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Make Masks Mandatory in All Public Spaces

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/23/make-masks-mandatory-all-public-spaces

Who would have imagined that our government would want not only many of us to spread this deadly virus to others, but also for many more of us to succumb to it.


Die for your capitalist gods peasant.

Sure, but who enforces that? not the 78 yr old guy at the front door.
I’m in IL and I work PT for Big Orange. Here, the Governor has mandated masks, The Village I live in has mandated masks, and the Big Orange store I work at has a sign on the front door mandating masks. Yesterday I started having customers come up to me - with no masks in sight - asking for help. Twice yesterday and once today I told them “I’ll be happy to help you when you put on a mask” and walked away. One had a mask in his pocket and put it on and I turned and helped him. The others, I just kept walking. I might get fired for it, but Phuck 'em.


Apparently globally they are trying to muzzle the human race. I can barely believe it, as we “open up” suddenly a mask on everyone order comes down. Meanwhile lets only talk about the 100 victims of shootings in Chicago last weekend, black lives matter!

Jay Inslee did the right, if very much belated, thing today by announcing a statewide mandate for everyone in WA to wear masks in public, both indoors and outdoors. Of course there are those who complain their freedoms are being taken away. It is not a freedom to infect others with a virus. It reeks of ignorance and privilege.

You really don’t have to wear a mask unless you are infected-----watch jimmy dore on this----he is pro mandatory masks-----guess that’s why he is a fan of Russia-----but as jimmy reads the words of some expert------it states in one paragraph that you cannot infect people without knowing that you are sick----jimmy got a little confused over this point----but it was one I have not heard before.

The experts say this thing is here and it will not go away until it infects 60 to 70 %----so what we are doing is dragging this thing out--------and as we drag it out the virus is mutating----they now say that more younger people in Florida are getting the virus.

The joke is that the country is filled with zombies----just about everywhere I go people are following the guild lines----a young couple across my street have stayed home since this thing started----they are afraid to go out???

So if you want to wear a mask—wear a mask—but no it should not be mandatory------but then we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE!

How can you make masks mandatory when the President of the US is holding giant rally’s with NO masks and NO social distancing???

The debate about mask wearing is really a distraction from many larger issues raised by the government’s COVID-19 response, but it is important because it is an indicator as to what degree fear can be used to obtain lockstep acceptance of severe restrictions on rights as well as obedience to orders and edicts that have no proven value in saving lives or protecting public health. I suspect the same people now clamoring for mandatory face masks everywhere will soon be promoting mandatory COVID vaccines for everyone (now being developed at “Warp Speed” with billions of taxpayer $$$), even though their safety and efficacy are untested & unproven. Wear a mask where & when you feel it is appropriate, or if it makes you or others feel safer. But don’t support government orders and edicts that impose arbitrary & mandatory medical practices & procedures on everyone. (See “This is why advice on whether you should wear a mask is just so confusing” at sciencealert . com)