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Make Donald Drumpf Again


Make Donald Drumpf Again

Because we thankfully still have comedians doing the work journalists and politicians often fail to do, John Oliver just destroyed The Donald in a blistering diatribe that declares the racist buffoon not just a “litigious serial liar, bullshit artist and baby with evil, smaller fingers,” but the scion of a family whose inglorious name started as "Drumpf," the "sound produced when a morbidly obese pigeon flies into the window of a foreclosed Old Navy.” Make Donald Drumpf Again, and God Bless Oliver.


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Remember that Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at George Bush, apparently the deepest insult available to him to express his utter disgust?

Get your shoes ready, and let's make Donald duck again.


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Thank you for posting this, Cookies. It's really something... and I love the line about him being a classic narcissist and the 11-year old in frozen emotional development.

Good stuff! (In expanding the understand of that segment of the U.S. populace that is salivating over what could be a more kinder, gentler American-stylized Hitler.)


Trump says it himself in the video......."who care's I can do what I want"

that says it all, and if the average american that is for him thinks he is going to make their life great again ,they are in for a rude shock

He is for himself first, everything else is, in his own words, "who cares"


Yes, a truly amazing job by John Oliver. Last night Lawrence O'Donnell recommended it. BTW, O'Donnell opened with a fine segment on the con job that was called Trump University. I think at least a few of the poorly informed will begin falling away from the Drumpf bandwagon.


Oliver is well intentioned, but picking on Trump is too easy.

John, if you want to make a difference in this just slightly pivotal election (and it's not clear to me that you do), then use your considerable talent to take a look at Hillary.

That in my view would be FAR more useful.


I think that even if he wins the GE, he won't take office.

Delicate negotiations with nuclear-armed world leaders?

He doesn't need the aggravation.

He will, at the last minute, either blow off the entire process (because he can) or the "brain" trust of the GOP will find something procedural to see that another charlatan takes office.


John Oliver did not represent Trump in the same way he was criticizing the msm for giving Trump all that free publicity and ad campaigns. Oliver's observations were very Trumplike, only they were used against him and were much more consistent. Genius.