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Make America, America again

Make America, America again

Joan Chittister

There's a pall hanging over the country these days. And it's everywhere.

It colors every news article, of course.

But, it's not only the news that's been tainted by the non-majority election of a president and the appointment of an "alt-right" cabinet. It's on the comedy shows, too — an even more serious blow to the national psyche. Without comedy that has something more to laugh at than simply ridicule what is, where can the soul go to breathe again?


Although I concur with Sister Joan’s viewpoint, the Herbert Hoover quote, rather than being germane to the article, confirms that Hoover was unfit to be POTUS despite his previous success as an engineer, financier and Commerce Secretary.

Is she implying that Trump is somehow a “common man” ?

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Two thoughts:

First, this country’s leaders–both R and D–constantly tout the concept of America as a meritocracy. A place where, if you work hard, you can achieve economic success, no matter your background. But it doesn’t take a genius to note that our meritocracy has been funneling wealth upward and squeezing everyone else for three decades or so. The R-Party actually views this as a good thing, the D-Party is no slouch when it comes to helping institute policies that allow it to happen. Welfare reform, mass imprisonment, mindless free trade deals, slow-walking increases in the minimum wage, catfood commissions promoting austerity: D-Party fingerprints are all over these working class slapdowns.

So who should activists support? The party that pretends to fight for average Americans while they court corporate sponsorship? Sorry. No more LOTE voting for me. Tried it. Not working.

Second, hope is a tricky conceit. While I’d never advocate sitting down and feeling hopeless, I would advise my fellow liberals to strongly consider the supposed wisdom of putting hope in efforts to reform the D-Party from within. The duopoly listens to power, period. If you keep holding your nose and handing your power to those who serve their corporate masters, you’re aiding and abetting your political enemies. That is truly hopeless, and years of watching the D-Party drift rightward proves it.

So follow Sister Joan’s suggestion. Rise up. Resist. But don’t be so unimaginative or cowardly that you won’t back up your threats to hold feet to the fire. Because empty threats enable business as usual.

Shut down Enbridge Line 5!


She calls out the good news. "Rise up, resist, get on with it!

You better believe it!

This isn’t their America, it is ours! We are not prey for the sake of profit alone… we are people - Americans! We want the America that we love. The help your neighbor America! The anti-war America! Yeah that is us too, that anti-war America! The ‘we can change the corrupt’ America! The we can cut the military budget and increase the social services budget America! That non racial, non hate, welcoming America. That is us too!

The hypocritical bastards are so corrupt and so greedy that they would make a pyramid (metaphor intended) of us with them at the top in obscene luxury (low tax rates) with all of us below them in increasing difficulty at making a good life going all the way down to sheer misery and want, hunger and ignorance, all for near slave wages! Hunger is not just a state of mind! Not having access to health care is not a state of mind.
They have almost convinced us that a better America is not even possible! Trump woke up a lot of people though and now they realize how bad it can be if we let it get that way. We want that better America. One that is a positive force in the world instead of being mainly only an economic/military force!

Sister Joan says it plain!

Rise up,


Like never before Our America is awake, aware and angry at what is being done to the America we all want! In a real democracy the people choose what kind of America they want not the government. With the catastrophe of drastic climate change looming over us, Trump and the greedy deniers are literally killing us. We have no choice but to stop them and all like them otherwise there will be no future much less a better future.

“So let’s get on with it!”


An excellent article! She makes points that others, including me, have been making for decades. Hopefully this may be a time of awakening.

  • Remember, when the dream is dead, all that is left are the nightmares.

Excellent and thought-provoking piece! She is right, we must not let the horror show, the slow-motion train wreck that characterizes our national political discourse, cause us to abandon our
struggle for what is right, and what is the best part of ourselves.

We simply must stop sniping and throwing stones at one another! Don’t like the Democratic Party?
Join it and force it to change! Right now, and for at least the next few years, it is the most likely vehicle that we have to turn this thing around, or at least slow it down.

We must get over the anger and frustration of the 2016 campaign. It is over. It is history. Now is now. We need to heal our wounds, forget and forgive our disappointments, and quit letting ourselves be distracted to the point of paralysis by the daily revelations of a national insanity.

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Sister Joan provides a fine exhortation, and I always enjoy a Dorothy Day quote.

While Dorothy Day was a civic and political activist all of her life, and she supported women’s suffrage --women were finally permitted to vote in national elections in 1920, when she was 23-- she didn’t ever register to vote, hence she never voted.

Such disengagement from voting can be admired, particularly in her case. No serious concern for D or R.

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Don’t know if you’d noticed the incredibly high number of people who voted in November 2016 but left the presidential part of their ballot blank. At first, some states thought it was a glitch in their machinery:

But it turns out there are lots of ways to vote that D-Party apologists don’t take into account when they tell liberals they have no where else to go.

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“The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

George Carlin