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Make America Less Smart Again! We Know Words! Obama Is A Joke! Sad!


Make America Less Smart Again! We Know Words! Obama Is A Joke! Sad!

Oh man. We can't even. So Obama gave a commencement speech at Rutgers where he praised "facts, evidence, reason, logic" and argued that, "In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue." Then Drumpf, a self-proclaimed "like, a really smart person,” said such remarks are why Obama "is the worst president in U.S. history!" because, duh, dumb is great! We miss Vonnegut, Orwell, Ivins, those masters of surrealism. Sad!


For those who do not know who George Orwell was, or the importance of his work, they really do not understand, or care, that we are living in that most unfortunate world, where truth is falsehood, war is peace, and ignorance is wisdom (please excuse my paraphrase).


"Libety" and Tranny! becasue, one cannot have freedom and "libety" if the tranny in their big 8-liter power-stroke diesel pickup truck (the kind with the 10-inch exhaust pipes and deafening sound levels) craps out....


I'm not supporting Trump here, but.... come on. How ironic is it that Obomber derides ignorance, which he depends on! If the electorate was not so ignorant they would be running screaming from the disaster of the Clinton/Obomber neo-liberal hell. Sure, maybe 15% think he's a Muslim, as if that's bad, yet all? supporters have no idea of the hell he raises around the world via the military, what horrible damage the trade deals will do/have done, how he's 100% sold out to Wall St, how neo-liberal programs have created the 'New Jim Crow', how institutionalized racism is worse under Obama. "Science is real..." huh? So when are we going to take a stand and get moving on fighting global warming where he has done worse than nothing? When the last of the New Deal falls, it will be a neo-lib like Obomber that does it. "Lesser-evil" is the worse evil in the long run...

For all this Trump-bashing, we better keep our heads on straight, and not lose focus on fighting neo-liberal agendas, and the ignorance THEY depend on.

The younger generation, however, does seem to remember how Obomber sold them out. Also, they seem to be better educated, thanks perhaps to their lack of reliance on the MSM propaganda. And speaking of young people, let's look at how Obomber derides them in the very same commencement speech mentioned in this article. Reading from this article: "Obama blames younger voters for his failures":

"Now, the reason some of these things have not happened... is because young people don't vote"

"For a twice-elected president who came to power with a
Democratic-controlled House and Democratic-controlled super majority in
the Senate, this is quite a statement. Furthermore, both Obama and the
Democratic members of Congress came to power in the wake of financial
crisis that saw that economic elite in a historically weak negotiating
Not only did President Obama not seek to press his historic advantage
with Wall Street and other elites to push for policies that would
reduce inequality when he had the chance—he appointed Wall Street and
corporate-friendly people to advise and serve in leadership roles in his
administration, such as Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, and Larry Summers.
Those appointments are not the acts of someone looking to make
substantive change.
In one instance, Obama even reportedly told Wall Street executives that he was the only thing standing between them and “the pitchforks.” Those pitchforks
would have meant tough regulations on business and wealth
redistribution programs—the only things that would actually reduce
economic inequality."


Why can't we address the actual point before we make fun of the grammar and spelling?


because for liberals, pointing out how stupid everyone else is is about the last argument they have left in their arsenal.
I like Abby some days, but her classist slip is showing. Again.


I liked the "ignorance is not a virtue" message.


Looks like all that mandated, expensive (to school districts) standardized testing has NOT been effective...costs that take away from limited public school funds and reduce teacher-student teaching-learning time thus undermining the entire learning process. The explosion of rampant standardized testing is a direct result of No Child Left Behind (GWB) and Race to the Top (Obama's version)...profits to be made off our children and the parents regardless of the cost to their emotional and psychological well-being. Teachers are leaving the profession in droves due to testing scores being tied to their salaries in addition to the ungodly amount of stress they endure, especially in poverty neighborhood schools. And the spelling on that sign is a direct reflection of the abysmal outcome of reduced teacher-student time!