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'Make America 36th Out of 41 Developed Nations Again': Social Justice Index of Developed Nations Puts US Near Bottom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/05/make-america-36th-out-41-developed-nations-again-social-justice-index-developed


Once the USA is 41st out of 41st Trumps mission to “Make America Great again” will have been achieved.

On the other hand , just as is the case with any billionaire , too much is never enough and he may want to work on passing the Countries from 42nd to 180th place. I guess that one way to stop all those “Illegal migrants from shit hole Countries” tying to come to the USA.


Yup, pretty much what I had to say. We continue in the wrong direction.


usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
We’re #36! We’re #36! We’re #36! We’re #36! We’re #36!


And in other nauseating news entirely off-topic:. john kerry endorses biden for prez. one shallow putts kisses the others ass to serve the DINO status quo and clinton/obama centrist third-way con - how predictable for the stuffed-shirt looser kerry.

Kerry’s comment: “The former secretary of state under Obama said Biden’s ‘decency and the experiences that he brings to the table are critical to the moment’” is absolute BS!

Bernie has more integrity in his little finger than both kerry and biden in their entire beings! Neither are worth Bernie’s spit!

Bernie Sanders, the true People’s President!


thanks for adding to our general joy!

God I so proud to be an meri-can

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You know, just because we are a fascist nation doesn’t mean we have to be poor, stupid and cruel as well.
Those are just little gifts we gave to ourselves.
Back in the 1980’s Hunter S Thompson once said that America was “a nation of 220 million used car salesmen, with enough money to buy all the guns we want and no problem shooting anyone that makes us feel uncomfortable.”
We live up to that mantra nearly every day now.


Hunter S Thompson had a pretty good read on that. Morris Berman made many of the same observations in “The Decline of The American Empire” where he suggested they a nation of hustlers always working the next con.

Alex deTocqueville of France noted much the same when he wrote “As one digs deeper into the national character of the Americans, one sees that they have sought the value of everything in this world only in the answer to this single question: how much money will it bring in?”


Look out, Bulgaria and Mexico! We will beat you. You better watch out, you Turks and Romanians! Our race to the bottom is just getting started!


What can one say…I suspected as much? Told ya so? Condolences?
The richest most powerful nation on the earth has been raiding its own citizens for decades under free trade deregulated capitalism…

Pehaps America never was great…just greedy? So sad for the innocent many.


Likely all true, but I’ve come to suspect that if there’s one thing most privileged Americans are leery of, its integrity. Bernie has that in spades, and it will likely hurt him. More’s the pity.


Anybody have any idea what the ratings have been for the last…oh say since Reagan? I keep thinking it’s been pretty bottom of the barrel low number for a very long time…but that might be just my imagination. Or not. Lily Tomlin and George Carlin always seem to come to mind when I read stuff like this…



The 5 countries that we lead are really considered “highly developed nations”? Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey & Chile? I even doubt that we should be on that list anymore.


On the eve of Reagan’s presidency, we we were the undisputed #1 (by far) in most measures of prosperity & well-being & have been declining ever since, with 1 nation after another passing us.


Actually, it is why Bernie has as much solid support as he does no matter how the politicocorporate establishment disparages him. People know that he truly stands behind what he says, making him the most highly trusted politician in America. Now, if you want to say that his integrity is why he is a marked man by the powers that be, then I’d have to agree with you.


The problem with this article and this study is that it’s not an objective one. Unlike the Economic Freedom Index, this one reviews “social justice” concepts, which are highly subjective and can also be biased by political persuasion. For example, a country might have equal pay for equal work laws, and this study would rate them highly. But such a policy is highly controversial and there are a myriad of logical reasons why it’s not good policy. The EFI rankings are far more useful. And interestingly, I think the US has been dropping in that one too and some of the Scandinavian countries are rated quite highly, showing that they’re still capitalist nations, not socialist.

Most Americans have never lived in or traveled for extended periods of time outside the USA, so they have nothing to compare it to.
What I’ve noticed in Europe is that nearly 100% of the people are multi-lingual.
I also noticed that I didn’t need to use cars, airplanes and other pollution machines. I could get on the train and access all parts of Europe within a few hours.
Another great thing is that pedestrians and bicyclists are given priority in several European countries. In the USA, we’re speed bumps.
The prideful, redneck, belligerent, swaggering, gun-loving, gestation slavery, sky-father Jesus humpers who are everywhere seen in the USA aren’t seen in Europe.
When I got sick in Europe, even as an illegal immigrant, I got better health care than I could have gotten in the USA, for free.
Overall, America is Idiocracy–a feckless, decadent, spoiled, drugged, addicted, violent dying Empire.


Hard to look in the mirror and see what you see. I would ask you to distinguish the quiet Americans working long hours walking to their varied modes of transportation with their heads down from the dusty drivers in their customized-for-coal-rolling (black exhaust-spewing) trucks with monster tread tires extended beyond their black fenders into adjoining traffic lanes, who collect more guns, dogs and yard-art per capita than most island nations.

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