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Major Research Findings: Sanders’ Tax Wall Street Plan Would Raise $300 Billion And Create Millions of New Jobs


Major Research Findings: Sanders’ Tax Wall Street Plan Would Raise $300 Billion And Create Millions of New Jobs

RoseAnn DeMoro

New research findings from a team of progressive economists provides documentary evidence that the financial footing for Sen. Bernie Sanders visionary social change agenda is not only plausible, but would create far more socially productive jobs, as well as moving us down the road to the more humane society that is at the heart of the Sanders campaign.


Thank you, RoseAnn DeMoro for bringing your nurse's training to the task of diagnosing the disorder and then providing the most cost-effective cure.

Most professional politicians serve their money masters. And since Reagan began his screeds against government, those who would use a disarmed government (one suddenly FREED of regulatory agencies) to pursue their own naked profit agendas made enormous headway.

Owning media, much of academe's messaging, and lots of so-called political representatives, they implemented an agenda that liberated THEM from paying taxes, Wall St. transaction taxes, and basic benefits to workers.

Now, as citizens recognize what's working against their best interests and millions gather together, the established elites will use all sorts of disinformation campaigns to make Mr. Sanders' utterly fair, sensible, and wise policies seem nonsensical. And that's if they mention them--or him--at all.

When the time came to "reform" health care, no seat was offered (at the decision making tables) to those who advocated for a single payer (or extended Medicare) system. ONLY Big Insurance got to weigh in.

Similarly, as talk of a Wall St. tax (LONG overdue) makes it into discussion, the usual suspects will buck at this and call it a class war, or resentment against the rich, or do their best to misrepresent the utterly sane, humane, and just solutions to the ridiculous asymmetrical status of global finance.

The fact that over the course of the past decades so much wealth has been deliberately ENGINEERED to the top of the financial "food chain" while so many go without food, jobs, housing... would convince all but the dead-hearted that doubling down on the same protocols is criminal!

Meanwhile, Trump and Cruz are pushing the mantra that millionaires and billionaires salivate over: Tax reductions.

If either moral misfit obtains the Oval Office, they'll clean out the treasury by rewarding their rich friends and war profiteer power-brokers, and then convincingly tell the public there's nothing left for "entitlements" like Social Security.

These people have NO hearts and NO souls and in a sane society they would be institutionalized... not heralded as potential leaders!


It interesting to note that Duetsche Bank in Germany has been trying to lessen its exposure to high risk financial derivatives to the tune of many billions and trillions of dollars. They have in fact been selling these off to other banks.

Guess who is buying them up? It the US banks such as JP Morgan and Chase.

I am going to suggest that the US based banks are buying this high risk toxic crap because they feel when push comes to shove the US Government will bail them out again as they did in 2008. The Financial sector in the US would be opposed to any Presidential Candidate that does not propose policies to promote what they will call a "healthy" financial services sector.


"... Wall Street moguls, and their surrogates in the media and Washington, hate it. They don’t want any restraints on their profiteering and stranglehold on the economy. But, shamefully, many in the liberal and Democratic Party elite, from Hillary Clinton to her surrogates in the Democratic National Committee and Congress have also attacked Sanders social change agenda as “pie in the sky." Even though a similar tax is in place in most of the world’s major financial markets, is in the process of implementation in the European Union, and actually existed in the U.S. for the first half of the last century."

For most people in the USA, hearing campaign platforms and political rhetoric regarding a Wall Street financial transaction tax:
Facts (such as bolded above) about the impact of private investment / speculation (aka gambling); taxation; and public investment, remain lost amidst endless pandering rhetoric.

In a way, millions of USans are being schooled in such things, first by the 2008 meltdown and its aftermath, and now by the Sanders campaign.

But there is such massive flow of distraction, propaganda, and "entertainment" through society, consciousness, and our network devices, that large majorities will remain uncertain about the risks and benefits of such a tax-and-invest program, as against the speculators' "profiteering and stranglehold on the economy"... lost amidst endless pandering rhetoric.

