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Majority of Americans Back Black Lives Matter Protests and Think Demonstrations Will Help Racial Justice: Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/majority-americans-back-black-lives-matter-protests-and-think-demonstrations-will

Can 2/3 of our country tolerate the 1/3’s hate?

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A partisan divide was clear on this questions as well—84% of Democrats said the protests will help compared to 53% of Independents and just 13% of Republicans.

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Is there any doubt that the Republican Party is A RACIST PARTY? The Fourth Reich’s FASCIST PARTY?

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Not until we Progressives destroy the DINO Party and the Republican Party!

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Will we blame Tweedledee or Tweedledum?

They are both racist and classist parties but one is better at hiding it.

True, that is why I have labeled them: THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY.

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The things they signed away make actual democracy impossible, so both parties have effectively created a coup d’ etat.

That means everything is broken exactly the way corporations want it to be and wont be fixed. Ever. And people think something is going to change? It will but it will by getting worse, and we’ll waste endless amounts of time and waste our lives barking up the wrong treee and wondering why we cant fix it.

Young people will get screwed out of ever getting decent jobs. Why? They are all too expensive.

Why do we always have to get the crappiest deal of all? This is a big part of it. ~https://www.citizen.org/documents/PC_Gats_Backgrounder_05-05.pdf

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That is the perpetual con, and my ex Governor, the pistol, packin, mama from Alaska said it best about Obama: " HOW IS THAT HOPEY CHANGEY THING WORKIN OUT FOR YA".

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We cannot tolerate any hate but must certainly accept that haters do exist.

One to two million of our people needlessly dead since 1995 because of the rigged healthcare.

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I found it interesting that 74% of republicans thought the protests would hurt public support for racial justice.


Great song.

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BLM co-founder-describes-herself-as-trained-Marxist. Black Lives Matter is a good slogan to use Blacks. Once again they are being used. Racial justice? Justice is justice. Those looking for an advantage do to the hue of their skin are not really looking for justice. They are looking to gain an advantage because of their race. It is the antithesis of justice.

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They certainly did not poll me. Portland is being destroyed by riots that the “peaceful” Black Lives Mater protesters set up and give rhetorical cover. The actual violence and destruction is being carried out by antifa, the semi-secret insurgency in fact backed by the democratic elite, the corporate, and public media, and our local politicians. The latest version of the nightmare has antifa thugs attacking an older woman who put out the fire antifa set to burn down a police building. Find @MrAndyNgo on twitter and weep for our city.

It’s a phrase that applies to all people who have been discriminated against by race.

However, nowadays poor is the new black. And we’re all likely to be poor very soon due to this scam which is literally stealing the country and world out from underneath all of us, by dividing us.

even the people in Africa and Asia who claim to still be victims of colonialism are looking to take advantage of how badly they treat their own people because now they get a special advantage for keeping their people poor. Its called the LDC Services Waiver and its part of the WTO. They will rent out their labor and take the lions share. After all thats their entitlement under our system. Which is why the rich people of the world got together to steal it from everybody using the GATS and other agreements like it.

Its proposing to bring back what amounts to indentured servitude, irreversibly.

See ~https://web.archive.org/web/ >> enter in


Well, it certainly will help blacks but not American blacks to outsource and offshore the jobs of SO MANY of our middle class people and public servants including our black Americans under the GATS agreement.

Which is now more than 20 years old. Its a plan thats been around for a long time to redictribute the wealth in the world upward. But we the people hwee in the US will be the big losers, all of us. Both parties are rub by rich people and they very skillfully are manipulating us, in their infinite wisdom, into a situation nobody, absolutely nobody in this entire country would ever have voted for. Thats how slick they are. All of what we see is a big ACT.

(Which is likely very high on the agenda of the next Administration, whoever they turn out to be)

But they decided to do it 20 years ago- this GATS agreement, is part of the WTO which came into being on January 1, 1995.

And the Agreement on Government Procurement locks in even more potential job losses. people from the least developed countries might have degrees from Oxford but those countries have among the lowest pay in the world. So it may make business sense for corporations to do it but it doesnt make common sense and in fact its flirting with diisaster and really unfair. Ironically the owners of many of the African service businesses who will likely win out are the direct descendants of the chiefs who sold the ancestors of American blacks into slavery.

What a mess. I hope we can work this out, somehow.

They just dont get it.