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Major 'Step Forward for Transparency' as Trump White House Forced to Release Visitor Logs

Major 'Step Forward for Transparency' as Trump White House Forced to Release Visitor Logs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a major victory for transparency that could provide "a window into the corporate lobbyists driving Trump administration policy," the White House on Thursday was forced to settled a lawsuit brought by Public Citizen over its refusal to make visitor logs public—an attempt at secrecy that legal experts successfully argued is against the law.


It breaks my heart and ignites volcanic anger that something as necessary for democracy as White House logs could be locked away from the people/owners of the country. Now that the Trumpers have been found in violation of our nation’s laws, let’s send to Guantanamo every person who was involved in denying us the transparency that is Constitutionally ours. How is it that these people trying to curtail our Rights never get punished?


Come on people, do you really want to see how many times Lucifer has been to the WH to advise Trump?

On a serious note, DreamBigger, there is not a single day since this started, that my blood pressure doesn’t go through the roof because of the policies these scumbags have brought to the table.


I understand but you must care for yourself. My interest in gardening is helping calm my angst. And remember that there has been an insidious and concentrated attempt to remove our liberties for over 50 years. I feel we must keep vigilant and attempt to educate others who are able to hear and help make changes. But do not waste efforts on those with cement for brains.


I think every meeting between a lobbyist and any administration official, Senator, or Representative should be recorded (video and audio) and posted on the web by law.


The White House belongs to the people of this country, not to trump


I’d go a tad further, and only allow them to occur in public forums, under the direct scrutiny of the citizenry.
I’ll serve refreshments.


I agree, and thanks for you’re concern.

Both yourself and dpearl have good ideas.

Divide and conquer has worked like a charm. Wealth only wants more wealth to the great detriment of the majority. It really is insanity. Any citizen perceived gain is offset easily without the publics knowledge. Trump is the latest chapter of the continuing planned decline. Like taking candy from a bunch of babies, wah …give them a bottle and they’ll shut up.

Excellent. Bravo Public Citizen!


While I am thrilled to see this legal victory, I think of all the right-wing judges this corrupt administration is appointing. When Obama was in, the repubs blocked all the nominations. Now they have a record number of life-time appointments the T administration is making and you can forget about the courts protecting us in the decades to come. Glad for this today, but I do worry we wont see rulings like this in years to come.

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The White House belongs to the people of this country. We deserve to know who enters and why.

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Criminals always conceal their operations.

Trump’s no different.

My first thought would be Russians. My second thought would be prostitutes. Maybe even Russian prostitutes?

Republicans are the party of Trump with one sim win, they will not betray Trump in any way . Same way as evangelicals - they will close their eyes and pinch the noses to any prostitution affairs as long as abortion will be on the chopping block.

The only real change will come when Democrats win the house and the senate .

Airedale is not a goofball, Airedale is just a naive supporter of the Duopoly.

Let’s hope and pray that Airedale looks a little closer at the history of the Democratic Party, and sees their loving embrace of the Military Industrial Complex and an Empire built on Regime Change and the Spread of Weapons.

Peace, not War.

Intelligent choice, not the Duopoly Two-Steps to Status Quo Bullshit.