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'Major Victory for the Progressive Movement' as Congressional Hopeful Kara Eastman Wins Nebraska Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/13/major-victory-progressive-movement-congressional-hopeful-kara-eastman-wins-nebraska

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With the aim in view to replacing all GOP tea partiers and their “democratic” enablers:


It is going to be a long fight and the more I consider it the more it becomes clear that capitalism serves only to enslave us. Civilization is only possible one person at a time as we struggle with our own savage tendencies and so few are really worthy of leading us. A complete re-imagining and working toward the new world is required.

Hope that by next week to make a supporting donation to her.


After supporting her opponents, the DCCC washes the egg of their faces ( using a cold shower? ) and congratulates Eastman on her landslide win. Sen. Warren joins in, as well. That’s nice, and oh so ironic, since Eastman ran on a Sandernistas platform but Sen. Warren couldn’t bring herself to say a good thing for Bernie. Especially, when it could of mattered. After the " writing on the wall " of the Massachusetts primary results, were so abundanly clear.
So, the Clintonistas and OhBummerBot wings of the Establishment get their collective clocks cleaned, their own polling shows a dead heat in the fall general election and they continue to support the Corporate ( ConservaDim ) wing of the party in primaries. Even going to the extreme, by threatening financial punishment on some progressive apparatchiks, and to those who can actually win elections based on policy, not patronage. With the added bonus, and populist advantage, of knowing how to pour piss out of a boot. Without the instructions being written on the heel, of course.
Con. Bustos, Nancy, Uncle Joe Biden, Barack & Michelle, and Super-Establishment types like John Kerry; are you seeing the same thing the rank-and-file are seeing, here? We sure hope so.
Congratulations to Kara Eastman on her great and big win.


i’m reminded of a story from Workers of the World, Unite!, a musical and spoken word collaboration between Utah Phillipps and Ani DeFranco:

During a strike called by the IWW, a steamer carrying a contingent of Wobblies tied up at a dock in Seattle, where they were met by a detachment of heavily armed sheriff’s deputies. The officer in charge demanded to know, “Who are your leaders?”

The Wobblies answered with one voice, “We are all leaders here!”

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I voted for her yesterday and will most-assuredly vote for her over batty Bacon.

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I concur with your opinion on Warren w.r.t. her behavior towards Sanders. Here however, you aren’t being accurate. The article makes it clear that Warren endorsed Eastman - not “joins in” to the DCCC after they wash the egg of their face.

As to why the difference? I think Warren is not genuine, so it strictly comes down to what is better for her - Eastman is not a threat to her plus she’s a woman so that fits with Warren’s brand of identity politics.

Congrats Kara.
Now, what will it take to purge the DNC of its dinosaur leadership?

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“The Wobblies answered with one voice, ‘We are all leaders here!’”

“…I am Spartacus!”

In the bigger scheme of Omaha area politics, you have to work backwards, sometimes. Bernie endorsed a mayoral candidate whose campaign almost beat the current mayor of the city a while back. This set the stage for progressives to see some way forward, regionally. Eastman won a surprise primary victory in 2018, without DCCC help. At least those chumps are consistent.
Sen. Warren’s brand of progressive political change ( no labels of " commie " and " socialism " ) sticks to Eastman quite comfortably here, though Bacon is already trying hard to make it not so. Bernie’s self-labeling would allow Ol’ Makin’ Bacon a leg up in his dystopian, Trumpian re-election bid. He’s a huckster, no doubt.
When you’re in the Omaha & Lincoln region, you’re not really in Kansas, any more. That’s more Central & Western Nebraska. Just sayin’.
As to identity politics; well, there’s a sizeable portion of Midwestern women who recognize good policy when they see it. If they prefer the framing of Warren over Sanders; who am I to kick up a fuss and raise dust, having it settle on the playbook I fervently hope works.

“…a Tuesday night memo from the DCCC noted that an internal poll conducted by the committee found Eastman leading Bacon 48% to 47% in their anticipated fall matchup.”

Have PayGo Pelosi and the DNC announced their support for the republican yet?

Good news, of course –

but the unfortunate thing about this is that we will easily be outbid
when it comes to GOP buying candidates – also with the collusion of
the Dem Party still working for the Koch Bros – and do all they can to
prevent MEDICARE4ALL from happening as we go forward.

Probably a war on Iran would halt it –

This is the age old problem of Royals/Elites running the world – vs the people –
and vs all of NATURE and the planet, sadly. Very sadly.

Nothing has changed.

“As your representative, I vow to go to Washington, join my brothers and sisters in the Progressive Caucus, then do whatever Nancy tells me to do while making firey speeches in opposition.”