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Majority of Americans: Wealthy Not Taxed Enough


Majority of Americans: Wealthy Not Taxed Enough

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The wealthy aren't paying enough in federal taxes.

So said 68 percent of respondents to a new Associated Press-GfK poll (pdf). Sixty percent of respondents also said that the middle class is paying too much in federal taxes, and 41 percent held that belief about low-income households.


68%? Let’s get that up to 99%.


The tax rate on those making more than 107,000 in 1979 (year before Ray-gun was elected and the fix was put in) was effectively 70% and now it is around between 30 and 32% yet the shouts and cries of unfair taxation bellowed by the wealthiest and corporations seemed to be the only voices heard in Congress…given the right by the U S Constitution to set/regulate taxes on the federal level. Since 2001, the tax code has been rewritten by Congress to consistently and incrementally benefit corporations and the wealthiest, to whit, the drastic reduction of the capital gains tax and the inheritance tax rates. All done behind closed doors and either un- or under-reported by mainstream media with the majority of Americans being the big losers throughout the process.


Polls, polls, blah, blah, blah. Poll after poll shows that Americans have progressive stands on any number of issues…but we keep on electing politicians who hold the opposite views. Yeah, it’s the system, stupid. Our government is so corrupt and beholden to the 1%/big corporations that it does not matter how we feel on issues. The “power elite” will get their way because America is now an oligarchy (as Bernie constantly warns us…though he says it’s coming rather than it’s already here).


Hell, if we could get 68% participation in elections, we might have a chance electing candidates who would reflect those stands on the issues!


Wasted on the corrupt MIC and security state would be correct.