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Make America More Like New Zealand, Costa Rica and Ethiopia


Make America More Like New Zealand, Costa Rica and Ethiopia

Stephen Kinzer

FOR DECADES, AMERICANS have accepted rule by a mendacious and meretricious elite. Today we have reason to believe that our situation is worse than ever. Our president is a hate-mongering bully who promotes foreign wars, the destruction of our natural environment, the further enrichment of the rich, and the impoverishment of everyone else. Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress are cynical money-grubbers who grovel before corporate power. The Supreme Court twists the Constitution to promote the most anti-democratic forces in our society.


Once Republicans and Democrats are eliminated from our political system, America will then have an opportunity to see governance without corruption.


Good for these countries, especially Ethiopia, they deserve it with all that their citizens have had to put up with through the years. Shows how far we have fallen, that we need to look up to them.


Have to take exception to New Zealand. Just read the article about how it (along with 10 other countries) just signed the ‘revised’ corporate friendly TPP deal. Corporates are eating up the world - country borders, country governments, country leaders no longer matter. With the trade deal, the universal medical coverage and other ‘common goods’ will be privatised within the year. No doubt about it.


Here the problem. if any of those Countries start doing TOO well, the US Government will determine they support terrorists or are dicatorships and the NED , CIA or US Military will be sent in to bring them “freedom and liberty”.