EDIT: And thanks to the Sanders Campaign, to National Nurses United, and to the radical political economists at UMass Amherst, for doing your utmost to advance popular understanding.


"The US based banks buying high risk toxic crap" don't "FEEL when push comes to shove the US Government will bail them out again", they KNOW that corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans WILL divert unlimited taxpayers' dollars to bail them out, in addition to the "US based banks" ability to BAIL IN, which means use (steal is a more accurate term) depositors' money to bail themselves out. BAIL IN was not an option in 2008, it was enabled by the Dodd Frank Act that facilitated the expansion of too-big-to-fail banks from controlling 25% of US bank assets in 2008 to controlling 50% of US bank assets when Obama leaves the White House in January.


Thanks RDC. Here's Ellen Brown writing about not just the "bail in" proviso in Dodd Frank, but in the context of moving swiftly toward a "cashless society." So you won't even be able to keep your savings under your mattress, but MUST deposit your money, and submit to the "bail in."


I don't have to read this to know it's not going to make any difference to the majority of Americans...
Either they're "too busy" or too lazy to read or care about Bernie's plan, or blindsided by the possibility of a woman president or brainwashed by the corporate media for this article to make any difference.
We are going to be handed Hillary Clinton whether we like it or not.
We don't have any choice in the matter.


Drewhunkins....which is exactly what they want....the powers that be... they really want us to be disengaged and leave it to them(the rich, corporations & power elite) to run the country to their liking. We're just the anonymous crowd in the background


"We don't have any choice in the matter."

Well, I'm still young -- 74 -- and Irish, so I remain hopeful.

First, do all that is possible to elect Sanders.

Failing that, vote for the less effective evil -- Trump -- in November.


I believe Sweden is closer to implementing the cashless/bail in model than other nations.


Anyway, who wants a more humane society? That's no fun..,


Please lets try to implement Bernie's $300 billion plan to get the real economy going again instead of ONLY stirring money around in the casino our establishment has turned our financial markets into. If we can actually get affordable higher education, affordable health care, and effective action against climate change by switching from fossil fuel to clean renewable energy, lets go for it.


I think Riz was being very ironic.


Oops. Correction. I was addressing Riz about Blue Seahorse's irony.


Gee, you forgot to thank Dr. Jill Stein, for choosing to practice "political medicine", as "politics is the mother of all illnesses"

She has been in the process of diagnosing and attempting to treat political illnesses for some time - but has been ignored because she chose not to stamp a big "D" on her butt ... chose to ally with others, like Dr, Margaret Flowers, running as a Green for the MD Senate seat, who was one of those kicked out of Baucus' committee hearings for trying to put SP on the agenda - and where was Sanders then?

And until Sanders commits to slashing the Pentagons budget, closing overseas bases, and bringing the troops home (with "Defense" spending currently comprising about 50% of the discretionary budget), which he has not done and will not do - all these wonderful programs he proposes will be pie in the sky - Stein has similar and better proposals, and an actual way to fund them ...

But dream on about a politician who apparently thinks we can have guns AND butter ...


Gee, when will "popular understanding" be advanced to the point where folks understand that any economy that spends 50% of its discretionary funds on a "Defense" budget can't have guns AND butter - so until Sanders commits to slashing the Pentagon's budget, closing overseas bases and bringing the troops home, which he hasn't done and won't do - his social program proposals are "pie in the sky" - Stein has better and more concrete proposals AND ways to fund them ...


Had you noticed - Brown is on Stein's shadow cabinet, who is on Sanders' ?


Sure we do "have a choice" a much better one



First, do all that is possible to elect Stein ...


Your energy is better spent advocating for Senator Sanders. He still has a fighting chance. Jill Stein has credibility, and looks good on paper, but has zero momentum in the current primary season.

Who's your favorite President ? You can easily recall some of his policy positions which you opposed. Senator Sanders has called for a political revolution, and if elected can be pushed toward undoing the corporatism that has infected every aspect of this country's policies.

Slashing the defense budget, closing overseas bases, bringing the troops home- one step at a time.
Remember- you have to crawl before you can walk.