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Majority of Americans Oppose NSA Spying: Poll


Majority of Americans Oppose NSA Spying: Poll

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Most U.S. citizens across the political spectrum oppose the National Security Agency's (NSA) expansive surveillance powers and want the Patriot Act reformed, according to a new survey by the ACLU released Monday.

A bipartisan pair of polling firms surveyed 1,001 likely voters around the country and found that by nearly a 2:1 margin, Americans believe the Patriot Act should not be reauthorized in its current form. Another 60 percent said they would like to see it modified "to limit government surveillance."


CD should note that perhaps there are no comments on this totally non-revealing and uninsightful article because the American people are ahead of CD in understanding that a “Majority of Americans Opposing NSA Spying” has NO, ZERO effect on what the EMPIRE DOES.

What a ‘majority of Americans favor or oppose’ makes not a damn bit of impact on what is actually done — precisely because the EMPIRE, which has captured, “Occupies”, and controls everything that is done in what is laughably called ‘our country’ doesn’t matter a damn to the Empire, because ‘our country’ isn’t any kind of functioning democracy or democratic Republic (regardless of what these lying two Vichy facades of Empire call themselves as the neocon ‘R’ Vichy party and the neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party) because the EMPIRE controls everything.

But the people seem to be understanding this reality of a controlling EMPIRE more than the leftish progressive-lite and supposedly alt media.

It’s past time for the so-called leftish progressivism alt media to get ahead of the people in this fast brewing Second American Revolution against EMPIRE — instead of holding the people back by continually writing useless articles that wonder why the phony political facade of the unmentioned EMPIRE is not responding to the wishes and demands of the “Majority of Americans”.

The ‘people’ already sense, and the Black community KNOWS, that this is an EMPIRE not a democracy, so as Chomsky likes to say, “it is ‘unremarkable’ that it acts” like an EMPIRE, not a normal country!!

Get with it, Nadia (and CD) — “It’s the EMPIRE, stupid” — and a supposedly leading progressive alt media web site like CD, can’t lead from behind, like our gutless complicit faux-Emperor/president is trying to do by dragging his feet and not recognizing the 8000 lb elephant of EMPIRE sitting in plain sight right in the burning kitchen of our dying democracy!!


“amacd” is absolutely right. And polls are an utter exercise in onanism, and politicians know it.


Who cares what American citizens think?


Shirley, not the EMPIRE!


I am glad to read this, thank you Nadia Prupis.

Those are useful data for my work. Being a non-US citizen, I do not know exactly what is taking place on the ground in your country, I have to rely on the information that is published. However, I can imagine that it is tough to be an American this time in US history.

I find it important to know what the polls in the US says about a number of unpopular decisions made by the US government. It is relevant statistics for my own writing. Such information confirms and substantiates my argument that the American government does not listen to the will and do not consider the interest of the majority of the public. The political elite focus on their own self-interest and that of their supporters, the economic elite. From that, one may draw a number of conclusions. I therefore welcome all statistical materials, which confirm that the American government - which I call a Patriarchy due to its overrated masculine energies - dominates not only the American people but also global society. So I, for one, am grateful for this information. It is to become enlightened by such data that I read Common Dreams. Thank you.

I wish you all the very best in coping with an ever increasing dominant government. Hang on in there, eventually something good will happen. :heart_eyes: