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Majority of Voters: Special Prosecutor Needed to Probe Alleged Trump Campaign-Russia Ties


Majority of Voters: Special Prosecutor Needed to Probe Alleged Trump Campaign-Russia Ties

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A majority of registered voters are in favor having a special prosecutor investigate potential ties between President Donald Trump's campaign aides and Kremlin officials, a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday shows.

Fifty-seven percent say they are in favor of such a probe, compared to 31 percent who say they are not. Thirteen percent say they don't know or don't have an opinion on the matter.


Photo: not a pair between them.


The 31% who do not favor a special prosecutor sound like the same group that denies climate change and basically live in an alternate reality where Trump speaks the truth.


Seems quite telling that shifty-eyed sessions, despite a bevy of advisers, assiduously manipulated rhetoric and PR controlled to a T, special interest monies floating on the hot air from senate days STILL sees a majority response in the negative to him holding the office and the activities of his (ahem) colleagues. Gives me faith in the true human spirit.


The outrageous ignorance of American citizens is perfectly illustrated by that clueless majority of 57%, since absolutely no evidence has been presented by any of the manifold accusers of Trump and Putin. This country no longer deserves to exist as a political entity. It'd be better to bomb America into dust than let it exist any longer, for the good of all life and my planet herself.


Just thinking about Breitbart's section on "Black Crime", kinda awe struck at how trendy racists are these days.
Trump, Yiannopoulos, that one guy: Mr. "It's okay to punch a Nazi", ROTFL. Charles Murray was invited to Middlebury, He's well known for explaining disproportional incarceration rates of black men via eugenics.
And I just wondered why?
And then my little brain computed an answer, "Sampling Error". The people who buy into racist lines of argumentation don't know enough black people, and see only a limited SAMPLE of the black population. Narrow sampling results if Narrow-minded conclusions. These people "THINK" they are right. LOL OMG!! I Don't Know if this remediates or inflates the problem.

But speaking of eugenics, do you think we could breed this kind of stupidity out of the human race or were they simply not raised right? I think it might be a combination of the two right here, stupid people being taught to do stupid shit. I am not a moron and as a result have decided not to have kids, lol no offense to all you wonderful parents out there. But.. Now, after all of this, I feel like I owe it to humanity or something, lol.
Free sperm for anyone trying to procreate!
Immediately I'm having second thoughts, don't I have a responsibility to my offspring to ensure they are brought up in a good home?? ...So I guess not anyone. ...And what kind of delivery method are we talking about? Just pack it in some dry ice and call it a day? We want our food fresh and our someday babies frozen? nah, nah I don't think so. Your gonna wanna come get this fresh! And inspect that inheritance package for yourself! Oh man.. I hope no one reads this. Now to post.


I voted for Trump because he promised to go after corporate greed when he was campaigning to be the president.

While campaigning Trump said over and over that he was going to take on wall street because "THOSE CEOs ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER"

But after he won the presidency
He filled his cabnet up with billionaire CEOs.
And now those CEOs and Trump are working hard to protect corporations from paying there taxes leaving the American people with the tax bill for what is needed to run the country.

I and everyone who voted for Trump to end corporate greed have been betrayed.

Law makers must do everything they can to get Donald Trump out of the white house before he does somthing catastrophic.

Expert psychiatrists have been saying for the last few years that Donald Trump is an unstable paranoid schizophrenia pathological liar who does not have the temperament or the judgment to run the United States safely.


If Trump has nothing to hide reference Russia, why does he continue to hide it?


You may have noticed, Dale1000, that the new GOP "ObamaCare Lite" allows unlimited tax deductions for insurance executive pay. ObamaCare had capped that deduction at $500,000 but now -- if this bill that Trump likes so much passes -- each insurance company can deduct every penny it pays executives in salary, stock and benefits. PLEASE CONTINUE telling Trump voters that they have been conned by perhaps the world's all-time greatest con artist. (Yes, give the devil his due. He conned 60 million people and the entire Republican Party).


The Russian news affiliate Breitbart is now promoting that the CIA used the spying technology, recently proposed by the Russian affiliate WikiLeaks, to actually perform the DNC break-in and frame Russia for it.


Do you have some evidence for your assertion that Breitbart is affiliated with Russia?


When I see the hellabaloo about Trump's association with Russia, I'm reminded of all the money going into the Clinton Foundation in return for Secretary of State concessions to donating nations. I have never liked Trump and didn't vote for him. But this witchhunt and demonization of Russia is nothing but ridiculous. What is amazing is that Repubs and Dems are both participating. Just goes to show that we are under a unified Shadow Government. Clinton's obvious pay for play went unchallenged. Why? Could it be that Trump is not an insider? It doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on, it is more about whether you play ball. Elected officials don't get rich by putting in their time, they have to play ball. I am against the increasing war machine and diverting much needed monies away from the needs of the people. Trump is being pushed into proving his virility via war.


My first reaction to hearing that Donald sleeps less than 4 hours per night is that he is Manic. The grandiosity and narcissism goes with the territory. Lack of sleep to restore the brain, results in delusional perceptions of consensual reality. Meds would Down him out but not help. He is what is called a Knee Jerk liar. Confronting them with reality does not make them admit their lies are wrong. I found a strong correlation with people abused or molested as a child. This won't go away. If America had oversight of an election in another country, we would call for another election. Did Russia use Trump and his campaign as a Trojan Horse? If so, it worked and is now the tactic being used on European elections.

"We need to set the example, take the lead how to respond to this provocation. We know the Republicans won't respond in an appropriate manner unless backed into a corner. We need a new election that would eliminate 'Cross check subversion'. Republicans don't want a Great Leader, they want to pass their agenda for the rich. Then they, Ryan among them can retire as lobbyists after deconstructing America for Putin/Trump complete."


As to whether the USA influenced the outcome of the 1973 Chilean presidential elections, the results are more evenly divided: 41 percent say it did, compared to 42 percent who say it did not. Seventeen percent say they don't know or have no opinion as they ended up being shot.


Now special prosecutor; what are you going to do about the Trump's family ties to China?


If you have nothing to hide there is nothing to display and therefore proof of innocence is impossible.to a jury steeped in disbelief and cynicism. How could the people killed after the Salem witch trials have proved that they were not witches?


I just saw this Russian speaker at Reed College. (http://events.reed.edu/event/other_russias_victoria_lomaskos_graphic_journalism#.WMDiQW8rKm4)
Now, no doubt she was brought because she was critical of Putin. But when I asked if Russia had any designs on the United States, she said that Russia is in an economic crises and in no way could afford to challenge the United States. I got the impression Russians wanted peace, stability, an economy, how can the left betray peaceful relations with the Russians? How has it come to this, do we need to bomb them to make them free?


Here's a list of folks who met with Russian officials during the campaign and lied about it:

Donald Trump
Donald Jr
Jared Kushner
Rex Tiller

Maybe Trump is just a man of peace and he has got the best interests of our country at heart, but he hasn't even done the bare minimum to show that. He refuses to release his tax returns, put his businesses in a blind trust, and update his financial disclosure forms accurately. At this point, I don't think it's unfair to assume that something untoward happened. If it were Clinton, we certainly wouldn't give her the benefit of the doubt.


How about those tax filings?


No Chilean election in 1973. Just a bloody coup. Few if any doubt US involvement.


You're one dense commenter.