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Majorities of Both US Veterans and Public Believe Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 'Not Worth Fighting'

Hi Toni,
I should get it in about ten days. I’ll get a book review to you when I finish it.

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It’ll bring back lots of memories and a wry appreciation of political cartoonists. It’s been decades since I read the book, Steve, and I don’t remember much of what was in there, e.g., editorials. Welch’s “have you no sense of decency” should be plastered on billboards coast to coast, Canada to Mexico.

Just thinking right now about the book, HUAC, and that period of amerikan history is giving me a lump in my throat. Why is Nazism or whatever evil equivalent always so close to us, never as far away even as our fingers at the end of an arm?

I don’t even know if I have the book anymore. My brother in another state and I “fight” over it. Also, a book I may have recommended to you, Heavenly Discourse by Charles Erskine Scott Wood…BITING satire.

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Hi minitrue:

Thank you for the entire poem—and with all the awfulness going on in the Middle East…you give the date of the poem as 1919—and OMG, here we are in 2019—Somehow , the rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born…" . that must have been Trump’s gift to Netanyahu in the giveaway of Jerusalem. The Dead Sea will rise up and drown the ME in a wash of useless oil blobs. WW I and WW 2 never really ended did they: (

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Nope. But hate survived AND thrived…

Hi ToniWintroub:

sigh------ but hate is easiest when the economy is bad, and jobs pay poorly, and people exist just to pay their rent and food. Oh—that’s where we are now!
I think that’s often what makes humans do such bizarre things—like that Carolina kid who went to the AME church and killed all those black people who were being kind to him—I read that he had said that they were so nice to him that he almost couldn’t shoot them. : ( I forgot the kids name, but I read that the ancient Greeks would never name those who pursued horrendous acts to make a name for themselves-----and they seemed to be a better society for that…

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I’d tend to call putting snipers on the high ground, behind razor wire, to pick off unarmed civilians and medical workers then give each other high fives something other than fighting. I’d be charitable and call it target practice, but it is worse than that.
*If my words and thoughts had any power, Netanyahu would long ago be a dried up festering mess under a deep rock in a fetid swamp, gnawed on by worms and maggots. But, unfortunately, he isn’t, though his soul, if any, might be.


Hi Star,
No. When we “won” the war, (Shhhh, remember we can’t give any credit to the 20,000,000 Russians, military and civilian, killed fighting the Germans.) apparently our military and gestapo thought the Nazis had some pretty good ideas, because Nazis were apparently negotiating with our military and OSS to get to the US as advisers to our military, the new CIA and other organizations. Operation Paperclip, which we only heard about as cleverly persuading German Rocket Scientists to come to the US to teach us how to get to the moon (and perhaps drop some loaded rockets on Russia). Apparently we got experts in running concentration camps, the latest methods of torture, we got a number of “Doctors” who experimented on prisoners. Freezing them, overheating them, High altitude experiments. Experimenting with poisons and various chemicals that had reactions to body and mind. Apparently we not only got the books and papers, but we got the ones that did the experiments, to teach us how to do it “right.” Thousands of Nazis who had their papers destroyed and new identities given them, along with a very healthy salary. They were absorbed into the CIA, the FBI, and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The military, especially the Air Force, took a lot of them under their wing. Doctors who had published the results of their experiments on prisoners, wound up doing experiments and perfecting their work in University and Medical Labs.
*As you can see, by living in the new Fourth Reich, which used to be the United States of America, their teaching was much appreciated and they were worth the millions spent on them. Some, apparently went on to become CEO’s of some of the companies we are trying to get rid of while there are still living things on Planet Earth.
*Can’t write any more, it’s making me sick…


Hi Toni,
Well, I got it. Made my day and will for many days to come. Boy did that bring back memories. I was probably a freshman or sophomore at Highline Hi when McCarthy and his trained seals and character assassins hit Seattle. The usual chaos happened, but we students were outraged that they could shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights like they were doing. We began lampooning HUAC. We did soapbox orations on street corners.We printed up red cards which we carried. They said something to the effect of "Attention Senator McCarthy! This is to certify the bearer (name here) is a genuwine card carrying communist and liable to full persecution by your misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the law and Constitution." The cards also supported a bit of art work. Our parents were scared shitless, but the forces of evil didn’t take us away. They might not have relished the shitstorm we would have raised had they done so. Beware of kids with a cause. They may know a lot more than you do and, they are willing to stick their necks out for what they believe in.
*I’ll keep you posted, and you’ll probably remember some of the things in the book. There’s a lot of it needs re-tellin’!
*Boy, could we use a Teddy Roosevelt, an FDR, a JFK, an MLK today! Perhaps one or more of those brave young ladies that have stood up to tyranny and insult will fill the bill. If so, we’d better protect them. I remember RFK’s answer at a press conference. “We will try, but there are many guns between me and the White House.” All it took was one behind his right ear. G’nite.

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Steve! I’m SO GLAD for you! That book is a magnificent compendium that we should share with as many people as possible. The youth need the history education, and the older ones need cobwebs cleared out, lenses cleaned, and batteries jump-started.

What a rich story your passion and activism were. I’m a little younger than you, so my exposure to that period was watching my parents and absorbing their stress, anger, and despair.

What a shame that Amerika had that dark passage and so many lives ruined…by some very sick POS…whose mentees are prezidunce of the USA and Pervert in Chief, filthy organisms worse than flesh-eating bacteria.

And even tho you could say wethepeople survived that era, we didn’t go forward and hold the line…we retrogressed to one of the worst points in the country’s history.

I wish I believed in a Hell or even what people call karma. The POS deserve the Inferno for eternity.

Wouldn’t it be cool to send copies of that book to some select pos in Congress?

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Chet, many of us share your heartache. If it helps you to know you’re not alone, then know it now. As for Bush and Cheney, no visit to any memorial would help. Cheney is a sociopath…or psychopath…bereft of the capacity to feel any emotion besides the high of cruel killing and power. Bush may be too drunk or dumb or both. Bush MIGHT have been able to feel something had he been in the villages and towns and seeing Americans rape and slaughter females or in the blood-laden grounds of human beings with their limbs and organs strewn about. Both are war criminals. Period.

Now you need to get your hands on Heavenly Discourse! Mark Twain will bless you from on high! Let me know if you read that one!