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'Major Rebuke of Trump's Authoritarianism' as Senate Votes to Terminate National Emergency


'Major Rebuke of Trump's Authoritarianism' as Senate Votes to Terminate National Emergency

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rights groups celebrated a "historic rebuke" of an unconstitutional power grab Thursday after the Senate voted to terminate President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration by an overwhelming bipartisan margin.

"Today's vote is a major blow to President Donald Trump's autocratic ambitions," said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen. "The American people don't want a racist border wall, and by overwhelming numbers they oppose Trump's emergency declaration. They rose up and made their voices clear."


Yeehaw! Unfortunately, Shitforbrains will veto this and the spineless congressmen won’t have the 2/3 override.


That is good news. It doesn’t mean, though, that the fascist agenda is off the table. Stay tuned…


His “veto” may stand…he’ll get the emergency he’s asking for…beware…be aware…from the Daily Kos



Funny how the Republicans always come up just one vote short of a 2/3 majority. Is this not Kabuki theater?


Thx for that…I was looking for the “trapdoor”…LOL!


I think it’s time for a change----the cabbage head of this king is rotten, and when Congress gives their NO sometimes even a cabbage head KNOWS that this fight is over. Although, he might have a hissy fit like Rumplestiltskin—but that certainly ended badly too. : )


I assume McConnell had these votes all counted ahead of time. Kabuki is correct.


The organized crime profile is being laid bare. Makes me wonder what Drumph has on the Republicans.
The president is now, as regular practice, engaging in only very thinly veiled threats. In this case he is ‘weaponizing’ his “base” . It should be pointed out that he is now marginalizing the marginalization of people who have been manipulated into giving up any identity other than to operate as Stockholm Syndrome Soldiers (a new SS they might want to wake up to lickety split) to make it “very bad, very bad”.

Trump has already played his chits on an entire series of failed promises and has few left. Unfortunately, from the start his gig has not been governance, its been screw the system and take what you can through incoherence. This requires major marginalization. Governance itself is only now beginning to show indications of bouncing back from the garbage of both parties - and there are no guarantees. As the comeback progresses one of the strategies will be to marginalize the Trump marginalization on another level. That’s why you see signs that say “its Mueller time”.

One of the major lessons is that incoherence is an exceedingly powerful weapon. I would submit that its only equal for counterbalance is cultivation at the local level:

Public Banks
Major Boycotts and calls to divest
Invest in local
Become familiar with Co-ops

Iḿ sure other folks see additional treasures in our own back yards that will become elevated in community wealth as this system continues to devour itself.


Harry, there are plenty of dems, liberals, and progressives that are ALSO well armed, my guess is the fight would be on! Even though, personally, I think it would be/is embarassing to go out in public doing the open carry thing, if the crazy bastards show up like that, I’m close enouigh to go home and come back packing! No fear, no intimidation!


The fact that so many somehow think that obstructing a sitting President from carrying out his constitutional duty to protect the nation from a foreign invasion is OK is simply breathtaking. The constitution mandates that the chief executive, the President use his discretion to defend the nations border. What part of that don’t you people understand?? Then to further under score the shear lunacy of the left, while you invite into this country unlimited numbers of unvetted useless eaters from the 3rd world you complain about the environment. What exactly do you think 10’s perhaps 100’s of millions of bodies from the 3rd world who don’t want to assimilate but will all need housing, transportation, food ,clothes and recreation are going to do to the environment?? You whine about mythical “climate change” but how much oil and gas do you think those teeming millions will burn?? Do any of your have the ability to critically think through your positions??


Disgusting that so many people want to be told what to think and that fascism the new trend. Hopefully, these crooks are voted out in 2020.


“Useless eaters.”

Would Jesus treat them with the same disdain you have?


So we’re stuck with a Veto that most likely will go to the Courts and all of the corrupt Judges can decide how fast to give DT what he wants. Next we have the People pleading to get any info they can on the Mueller Report which is being withheld from us. We can’t win one damned thing! Did someone here suggest we need Change? I will give you a Nickel to try to get on the Subway… that’s all the change I have in my pocket.


Good luck getting people in this Country on the same page, or better yet, in the same Book! They will keep voting these crooks back in. Yep, they’re just that stupid!


He’s one dangerous Mo Fo! Nothing seems to be able to stop his onslaught. We may have to be the Infantry and go hand to hand with the evil Hoards!


Violence begets violence. In my view it is never the right thing to do, ever. It is my Buddha nature to oppose it, that being said, I will always try to preserve life.


Please see my reply to RRR. May the last resort never come to pass.


Whether this holds, something is happening. Sea change in the 40-year fascist buildup. Twelve Republican Senators violated the fascist dis-order of Mitchmcconnell to go against Trump. Can we get a story about that? Mitchmcconnell is a die-hard fascist who said he’d never bring a bill to the floor without having the votes. Time to go into overdrive and tell us more than the NYT and WaPo grazed from their usual sources, Common Dreams! We’re counting on you. Or the New Yorker will get it out first.


Nope. You’re literally making shit up.

Please cite the specific wording of that “constitutional” mandate.

“Critically think!” Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!