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Majorities of Both US Veterans and Public Believe Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 'Not Worth Fighting'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/majorities-both-us-veterans-and-public-believe-wars-iraq-and-afghanistan-not-worth

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Not worth fighting, unless you are a war profiteer, to the war profiteers, all wars are worth fighting because they never lose!


Well knock me down with a feather!!!


It’s not like We had any say in the matter! Of course all of the Mid East Wars were not worth getting involved in. Neither was Vietnam!


As far as I can tell, what majorities want in the U.S. does not matter, at all.


pretty much. good to know what we already have for years: the public’s opinion has about as much weight as a neutron.


I hope somebody didn’t spend a lot of money on a survey to announce this thought. All we had to do was ask reasonable people about this nearly two decades ago. Understatements usually amuse me, but this is like someone sneaking around a corner.


If the majority of Americans are opposed to continuing those wars, they should speak up, vote for Tulsi Gabbard & tell the Media, pro-war Democrats & Republicans to shove it.


Good–The US American, it seems, considers the rest of the globe as its frontier and they are still fighting the “Indian” wars…


When these stats show for ALL WARS, then we might be on to something.

WAR is Patently ILLEGAL


Washington has said it wants to seal a political deal with the Taliban.
Time was when countries negotiated Treaties with other countries or groups to solve problems without destruction and slaughter. It worked pretty well for a long time. I watched all the pussyfooting around to construct the "Iran Nuclear Deal." I wrote to the effect that the world worked pretty well with "Treaties" for centuries.
Now, suddenly, we hear no more of treaties. Now It’s all "Let’s Make a Deal!" As our alleged leader would say, "Deals are made to be broken!" Iran hasn’t knuckled under to us despite starvation, illness, and sanctions, so "Let’s bomb Iran." And, of course, since Iran is a pretty tough cookie to defeat, the geniuses that run our alleged government are thinking, “We can beat 'em with smaller thermonuclear bombs.” Despite all of our disagreements, no one in the world has bombed another country with nuclear weapons since the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. There is a reason for that. It was called MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)
*Now, it seems, in trump’s New Nazi Government nuclear warfare is just a neat thing to try. We’ll use smaller H-Bombs and destroy only parts of cities, military bases, seaports. As soon as that happens, Iran is sure to surrender and give us their oil so we will stop. NOT!
*The whole world knows that trump’s deals are not worth the toilet paper they are smeared upon, so I think that the first time we do a nuclear hit on any country, we are going to get it back right in the teeth. Even our allies don’t want to get downwind of us because of the stench.
*We live close to a prime target area, so we won’t have much to worry about after the first few seconds, but what a horror we are setting up for the population of the world, and what a mockery we will be to the students and youth that are working so hard to make the world a decent place to live.
*This drives me and Mrs. Minitrue to tears, thinking of what will be lost when our alleged leaders can’t resist trying an H-Bomb on us.


The Department of Defence did not exist until Sept. 1947.
From 1789 until 1947 it was called The War Department.
I don’t know why the name was changed, but it is still in the business of profiting off of wars.


Afghanistan is a lost cause and always was a lost cause. Just ask the Brits and the Russians and Alexander the Great. The country suffers from tribalism and corruption from the very top down to the tribal leaders and even with the presence of allied troops in the country, women are treated terribly; even worse than when the Taliban ruled. Nothing has changed!

So why do we keep forces in that country? Is the Taliban a threat to our nation? That should be the question that we should ask ourselves. It’s all very noble to fight in behalf of an oppressed peoples but, in fact, many countries have oppressive governments. The only exception to militarily intercede might be in cases of genocide and then only in concert with other nations.

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Hi minitrue:
sigh-- I can even see the Trump, Bolton,Pompeo group nuking D.C itself and blaming it on Iran, NO .Korea, Syria------- or hey Venezuela------what a sad nation we are. I felt the same way when I looked at the word beLIEve… and found the word LIE, right in the middle of it. : (


I agree people should speak up. NOW. LOUDLY & REPEATEDLY. On Tulsi…? Not yet. She’s not ready to be “the most powerful leader in the world.” Besides, as far as young people go, I’d turn things over to the brilliant AOC before any other person around.


It’s not about anything other than US interests controlling the ME for O I L.


Good post, mi amigo.

The answer might lie in people recognizing that Dump is one sick s.o.b. and getting him and Bolton out of there STAT. At this point, I don’t care how it’s done, as long as neither can recuperate and hurt the world again.


I’m 66 years old. All these wars are just the latest iterations of Vietnam. You are getting killed or your legs blown off for what exactly?


Trump would say that our troops are good with what they do. When conscripted you just do what TPTB tell you to do or sit in Leavenworth prison.
But for better or worse, we have the all volunteer army. It changes a lot of things compared to being (involuntarily) drafted.

Hey minitrue, I owe you an apology, twice yesterday I tried to respond to you’re post to me, it wouldn’t upload the post. Called CD today, still haven’t heard from them.
Just wanted to let you know I agree with what you were talking about, and run something by you I found a while back. It’s a story (urban legend?), that I haven’t been able to confirm or deny, but it ties into what you were saying, just in reverse (if that makes sense). You have to get past the guys looks and his accent, and just listen to the story. It’s only about 9 min. long, I’m curious if in you’re travels, you’ve ever heard it before. Again sorry for the non-response yesterday.


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