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Major Victory for Climate Campaigners as NY Gov. Cuomo Rejects 'Dangerous' Williams Pipeline

Major Victory for Climate Campaigners as NY Gov. Cuomo Rejects 'Dangerous' Williams Pipeline

Julia Conley, staff writer

Grassroots climate campaigners in New York celebrated a major victory late Wednesday as Gov. Andrew Cuomo blocked the construction of a $1 billion pipeline which would have carried fracked gas from New Jersey to Long Island.

The 24-mile Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project, proposed by the Oklahoma-based Williams Company, has been the subject of protests by groups including 350.org and Food and Water Watch.

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Well wadaya know… Cuomo did something Good for New Yorkers…

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Over the past couple of decades the rhetoric in communities of ‘conservative’ perspectives on activism and going into the streets is that it achieves nothing. I would submit that this is yet another example of the willful blindness of the “Citizens United” perspective so eloquently articulated by George Carlin, “It’s a club, and you ain’t in it”. I would add, that this club uses empty rhetoric about the Constitution asserting the greatness of their construct while trashing practices of healthy human beings who interpret the Constitution through our better angels. Now they’ll say that our better angels are a ‘figment of our imagination’ rather than a metaphor alluding to human beings exercising peaceful, just and coherent practices as essential to life. We’re in a struggle for human sanity. Whether it requires astute attention to the activities of our representatives or gathering together and walking through OUR streets.

We only need two inventions to get rid of the pipelines completely. We need houses that store their own solar heat and cooling for on-demand heating and cooling, and we need electric generation systems for generating plenty of electricity after sunset.

For the former, I’m trying to raise enough funds to complete my Warwick, RI prototype. It saves solar heat in a specially designed rock box with about 10 tons of thermal mass, and at night a heat pump moves the heat in. I’m looking down the road for 90% solar, 10% renewable electricity at a competitive price. This system will also preheat/heat hot water.

For the latter invention I already have patent #8823197.


I hope his next good thing is shutting down the Indian Point nuke power plant (it’s not getting any younger, if you know what I mean).


I don’t trust Cuomo I’m waiting to see what his plans are in the near future. I expect some kind of Bait and Switch.

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Activism like this works when you are dealing with rational political animals like Cuomo.

On another note, did you see Wash governor and presidential candidate’s plan for climate action that is both comprehensive in its breadth and detailed in depth. I have to dive in a take closer look, but something like this puts teeth on the Green New Deal.

Most people don’t pay much attention to Washington being out there in the Pacific Northwest, but Inslee and the state legislature have passed formidable legislation to deal with climate change.

And I’m not one of Inslee’s campaign people, though I admit he is high up on my list of prez candidates because he has made addressing climate change the centerpiece of his campaign.

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Me neither, but I have made a comprehensive study of Inslee’s climate proposals and from what I can tell, the Washington, Governor is the real deal even though unfortunately, no chance to become POTUS because of the corruption of the Democratic Party! Too bad that Jay, OAC, the Sunrise movement and others like them cannot go from the Green New Deal TO THE GREEN OLD PARTY!


Don’t confuse this scheming politician with an actual leader!

This early AM a news segment video showed Cuomo saying he did not make the decision but let the DEC make the decision on the merits".

"NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York state regulators have rejected a proposed natural gas pipeline that faced strong opposition from environmental groups and top Democratic lawmakers.

"The state [Department of Environmental Conservation] made the call last night.On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he was not involved in the decision process.

“I told them ‘Let’s make the decision on the facts, not on the politics,’ and that’s what they’re going to be doing. They will make the decision,” Cuomo said."

Let’s .not confuse political/environmental commitment and/or courage with cowardice and political maneuvering. We’ve seen countless times the same MO from this Machiavellian politician do similar and exhibit his extreme vindictive nature; he will not lead except when public opinion is overwhelmingly in favor or against an issue, and even then Cuomo will always come-down on the side of wealth, advantage, and power. Witness Cuomo’s $7.6 Billion bailout of three unprofitable Nuke plants upstate https://www.stopthecuomotax.org/

that giveaway at the same time he screws at risk citizens with the nations highest property taxes and refuses to restore progressive income taxes on the wealthiest, gutted in 1972!.

There is still lots of room and time for Cuomo’s brand of smarmy politics/moral compass to alter this pipeline decision.


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I will reaffirm that I hope Inslee is a serious consideration for VP. In that capacity he could orchestrate a GREEN climate crisis policy promotion.

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Cuomo is a douchebag. Don’t be surprised if he “throws his hat into the ring” for the Dem nomination. We may end up with 25 or 30 people running for the nomination, all but 4 or 5 are worth a shit, the rest can go back to “stealing” from the working class (lobbyists) or just drop dead. Nobody would notice the difference.

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