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Make Deal Not War!: Obama’s, and Washington’s, Absurd Choice of a Nuclear Deal or War on Iran


Make Deal Not War!: Obama’s, and Washington’s, Absurd Choice of a Nuclear Deal or War on Iran

Dave Lindorff

I don’t know which is worse: President Obama asserting, in defense of the nuclear deal he and his Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated with Iran, that “The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and some form of war, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon,” or the fact that most Americans, and most American pundits, seem to accept that limited choice of options as a given.


The PROPAGANDA AGAINST the deal with Iran has been overwhelming in its IGNORANCE, FEAR-MONGERING & OUTRIGHT LIES. Lindorf calls it true! If you want to ehar more from an actual expert on Iran: hear U OF MN PROF. WM. BEEMAN—has traveled to lived in & studied Iran for over 40 years) on Aug.7 edition of CATALYST at kfai (dot) org


Decent article with the exception of this: “Blame/Indict/castigate ‘The People’ style” talking point:

“It is taken seriously, though, because that is the Cro-Magnon level of thought of the average American and of the craven politicians – like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – who take the poison shekels of the pro-Israel lobby.”

If human beings were born all-sentient there would be no need for spiritual guides, teachers, or a mass media.

Instead of looking to the roots of how it is that a percentage of citizens responds in kneejerk Neanderthal fashion to the false framing of Iran as dangerous nation, blame is instead readily assigned.

Fundamentalist religion–be it Judaism, Christianity, or Islam is what’s holding back the expansion of consciousness on this planet. Coupled with so much violent instability, team sports verbiage, and general antipathy between tribes, too many religious leaders push an “us versus them” idiom.

Instead of majority religions’ leaders pressing for tolerance among the earth’s varied peoples, too many are onboard with the Holy War mission.

Tainted religious figures teaching young impressionable children that only their tribe is chosen or saved by Jesus or on the side of God and the angels, and a mass media constantly presenting false storylines about current events and no wonder that so many (usually in the ballpark of about 50%–the same percentage that didn’t see a problem with the Mass Surveillance State due to their own pro-authority, obedience conditioning) can’t see past the latest False Narrative.

I think the more important issue is why it is that a media that is guilty of war crimes for acting as co-conspirator in furthering pre-planned wars of choice–crimes against humanity–and holding up false evidence all the way both then and now is not the key target.

Next up, after the APA finally admonishing its own members for agreeing to monitor and guide torture programs when the key covenant in any mental or physical health profession is to “first harm none,” there should be a similar condemnation of ANY religious authority who pushes hatred, a call TO war, or false endorsement of God by insisting that human beings have a moral obligation to wipe out another people. THAT is a gross lie and inversion of Spiritual Truth.

When a society’s chief leaders pursue dark ends…
And when that same society’s media lies 99% of the time (when not presenting false narratives)…
And when that society’s religious cum spiritual leaders PUSH cases for war…
And some would add that the compulsory education system has also become corrupted (due to so much control and overseeing by conservative corporations selling tests and education As Product)…

Then it’s irresponsible to say that citizens are dummies.

Citizens, throughout their lifetimes, are beings designed for learning. Those who hold positions of authority and TAINT what is taught or presented as true and real are FAR more responsible for the damage in the way of moral, psychological, financial, and ecological fallout.

Those who insist that their fellow citizens are chumps or sheeple show antipathy. Frequently they are the same individuals who then condemn citizens for not joining together in Solidarity. It’s a very strange stance and not productive (in inspiring meaningful change) in the least.

Blame fits the Old Testament and is the language of those who distrust others, those who cannot find common cause with persons of different backgrounds, and those who want to feel superior!


Thank you Lydia, I will go there.


By Obama stating that if the Iran agreement is overturned by two thirds of Congress, war with Iran is inevitable, one does not have to wonder why the war mongers and Israel are chomping at the bit to have the Iran agreement overturned. They want war with Iran! And Obama, it seems to me, has given them a window of opportunity.


Since you are the person here obsessed with determining precisely who is “to blame” for everything, it is inspirational to read that you are aware of your problem: “Blame fits the Old Testament and is the language of those who distrust others, those who cannot find common cause with persons of different backgrounds, and those who want to feel superior!”

i look forward to seeing how you operate here, now that you have confronted your problem of endlessly assigning blame…


He didn’t say Nuclear War, he said “some form of war,” That is what would happen with a Republican President, Congress and SCOTUS supported by conservative Democrats and Zionists.


