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Majority Want Assault Weapons Ban, So Why Don't Dems Filibuster for That?


Majority Want Assault Weapons Ban, So Why Don't Dems Filibuster for That?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Outrage over government inaction on gun control has reached a fever pitch days after the Orlando shooting massacre that left 49 people dead.

While Democrats staged a dramatic talking filibuster on the floor of the Senate Wednesday afternoon demanding so-called commonsense gun reform, hundreds of thousands of Americans are asking lawmakers to go even further and pass a ban on all assault weapons.


The last attempt to pass such legislation after Sandy Hook failed because Democratic senators from western states, notably Harry Reid, caved to pressure from back home. It will take more than just a Democratic majority, then, to pass such legislation. Gun control of any kind is not a simple D versus R issue. As to what the majority want, well … this is Congress, right?


Because they don’t give a shit.


The reality is this. An assault weapon ban will do little to nothing to stop this. The problem is Cultural in that the Government and those that record the nations history have always promoted and all but deified the gun culture and violence as a positive tool of social change.

This has to be untaught and will take not only the Government acting by example in a Countries abroad with its tools of war and violence , and at home with its militarized police forces shooting citizens dead with regularity, but with the masses that embrace that culture of violence.

This will take many long years but it can be done.


Guns are not the primary cause of the problem - they’re secondary.

The primary cause is the motivation to shoot. And where does that come from?

From tv, radio, movies, the press and video games. The concentration on violence in the media is painfully obvious, but this is never mentioned in discussions of violent incidences - it’s always only about eliminating guns (which is a good idea).

A violent media can produce some very violent people. But don’t expect the media to recognize that fact. They are working to build a violent mentality in a few, and a fearful and docile mentality in the majority.

Where are the politicians who want to stop violence in the media?


I suggest we support the watch list ban, then place everyone in
America on the watch list, with the caveat that anyone on the watch list must turn in any firearms they already own.


For liberals that honestly don’t trust the government:


For Trump followers that believe if someone was packing, this wouldn’t have happened, there is always the NRA.


Just like prohabition and the war on drugs a ban wont work.

If we assume for a moment that guns don’t exist…

The deaths in Orlando were clearly an act of hate and guns were the tool.

What Tim McVay did in Oklahoma was an act of hate. Yet there were no guns involved.

The idea has been floated for anyone that is on the do not fly list to be denied access to guns. Does that include those who are 3 y.o. kids and 90 year old grandmothers? Recall there are no provisions for due process …

Grand plans all about but the reality of any plan is in the details.


Oh, I agree completely. I don’t purport to represent “the” Rocky Mountain View, only my own. Your are absolutely correct about the lay of the land.


PS Because I live in the Rockies, I do, in fact, represent “a” Rocky Mountain View.


So why do such bans work in every other country in the world?


Don’t think for a minute this passes; oh, except for the parts where The Alphabets and state and local police depts. have a large say on whose names and what groups get on The List. " Your name is on The List. What list? Our list. What do I do to find out why I’m on The List? I can’tell you. Who can? I can’t tell you that. either. Who can? The people who made The List. Who and where are they? I don’t know. "


One doesn’t have to be George Lakoff to realize how loaded the frame “gun control” is.

People don’t want to BE controlled.

A different set of terms is needed.

And remember, this is not a ban on the typical type of gun an individual might wish to have in his or her home for protection. This crap is serious assault STUFF… hardly the type of weapon one takes “deer hunting.”


“If the gun issue goes away, Dems and Conservs will have nothing to fight about, besides its also a distraction from the collapsing economy and environment.”

I seem to remember the same assurance as per the Abortion matter. Maybe it was you under another screen name insisting that the Repugs. would never block abortion or they’d have nothing to fight about to give them a distinction from those across the political aisle.

Meanwhile, quite a lot of clinics have shut down; more and more abortion doctors are under threat or have retired; and several states have passed Draconian laws.

Those BENT on controlling others stop at little.


It may take many long years to shift culture away from its conditioned exaltation to Mars Rules = wars, warfare, and soldiering; but meanwhile, a ban on ASSAULT weapons sounds like a very good idea to many of us.

Kids like Dylan Roof would probably not be able to obtain that sort of weapon on any black market. When these weapons are easily gotten, they will be more easily gotten, i.e. it’s axiomatic. Therefore, make them HARDER to get!


This is the NRA’S favorite argument. And I think it’s acceptable if the weapon is a pistol at home.

However, using this argument to justify assault weapons is pretty terrifying.

Why would YOU take that stance?

If you think it’s some patriotic self-defense strategy, you ought to know that the U.S. government has access to weapons we can’t even imagine or envision. They’ll make that assault weapon melt in your hands…


Well said.


If the slaughter of twenty children at Sandy Hook Elementary could not effect a ban on military-style assault weapons, then surely forty-nine shot to death in a gay nightclub will not further the argument for gun control.
But would change be more likely if the NRA’s Board Of Directors and its President were the victims of gun violence at one of their annual meetings ? And what if the shooter was someone denied a weapons purchase due to his criminal background, and then proceeded to acquire a weapon on the black market, which he then used to kill random NRA members, all because he was denied a legal weapon ? Desperate times call for desperate measures. What a dark thought …


The ethical and law-biding Left get murdered by the fanatical, religious and unethical Right; while the Police State referees. Great plan! Where have we seen this gov’t idea before? :-[ :-[ :-[


Tell that to all the good Capitalist Christian Conservatives in America. I’m sure they’re all guns and ears.:wink: