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Majority of Germans: We Don't Have a Real Democracy


Majority of Germans: We Don't Have a Real Democracy

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new German survey has a finding that may strike a particular chord with those in the United States.

Over 60 percent of Germans said their country did not have a true democracy because business has a bigger say than the electorate, the survey by the Emnid polling institute for the Free University of Berlin found.


Nice to see. Has anyone done similar polls in the U.S.? I have read that 60%
of Americans want a third party. How many would go left, and how many to
the right? Social Security cuts are opposed by about 3/4 of Americans. (And
watch out for who does the polling.)
I think the results would bode well for the Green Party, since the truth of
Marx’s prediction about the concentration of wealth has been reported, even
in corporate media! And hats off to the Occupy movement for spreading the
word, and hammering the point home.
Now we need a non-corporate party like the Greens to represent our non-
corporate majority. Lenin emphasized the need for a revolutionary party to
seriously study issues, history, strategy and tactics- so we don’t repeat
mistakes of the past. We have a good number of such parties, with different
takes on things. People should check out as many as possible. You can
search them online. (Yay, internet! But can “they” control the internet too?
Keep some back-up technology.)
Most Americans are not socialist yet, so the Green Party is a good
formation for disaffected true-liberals, (No neo-liberals, please! Neo-liberals
are “Democrats” who think and act like Republicans, enabling and
encouraging Republicans to move further rightward into wacko-land.)
I believe Dr. King was killed because he was really threatening “our” ruling
class by starting to bring together 3 major movements: Civil Rights, Anti-
war, and Labor. And he was starting a multi-racial Poor People’s Movement.
Four such major movements with proper solidarity could have formed a
new progressive majority party. And King was becoming a socialist. That
could have been a real threat to the 1%. Talk about a motive for murder!
And Malcolm X was openly hostile to the Democratic Party. “They show
you the teeth of the wolf so you run to the jaws of the fox.” Small wonder
that the 1% killed, or allowed him to be killed!
While most of us would love to have a non-violent revolution, the above
murders and genocidal wars show the violent nature of the forces against
us. And that shows us how necessary it is to remove that group,and
their system, from power. Remember Nuremburg! It IS our responsibility.


When the numbers reach two/thirds of people recognizing that global capitalism is the culprit behind just about every evil they can list, then real political action will happen. Until then, we waft along slouching toward atrophy. But Germany! The land of benefits and six-week vacations! The screams from the wilderness should be ten times theirs in the US, which of course they’re not. But historically, they have the 1848 revolution on their resume, so who can say? But how to disengage from the anonymous corporate tendrils that are everywhere now? That will be the topic of the day when things really turn ugly.


I agree with all that Rogh says but his or her suggestion that we need a third party and the Greens are the best bet. I think that political parties are a barrier to democracy. They stand between the elected official or the candidate and the people. We need direct democracy where the elected official votes as directed by the living breathing registered voters in the district. When our Constitution was written the Representative was a not a member of any party but was selected by the people to get on a horse and go to Congress to vote as directed by the people. That was the best means of communicating in those days. Today we have computers and the internet. Our elected officials can put on their web site the bills that are coming up for a vote and ask the people how they would like the vote to go. On the site can be the bill itself, a summary of it followed by arguments both for and against and sites to get more information. In the week before the vote these can be a safe site for registered voters in the district to advise the official how to vote. There is can be an ongoing count of how the vote is going so that we can be informed as to the vote and take action if the elected official fails to follow the directions of the people in the district.


Yes, it’s a fake democracy or a facade of a democratic Republic —
just as the Vichy government installed by the "Occupying’ Empire was a
fake government, although with only one Vichy Party few Frenchmen
acknowledged the Vichy government as anything by a crude disguise of

Today, that “fake democracy” is far better disguised with TWO Vichy parties — the neocon ‘R’ Vichy facade
and the neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party — and thus Americans are not so aware as the French of being merely ‘subjects’ of a well disguised Global Empire which merely ‘poses’ and its HQed in our former country.