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Majority of Americans Believe Actions and Anger of George Floyd Protesters at Least Partially Justified, According to Polling

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/majority-americans-believe-actions-and-anger-george-floyd-protesters-least-partially

It’s not all-or-nothing justified. However, much of it is justified.

This is a significant (and notably hope-inspiring) change.

But what we need more than hope is leadership, organization and training, which the Nazis have in abundance, but which we the people have been methodically deprived --whether by the end of the military draft (which was terminated in '72 because our Masters recognized they were making the same mistake as Tsar Nicholas II, i.e., training the revolution), or by the destruction of the Soviet Union, which ended forever the successful revolutionary leadership it had (despite its internal flaws) dutifully provided the rest of the world.

Maybe the front line protesters should be offering flowers to the front line officers and soldiers. It helped the protesters of the 60’s-70’s version.