapped and waterproofed, too. So, I took one home and, since I’m training my new dog, threw it out in the yard and yelled, " fetch ". She looked up at me and said, " you’re fxckin’ kidding me, right? "


Just a diversion from the crisis around Facebook don’t you know…


Recall Mark Twain’s observation during the 19th century that “people who don’t read newspapers are uninformed while those who do are misinformed”. Recall also that Twain had previously worked as a newspaper editor.


The corpress never met a war it didn’t hike


I am not sure how Americans are supposed to react as Trump makes all kind of crazy statements regarding foreign policy. He doesn’t seem to have any mode but threat mode. Of course a normal politician should not make threats and not back them up as Obama did with drawing a red line on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and then doing nothing. Making that threat was one of Obama’s biggest mistakes. But Trump is anything but a normal politician. He has made wild threats against North Korea, Iran, and Syria. He is out of control (normal for Trump) and accomplishing nothing but being disruptive to whatever world order there is. The battle in Syria is between the Shiites and Sunnis and is sort of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran and this conflict between Shiites and Sunnis has been going on for more than a thousand years. This conflict will go on in some form for a long time.


And if it is determined by ‘objective’ investigators that the Assad regime used poison gas on the people of Douma, what right does the U.S. have to “punish” Syria for that? Waging an illegal war of aggression was the “supreme international crime” prosecuted against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals after World War II. Causing even more bloodshed and destruction will not help anyone except the War Whores: the war profiteers and their greedy Congressional servants.

Meanwhile, do these warmongers, including media, expect Russia to not retaliate if Russians are killed by U.S. missiles in Syria? Russia has said they will strike the launchers of any such attack, meaning the U.S. ships which would fire the missiles. What will happen if Russian submarines, already in the Mediterranean Sea, sink the U.S. warships which launched those missiles?


And if it can be shown that Israel was responsible for delivering these chemical agents to Syria, what will happen?



The short answer Skeptic is yes!

The subversion of America by the Israeli foreign agents at AIPAC and Israel itself via Netanyahu are instrumental in driving US foreign policy to more endless war and conflict, especially now under the malignant orange lap-dog, who has a child’s understanding of war, especially nuclear war - he an ignorant bigoted racist in his own right - not smart, but kind of cunning (he thinks); together trump and Netanyahu will do anything that might divert world attention from Israeli racism and war crimes, and trumps criminal legal morass - trump lashes-out wildly trying to escape the judge and hangman…if only!


We’ve lived in a world, since around the mid 1990’s, where you cannot believe anything anymore. Who attacked whom using what weapons.

The only solution for humankind is arms reductions, prosecution of war criminals and the creation of departments of peace to replace departments of “defense”.

We’re rushing headlong into our own destruction based on ego and falsehoods.


“This style of coverage—enthusiastic about the moral need for violence but oblivious to its obvious consequences—inhibits the public’s capacity to make sense of the extremely dangerous moment in which we are living.” Gregory Shupak

Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa Actually some of the public know how to think for themselves


Intelligence will surface suggesting that they were really ISIS or Hezbollah operatives.

Speaking of Hezbollah, I’m concerned about what will happen if the alleged* attack is laid at the feet of Hezbollah’s chief sponsor, Iran. As Shupak’s article demonstrates, the war drums are already beating. That would accelerate their tempo.

  • “Alleged” only because, as the article notes, there is no conclusive evidence yet.


Well the TV News just announced that the US has done it! American attacks are taking place over Syria as I write. Goodbye cruel world!


thats really what we need to do. Boycott buying their lies and don’t support their advertisers.


These rags ceased to get by on the previously usual sales + advertising dollars over a decade ago. They have been dependent on government and corporate pay-for-play since.