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Majority of Americans Back Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood: Poll


Majority of Americans Back Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood: Poll

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A majority of Americans support federal funding for Planned Parenthood, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday—a sign that the tables may soon turn for the embattled health care provider and its outspoken conservative opponents.


“Majority of Americans Back Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood: Poll”

So what?!! A majority of Americans backed (and still do) the wars of opportunity in the middle east being waged by the security state in the names of the US citizenry that have been grinding on for the past 14 years, A majority of Americans backed the election and reelection of Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

How long will it take before all Americans realize that policy by polling propaganda is not leadership, it’s nonsense? Probably not until the 12th of Never, and (as that secular prophet Johnny Mathis famously sang), “that’s a long, long, time”.


Unfortunately, what the majority of Americans want don’t mean squat.

After failure in the Senate, the opposition to Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood moved to the States. (Until this fall when the GOP plans to shut down the government unless Planned Parenthood is defunded.) Six, so far, have taken formal action to cut off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood…albeit…easier said than done. The last time this happened, 2011 in Indiana and Arizona, Planned Parenthood went to court and won. The regulation is: if a State wants to continue receiving Medicaid funding from the federal government, regulations currently demand Medicaid funds not be denied to qualified healthcare providers even if such providers offer abortion services, (consistent with the federal prohibition on funding), as part of their scope of practice. CMS, which administers the Medicaid program, issued a statement last week advising States attempting to cut off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood they may be in violation of federal law. Yet…attempts to defund at the State level continue and expand. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania could be next.


Maybe it’s because right wing extremists understand that even if Planned Parenthood wins in the courts again, (which is not guaranteed by any means), all opposition States have to do is continue to defy that regulation, forcing CMS to either cut off such States from all Medicaid funds, (the penalty for breach of contract), or capitulate to opposition demands. Given the importance of Medicaid funding to healthcare services not within the sphere of women’s reproductive healthcare, and the importance of Medicaid to Obamacare®, and the desire of many GOP governors…and congresspeople… to do away with Medicaid altogether, what do you think CMS will do?


Ms. Prupis uses the ad populum logical reasoning fallacy for her argument for funding Planned Parenthood.

As others are pointing out just because federal funding for PP is popular doesn’t mean it’s right. It is in this case though. It’s makes a stronger argument to present other reasons in support of PP instead of “it’s popular!”

The thing is, if the capitalist, corporate media want to persuade the general population of something, they just carpet bomb us with coverage of a heinous, frightening, atrocity, imply it will happen to average Americans (e.g., ISIS beheadings) and the popularity of going to war AGAIN rises to cover a majority.

You may want to use other reasons to persuade thinking people that Planned Parenthood deserves federal funding besides a majority of people think so.


What is your position on planned parenthood?

If a majority of Americans had been afforded the truth about the rationale for those wars, a majority would have been against them push poll propagandized or not. Is it your assertion that this poll about the majority of Americans being for the federal funding of Planned Parenthood, is push poll propaganda? I think it is likely this poll is an accurate accounting since Planned Parenthood does have wide support among the American public because so many have benefited from it directly. Same polling about Social Security and Medicare.

FYI George W. Bush wasn’t elected either time.


Ms. Prupis was not “arguing” for anything - she was simply reporting the newsworthy fact that the US congress are state legislatures are not in step with popular consensus.

I think that it is important to point out that there are many issues, particularly outside of foreign policy and military issues, where the general public is well to the “left” of the big-business-dominated media and political leadership in spite of all the propaganda. The numerous polls showing majority support for single payer healthcare,and unions particularly comes to mind.

Your post and Poet’s posts express a degree of elitism-wrapped bitterness and contempt for your fellow citizens that is pathological and I would dismiss it with only a suggestion that you seek a therapist - were it not seen so often in the left and a major cause its total disorganization and disarray.


My position is that basing any policy on any kind of polling is nonsense. It is why we have a bunch of mealy-mouthed, equivocating, political prima donnas instead of someone with any kind of ethical core on which he or she bases their decisions on a issue.
Go and watch Barbara Lee’s very brief speech in the fever swamp of xenophobia and jingoism that infected the debate atmosphere in congress days after the 911 tragedy. Ms Lee had courage and conviction to counsel her colleagues to “not become the evil they deplore” by approving the resolution which was being rushed through the congress.
Ah, but nobody listened and although she is still serving in congress and her very unpopular position has been validated by the history of the past 14 years, she is not considered a mover and shaker like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton.
JFK had a very popular and well received book ghost wrtiten under his name called Profiles in Courage, which focused on US politicians throughout history who had such determined and principled leadership qualities.
Therefore my position or your own on Planned Parenthood is irrelevant, just as whether or not if “a majority of Americans had been afforded the truth about the rationale for those wars” is not the important issue here. All of these polls are just so much distracting wedge rhetoric designed to get people arguing among themselves–and it is working. Meanwhile the controllers in our midst continue to have their amoral way justifying it by their own polls !

" FYI George W. Bush wasn’t elected either time."

Yes and his election/appointment wasn’t opposed in any significant manner either–checkmate!


So Barbara Lee has a principled position that is heralded by you as significant, but your own principled position on Planned Parenthood isn’t?

Your position on polls remains muddled. So again, what is your position on planned parenthood? Think of yourself as Barbara Lee here.

Checkmate? What fantasy game are you playing here. I was simply pointing out the FACT the George W. Bush wasn’t elected either time and demonstrably so.

Did I take a position on the level of significant opposition to that travesty i.e., did I move a chess piece into any contested square of that particular fantasy game in your head?

Don’t you get the irony of your argument where you actually are focusing on the polls and ignoring the principled stand of Planned Parenthood?


The people behind this campaign to shut down Planned Parenthood are extremists who probably espouse some or all of these views:

  • People should not be having sex for any reason other than procreation.
  • Women should not work outside the home if they have children.
  • They are against birth control and consider it the same as abortion.
  • Some of them are for penalizing women who miscarry.
  • They are against divorce. They don’t acknowledge that women in abusive relationships have the right to get out of them.
  • They are against same-sex marriage, and for “traditional nuclear family”.
  • They are against sex before marriage, especially for women.

They feel threatened by progress, a society which is EVOLVING its way past religion and superstition.
Their ideas are dictated by their interpretation of their bible and their church. They constantly sign petitions, write letters to the editors of newspapers, and call and write to senators. They are zealots who are obsessed with women’s sexuality and want to turn back the clock to an idealized era like the 1950’s (only idealized in their minds and in hindsight).
They hang out all day outside clinics and harass women - some of them are going for gynecological care and have nothing to do with abortion! They feel compelled because “the magic man in the sky” compels them to do so.
They troll and stalk progressive websites looking for someone to take their troll bait because this is how they get off. And they have all day and all night just to get into pissing contests with people because they have so much free time on their hands.
They are probably widows or people in loveless marriages who have nothing going on in their own lives and feel a compulsion to dictate to others how to live theirs. Or they are empty nesters and after raising 8 or 9 kids, they are bored. They are so persistent because they think they are going to sway people over to their way of thinking and “save some babies” - or they will shame people who resist.
Ultimately, many progressives interpret this as a patriarchal, fascistic move to deprive women of the progress made over the last half of the 20th century, with utter disregard of their health, rights, or the lives unwanted children will have.

It’s a Quixotic waste of time and effort but they do it anyway. They are like Jehovah’s Witnesses who keep coming to your house early on Saturday mornings, somehow thinking they are going to win one person over by their persistence, no matter how many times the occupant says “No thanks, I’m not interested.” “Please do not come back.” “I asked you not to come back.” “Go the f*ck away!”