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'Major Setback' for Justice as Supreme Court Rejects Torture Report Lawsuit

'Major Setback' for Justice as Supreme Court Rejects Torture Report Lawsuit

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a lawsuit to publicly release the Senate's full report on the CIA's torture and detention program under former President George W. Bush.

After changing the archaic electoral college, let’s look at changing the supreme court. There should not be anyone, that states they are democrat or republican, serving on the court.


Gee … wouldn’t want democracy to impinge on the dark state.

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Just more reason why all 17 so-called “intelligence” agencies should be permanently shut down. They exist for the purpose of suppressing democratic movements of common people, especially when they involve reforms that take resources from the rich, powerful and U. S. corporations. They also exist to promote and protect our empire and our military-industrial-Congressional complex. May a thousand Ed Snowdens and Chelsea Mannings reveal everything about those purveyors of mayhem and destruction on behalf of the oligarchy and shut them down forever.


Not only is there incriminating information to hide from the American public, there is a caldron of fear boiling in the bellies of all involved in the torture cabal should that info become public. SCOTUS is now just another arm of the corporatist, kleptokratic GOP, so a decision like this is to be expected.


This decision by the court makes it perfectly clear, for the umpteenth time, just how corrupted all 3 branches of government are, how all 3 branches are controlled by the deep state and special interests. In these United States today, fascism thrives.



I demand that President Trump’s tax returns be brought out into the open to bring light and closure to the American people as to wheather or not we have a honest and trustworthy President.

NEW evidence of illegal activity concerning the Trump-Russia investigation and white house cover-ups keep coming out on a regular basis.

But President Trump maintains that people are just making it all up.

So I say to President Trump, PROVE IT!

He can very easily prove it by showing the American people his tax returns.

Of course he is not required to release his tax returns but ALL presidents have released their’s to show the American people that they have nothing to hide.

And speaking of nothing to hide, President Trump has just closed off any information as to who visits the white house on a daily basis.


Trump’s tax returns would either lead to any illegal and dishonest financial transactions or they would clear president Trump of any wrong doings.

President Trump claims that he is not allowed to show anyone his tax returns because he is being audited by the IRS.

However the IRS stated that there is nothing illegal about anyone in any government position releasing their tax returns during an audit just like all past presidents have done while they were being audited.

Trump said that the two pages of one of his tax returns from 12 years ago that someone leaked to a reporter, prove that he has nothing to hide.

However, authorities say that only two pages of someones tax return does not show enough information to determine anything.

Why wont President Trump release his tax returns if they would prove that he has nothing to hide?

Shouldn’t President Trump want the American people to know that he is honest and trustworthy?

People who are defending Trump not releasing his tax returns do not care wheather Trump is trustworthy or corrupt.

I am an American patriot.
I believe in democracy.
I want to know that we have a president who is honest and trustworthy and I want to believe that the American people ESPECIALLY OUR LEADERS, want the same.

If the leaders of our country no longer care about the moralities of the president of the United States, then the United States has lost it’s democracy.


If one could imagine the worst of the worst of torture in all of history, that is what they have created. It is an AI that has been fed all the torture information - books, narratives, stories of the most evil and worst kind of entities walking the planet, and they have aggregated this, and given to dirty psychologists who are working with dirty law enforcement through fusion centers to select and torture people through the FBI’s Shared Responsibility Committees. They are really just Russian roulette sessions on who to choose to kill. Infraguard is all in. So are the City councils and county councils. No one says a thing. The AG’s. The City Attorneys. This is an out and out silent American holocaust, developed and tested at GITMO. Hospitals, rat lines, see GeorgWebb youtube and everydayconcerned.net. http://educate-yourself.org/ and mindjustice.com.

These things go to the very heart of what we really are and what we really do as a country and we the people do nothing about our rotten core. We allow the politicians and the media to set the national agenda on subjects that are trivial compared to our heart of darkness. How many questions were the candidates asked about the release of the report? We are so easily distracted by these magicians’ tricks. Like a school of fish or a large flock of birds swooping around, this way and that. We are so dizzy we’re lucky if we can remember our own names, never mind, oh yeah, torture. Yeah, but didn’t somebody say we don’t do torture? So, no worries. Let’s get back to Trump’s taxes. That really makes us mad.

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“the report was congressional record and therefore not subject to FOIA laws, which apply only to executive branch documents.”
From a legal perspective, it would seem the issue was decided on the reach of FOIA and not on the contents of the document and so the underlying documents that the report was based on should be susceptible.

I hope they go back and file FOIAs for all the individual documents that went into the report from each agency involved. Who knows what else might be lurking and not have made it into the Senate report?

We’ll be seeing a lot more of the same with people like Gorsuch, Alito, and Thomas on the bench. Can’t we use a national petition to demand these people step down? What are we waiting for?

Is the SCOTUS refusal to “hear”/listen to a case decided by a “VOTE”? If so, I am having difficulty finding that ‘vote’ in this matter.

These are not GODS, they are men and women ‘selected’ by OUR ‘elected’ representatives to ensure that legislative and executive governmental actions are conducted in our best interest - using the Founders’ compromises as a guide for the Justices’ evaluation of appropriateness and fairness within the context of historic precedence, prior example, and current context. Any constraint or deviation from exercising individual “judgment”, in favor of bias or narrowness of purpose is a transgression upon the purpose and responsibility of the ‘very’ definition of a “SUPREME” Court.

MY opinion rests on my own judgment and interpretation. A SCOTUS opinion is the ‘averaging’ of 9 learned individuals’ capacity to make such judgment ‘absolute’ and concrete. The nature and advancement of their personal ‘politics’ represent the potential abrogation of the trust granted them. We shall bear witness to that prospect.

So I guess we are down to some Statesman/woman reading it into the record like the Pentagon Papers.

Now, anyone recently seen a Statesman/woman ?

Few if any…