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'Make America Grim Again': With Only 14% Very Happy, Americans Haven't Been This Sad Overall Since Nixon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/make-america-grim-again-only-14-very-happy-americans-havent-been-sad-overall-nixon


What amazes me is how 42% of those polled really believe their kids will have a better life than them.


So, folks are just waking up to the nightmare that is the United States? Better late than never.


I think that may be a constant among every generation of parents, ever. We have all, at one time or another, convinced ourselves that our kids just have to do better than us. And by in large, that was true until the 1980s. But the advent of American fascism brought in by Nixon and Reagan has changed the entire American family dynamic. The last two American generations have done worse than their parents and their grandparents. I see nothing happening right now that will change that trajectory in the next generation.


What an arbitrary measurement. I’m sure Gary Greenway was just as happy as a clam when he was strangling prostitutes. And I’m quite sure that John Gacy smiled ever time he buried a young man under his porch.
Happiness to one person can literally be murder to another.


This article does not even factor in what Common Dreams just wrote about:
“As CO2 Levels Build Up Like ‘Trash in a Landfill,’ Earth Has Hottest May on Record”

“This is unquestionably an alarming sign.”

by Andrea Germanos

Humans are now facing (as Bernie Sanders used to say repeatedly) an “existential crisis” ----one that may render the planet uninhabitable.

The level of extinctions, ecosystems collapsing, arctic in massive meltdown, Siberia on fire . . . . happy? Are you kidding me?

Maybe if you are temporarily blind due to being in love and hormones. . .it is now coming down to finding moments of joy/beauty and some sort of inner peace now and then. Catch them while you can . . … savor them.

If one has any sense of connection to nonhuman life forms, what is happening around us is devastating.

If you can understand facts, data, science the future looks bleak.

Additionally, I believe most are in a perpetual state of PTSD. There is crisis upon crisis that we do not have time to process and heal from.

Remember the Australian wildfires? The fires in California? The massive floods in the east? What happened to the Koalas and the flying foxes? We don’t even hear about that any more. Didn’t over a billion animals perish in Australia?

My friend who lives out west spends several months of the year ready to have her car packed to flee wildfires. She lost her home, her pets to a wildfire----her life will never be the same.

I live in an area that floods regularly so summers can be hell(sandbags at the ready) ----- this was not the case during my childhood. It is due to AGW.

The trees where I live are dying, the lakes have invasive species, bird populations are plummeting and I could go on and on . . . .

“Happy”? I almost find that question offensive at this point.

Those that do not feel intense grief on a regular basis due to the killing (by humans) of life forms on earth are completely disconnected from the natural world. I would rather feel the grief . . than be oblivious to the human induced suffering inflicted on so many innocent creatures. I would rather be connected to the soil, water, air, night sky, all nonhuman life forms that inhabit this planet than be ignorant.

Lastly, I believe our brains change with all of this constant stress:

*"Trauma can alter the function of your brain during the event and result in lasting changes.*h-ttps://thebestbrainpossible.com/trauma-impairs-brain-memory/


When these creeps are out it will be like a dark cloud has been lifted from our eyes.

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No, it definitely will change. Lust for money is the problem, when the concentration of wealth starts threatening the whole planet it will, like a organism, cure itself


Then, people, for starters, get out there and vote out the source (one of them) of your unhappiness-Trump. Vote him out!!!
If you don’t vote him out, who will? We don’t want this train wreck as president for four more years, do we?

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Our brains are being changed, just like the brain of an abused child is damaged by cortisol overdose. Once we lose empathy and compassion, as well as the knowledge of interdependence, we’re bound to be sad as well as violent. Unfortunately, the US culture is based on the death and abuse of all other living beings, prides itself on being selfish, greedy, and hyper-individualistic, blaming others for not being able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The base of the belief that our children will have a better life than us is that they’ll have the moral discipline to do whatever it takes to be successful. it if means betraying a friend or polluting a water supply, so be it.
Now we’re seeing that that doesn’t lead to happiness or a feeling of well-being. Helping others, meaning all beings, does make us feel happy. We’re being told it’s time to get off the consumption machine(the Wheel of Dharma, if you will), and connect with others. To play. To look around. And to realize we truly can’t take it with us, but the best legacy is being remembered for our kindness and compassion.


Keep in mind that 42% would include people whose lives are so miserable now that they can’t imagine things being even worse for the next generation and also includes older people whose children are already adults doing better than they did (but whose grandchildren will be the ones bearing the brunt of climate change, crashing economies, and global diseases).


I love this post—all of it---- especially what I quoted above
and this below:

Covid (and the sixth exinction/AGW) is bringing to the fore what you say below about u.s. culture:

Thank you for bringing up the importance of interdependence---- as Robin Wall Kimmerer writes: “sustain the ones who sustain you”.

From her book Braiding Sweetgrass Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants:

“Know the ways of the ones who take care of you, so that you may take care of them.
Introduce yourself. Be accountable as the one who comes asking for life. Ask permission before taking. Abide by the answer.
Never take the first. Never take the last. Take only what you need.
Take only that which is given.
Never take more than half. Leave some for others. Harvest in a way that minimizes harm.
Use it respectfully. Never waste what you have taken. Share.
Give thanks for what you have been given.
Give a gift, in reciprocity for what you have taken.
Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last forever.”
― Robin Wall Kimmerer,


Based on the fact that the best we have to hope for is a Biden presidency - I know with absolute certainty my child will not have a better quality of life than me.

If things continue on their current trajectory, twenty or so years down the road when one of our psychopathic overlords opens up a “voluntary self-euthanasia center” - not unlike the one in that not-so-science-fiction movie, soylent green - it will be more popular than Disney World.


The course of the Floyd Rebellion has me not so worried about that twerp from Delaware anymore. It’s entirely appropriate that Biden is the epitome of “I’ll never defund the police, are you kidding?” because the street is moving things now, not the leaders. It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen anything resembling humanity from any of these so-called leaders, they’re rendering themselves irrelevant prior to taking oaths of office this time.

The fight goes on and on, until they get it. And they won’t get it for awhile. There’s a burgeoning spirit of “Okay, it won’t be easy, but we can do this, in fact we’re winning!” which has me as happy and optimistic as ever in my life. Count me among the 14% who are “very happy”, despite it all.

Hopefully we can grab some quiet time to appreciate the qualities of living, along the way.


Just like in Soylent Green ( or Logan’s Run)
It will be voluntary, until it’s mandatory


Case in point: our leaders.

Republican politicians and jurists = sadness for 99.9% of Americans (including those who voted for them).

Yes, this is very true.

I think children’s minds are often in a very good state for learning and growing, Sometimes its almost an ideal open state.

If they have loving parents in those first few years of life, that counts for a lot. If the only examples they see are examples of extreme greed, or violence on TV, even, they are pretty bad examples. And that beautifully creative period of life is wasted.
I really fear for whats going to happen when we first develop AI “children” What kind of “parents” are we going to be to them?

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Of course, 14% is also wa-a-ay smaller the percentage of Americans that are at any given moment medicated past judgment.

We’re going to have reason to feel nostalgic for Dick Nixon pretty soon.


Caroline, you speak my heart, my mind, my soul, my experience.