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Make America Safe Again


Make America Safe Again

Bob Burnett

Through six months of Donald Trump the progressive resistance has been united by opposition to his policies. The good news is that we have stopped his legislative program. The bad news is that most Americans don't understand what progressives stand for, other than opposing Trump. Now's the time to bring forward an agenda that emphasizes


Mr. Burnett, When will you begin to understand that that the Democratic Party Establishment will only give lip service to “progressives”, then pivot directly back to their deep pocket donors?

I stuck with the Democrats for over 30 years.

No more, for me.

We need a party that has been established by progressives, and has never deviated from a progressive platform.


Mr. Burnett, your advice is sound! Keep it simple. State basic goals. Most Americans respond much better if you keep your message “short and sweet”.I’m not saying it should be that way. It is just a fact.