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Majority of Americans Unconvinced Trump Can Handle Nation's Top Job


Majority of Americans Unconvinced Trump Can Handle Nation's Top Job

Jon Queally, staff writer

With his inauguration now less than three weeks away, a new survey shows a majority of the American people are far from confident that Donald Trump, a former reality television star who won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, is up to the major tasks entrusted to the President of the United States.


Down the rabbit hole we ALL go in 18 days no matter what any of us feel or believe about this guy. My one BIGLY ?? is whether we are ever going to re-emerge from where this journey is going to take us?


Oh...it's an opinion poll. Well i certainly believe that!


What is puzzling is why didn't these negative opinions translate into more votes for Hillary Clinton. I guess Putin and Comey are the best answer to why Trump managed to win in the electoral college despite most people believing that he can't do the job.


Yea, this happens when the millions of American voters dont count. So, due to the previous redistricting, our votes dont count. This shows the power of the electorial college, or the corruption of it, not sure which. But at least millions of voters didnt count. The weird thing is that the number is not small. To say he lost by only 2.5 million doesnt equate to 2 or 3 people. In an equation we would see the equal sign with the slash threw it...stupid math signs. I dont needs no math, Im 'Merican.


Trump says climate change is a hoax; says we need more nukes; has a cabinet that is fascist and militaristic; no wonder the majority of Americans are unconvinced that Trump can do the job of POTUS!

We are faced with two horrible threats:
1. Environmental catastrophe.
2. The threat of nuclear war.
And unfortunately, the incoming president is on the wrong side of these two dire threats. Trump instead of mitigating these threats, will likely exacerbate these devastating threats to our planet.


I stopped reading at:

Donald Trump, a former reality television star who won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes

Seriously? You never passed seventh grade civics class?

For as bad as a president Trump may or may not turn out to be, remember, the voters thought Hillary would have made a worse president. She lost the primary, which she stole, and she lost enough states to give Trump the win.

So it's time for the Hillbots to stop their incessant whining and just accept the fact that for the next four years, Trump will be their president. If you don't like it, then hold him accountable, and maybe, he won't be as bad as Dubya or Obama.


Yeah! This couldn't possibly be Hillary's fault for getting outed by the DNC emails, or stealing the primary from the most popular presidential candidate of all time, or bullying Sanders' supporters out of voting for her. No, it could never be Hillary's fault for losing to the least popular candidate of all time.


Obama believes in global warming. Yet he continued Dubya's multi trillion dollar genocidal, ecocidal wars of terror in the Middle East to prop up the fossil fuel monopoly, and he started five new wars on his own!

Plus, five years ago, Obama dumped hundreds of billions of dollars into starting up the nuclear arms race. Now he is trying to start WWIII with Russia.

Please explain how Trump could possibly do worse than this?
Oh, that's right. Trump made friends with Putin, so thermonuclear winter is off the table.


Majority of Americans Unconvinced Trump Can Handle Nation’s Top Job.
1. This does not matter because the ones at the top don't care what the ones on the bottom think.
2. This does not matter because will not be running the show, making the decisions, running the country; no he will be following his orders.
3. By the way, where is Hillary.?. funny how she has just disappeared.
4. Yep Americans know the truth about Trump.....no need to convince them that Trump can run the country; he can't.... nor has any past President...for the Prez is just the spokesperson...Obama was an excellent spokesperson...and now Trump will be an excellent spokesperson.....yet the Great Advantage that Trump has is that he like a Ringleader of a Circus, he will bring great fanfare and distraction from what is really happening.....Like a magician....watch the other hand.....


Trump's actions since the election have proven " he is what he is " and the American people have honestly spoken, in this poll, to his numerous lies and about-faces, regarding policy. What the majority of voters said at the polls is being voiced again, here.
Donald Trump simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing for all of the citizens of this country. He has very little grasp of what the word integrity actually means. He is incapable of playing it straight. He is a deal cutter and that means he'll sell out some or most folks to the benefit of the few; obviously, his Cabinet choices already reflect the narrowness of his real comprehension to the political promises and statements he made in his campaign. He just lies to win and that's what he'll give us, for moral leadership in spades, over the next four years.
What hustlers do is " hustle " and swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, grift and hornswoggle. In an era of post truth, Pres. Trump will reintroduce those words to their original meaning in American history, politics and business. And, duck and cover guidelines and procedures could be the least of our worries. I think duck and hold onto your wallet/purse with both hands is much closer to the truth, actually.


Again the "Clinton stole the primary!" canard. She got millions upon millions more votes than Sanders. She destroyed him in the southern states.

Also, I think we all understand how the Electoral College works. We also understand that Clinton got millions more votes than Trump, that is, more Americans voted for Clinton to be president than voted for Trump to be president. The will of the people is ignored by the Electoral College, an anti-democratic system with its roots in racism.

It's really not the fault of the candidate who got more votes, no matter how much people want it to be.


Donald & Hillary---One and the same... They both will tell the people what they want to hear in order to get what they want. Liars, cheats & scoundrels.....Either way, Donald or Hillary, this country is doomed...and either way Donald or Hillary, the Rich get Richer.....


On the policies of a living wage, women's right to choose, protection of our consumer rights, protection of our national parks, the decriminalization of marijuana use, the ending of the private prison system, etc. etc. etc... The majority of Americans ( those not disenfranchised by blatant voter suppression laws ) are saying, in this poll, that Trump is an outllier, probably closer to a modern-day outlaw.
As to the disastrous mess in the MENA; well, just look at Obama's neutrality on the UN action/vote regarding Israel's settlements. Already there is bipartisanship in Congress to defeat and void this action. The problems of Congressional dysfunction on foreign matters, especially regarding Israel and Saudi Arabia, are just jaw dropping. The campaign money is just too great a temptation, apparently.


The most salient factor is that Trump is mentally ill and that makes him totally unpredictable. One of the advantage of tweets is that you can readily see how people think...Trump doesn't.


Thank you for the link. The video was very very powerful and heartwarming.


You make valid points. If you read my posts about Obama, I never had any use for him, in fact, way back in 2008 I labeled Obama: " the consummate con man". There is only a superficial, quiddity of a difference between Trump and Obama. But Obama's two terms are over and we now could have 8 years of a Trump administration.


The 1%ers are mentally ill....if you think about it.


2.95 million voters represents 9 additional Republican Senators in flyover states. That's real gerrymandering on a national scale. When will it end? When the vote disparities rise to 5 million? 7 million, perhaps? Trump has benefited from a white fear and a bigotry exemplified by the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions. From the nominations of true believers who actually think Social Security, et al are bad programs from the imaginery monolith, Bad Gov't. This poll shows how the majority of people don't trust Trump & Co. to do anything close to the right thing. Their skepticism is quite justified, actually.


So you got this from a 7th grade civics class? Maybe you should continue your education.