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Make America Greta Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/30/make-america-greta-again

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Greta’s message, which is a direct challenge to capitalism & to the legitimacy of the ruling elites, was gaining traction.

And that’s why Pelosi suddenly started calling for impeachment.

She is yelling ‘SQUIRREL’ at the top of her lungs, & pointing the direction opposite of Greta.

Liberals & Dems are falling for it, of course.

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I like Tom. His most insightful part of his article though was how he once again wrote about the absence of debate about our most crucial crisis by the MSM. Yet so many Americans (and other people as well) believe we have a ‘Liberal media’. Last night at a family get together, I made a statement that “all American mainstream media is right wing” only to have one of my cousins reply… “What about CNN?”. I then began to explain that any network that doesn’t promote social equity and justice is ‘right wing’. Everyone felt that my explanations were complicated. Deconstructing the MSM and their adherence to the Great Western Narrative is difficult to do in three sentences or less, but my family gave me time to explain. I doubt that my efforts to convince anyone that our MSM is fuelled by corporate money and that corporations would never fund a left wing agenda gained any traction amongst my family members as they all left at some point thinking that their looney cousin is up to his old ‘conspiracy theories’ again.
Our media has done an excellent job of manipulating the public as constant declarations of a ‘liberal media’ is on the lips of most Americans. Right wing propaganda is the heart and soul of all of our media, yet no one can see the trees through the forest. 250,000 (or maybe 60,000?) marching through the streets of America’s largest city may seem encouraging, but the vast majority of Americans viewed them as nothing more than victims of a liberal media. Just like the Iraq war, politicians will ignore the protests and carry on business as usual. Unless we can teach the 99% to critically analyze and dissect our chief source of mainstream propaganda soon, an informed public will never materialize in time to save the planet.

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Here Chomsky explains at least some of why your family members believe what they believe. Notice Chomsky’s age:


“Where, though, were the Chinese demonstrators in a country that now releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than any other, though the U.S. remains by far the largest emitter in history?”

Well, Chinese demonstrations save for ones proclaiming undying love for president-for-life Xi, are against the law. But I am getting tired of this “China is the biggest emitter” - without pointing out it also has 4.6 times more population - and that what really matters is per-capita emissions. So more accurately, Chinese poeple on average emit only 22 percent of an average USAn.