Is it just me or does Dave look like he’s stoned?


Nah I’m not stoned in that photo. Not that I haven’t done my share of toking, but the truth is, except for my 40th college reunion in 2011, I haven’t really gotten stoned since the end of my freshman year in college. It’s a pic of me playing guitar and singing (I think it was the folksong “The Cuckoo”).

By the say Siouxrose, don’t be so hard on the Neanderthals. I wrote Cro-Magnon deliberately in view of the latest paleontological research suggesting that Neanderthals, whose brains were a lot larger in the area that deals with social relations, and that they were probably a much gentler and socially developed subspecies of human, who were probably slaughtered and exterminated following the arrival of the more aggressive and less socially advanced Cro-Magnons. Our insane world is the result of that sad turn in the darwinian selection process.

Dave Lindorff


I agree with you regarding the Neanderthals. I do think, however, that there must’ve been a lot of intermarriages with our ancestors and in that sense the Neanderthals weren’t really exterminated. Just look at any photo of Picasso - he looks like the typical Neanderthal.


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Afraid I don’t get what the author is yammering about. Obama suggested war as an alternative to the negotiated agreement only as a way to persuade Congress to act responsibly. Certainly it’s hyperbole, but isn’t hyperbole sometimes necessary when you are engaging in debate? Lindorf should reserve his wrath for twits like Shumer (whom he mentions) rather than condemn Obama for trying to persuade ignorant politicians to do the right thing.


Classic Obama. Instead of saying FU to the zionists and neocons in Congress, he caved right away and agreed to give them a vote on it. You’re right, he had no need to do that.


The problem is that the US can initiate a war even if it makes no sense. If Obama posits that as the “only alternative,” it plays into the Netanyaho/Aipac,Neocon worldview, and remember we’re only a year away from a likely neocon president – probably either Bush or Clinton. So if the deal goes down in the Congress, and then a year later we have Clinton or Bush or another of these crazies, that argument, buzzing around all year, could become self-fulfilling prophesy. If it was just Obama trying to push people, and not really believing his rhetoric, it was both stupid and irresponsible.

Dave Lindorff


Sometimes I wonder if they really want more war, or if they are framing the Fear and Loathing of ISIS to guarantee continued militarization and fat defense budgets.

The whole evolution of ISIS was convenient for Wall Street Defense Contractors and Private Military Contractors who were absolutely opposed to Congress’ sequestration of the defense budget.

They have seized the argument for increasing, not decreasing, military spending. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has stabbed the Kurds in the back by making a deal with Turkey to act as our proxy in the war to topple Syrian President Assad. Looks like the Neocons behind the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) are still pulling the strings from the shadows.


I believe the Executive branch could suspend sanctions, but cannot eliminate them. Eliminating them requires approval of the Senate.


Obama, like all the bipartisaneoconazis, worships war because that is what Wall Street dictates.

Get used to it.

There will be more of it after next year’s “election” unless the US votes against both wing nut factions of the bipartisaneoconazi party.


Let’s cut to the chase–the only reason there is such strong opposition to the nuke deal is because of Jewish money.


If you’ve quit the weed then you’re missing something.


Dave, when I read this yesterday I felt that either I was channeling you or you were channeling me. I wrote several weeks ago that I believed that Iran probably could have had a bomb already if it really wanted one. My comment was in a space restricted letter to the editor and I could not flesh it out as you have, and you did so exactly along the lines I was thinking.

I agree that rejection of this deal will not automatically lead to war, but since coming to that conclusion I have since realized that by continuing to vilify, choke, and bait Iran other developments we have yet to guess will transpire and give the war-mongers the excuses they crave to begin another conflict. Maybe Obama is right about that after all. I am no fan of that duplicitous back-stabber, but after W who would have guessed that any American leader would pursue such a proposal as this?

By the way, it is OK to publicly state that you no longer toke. No sense giving the “keep a tight asshole” tunnel vision conservatives an easy salvo to dismiss your relevant opinion and analysis. Since I have no public position to protect I can only say, with pinched breath - “discorporate.”