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Make Corporate Landlords Pay the Bills During the Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/18/make-corporate-landlords-pay-bills-during-pandemic

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Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse, Pay Or Perish.

Like it or not, the People hold their livelihoods in their hands.

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I wonder if Jared and company have considered what happens when a Iarge segment of the population of the nation is suddenly homeless? There won’t be enough poIice in any city to handle that. It wiII aIso make cities a difficult pIace to Iive for everyone—no matter the popuIation. As we saw nationwide how overrun the hospitals were with Covid---- the next big popuIation won’t necessairIy be as passive as the sick peopIe were-----but probabIy a whole Iot more angry.


It looks like you’re ignoring the smaller landlords. For example, when I rented a house to someone, it was the only house I own. My job required me to be elsewhere for several months.

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Wall Street corporations have been bailed out again by the Fed, while the people who cannot pay their rent or mortgages to these corporations get evicted again. This is truly an unjust system.

If i had to make a choice, i’d prefer the banks get stuck with the unpaid mortgages/loans, rather than the building owners, but the only solution to help everyone, is to pay the renters/homeowners. Pay all the consumers all the bailout money, let them buy locally produced foods, computers, internet, education, child care, plumbers, carpenters, and pay their landlords, who can pay the banks, who can finance new business, and then the same dollars will save us all. Giving those dollars to corporate interests subsidizes the top of the economic chain while mindlessly overlooking the rest of us, even though it is our money being tossed around.