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Make Monsanto pay


Make Monsanto pay

Vandana Shiva

Monsanto is in the news again. The Competition Commission of India (CCI), the country’s antitrust regulator, has recently said that it suspects a Monsanto joint venture abused its dominant position as a supplier of genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds in India and has issued an order citing prima facie violation of Sections 3(4) and 4 of the Competition Act, to be investigated by CCI’s director-general.


'Of the 300,000 farmer suicides in India since Monsanto smuggled the Bt gene into India in 1995, 84 per cent, almost 252,000, are directly attributed to Monsanto’s Bt cotton."

So, add that 252,000 to all those who died from Cancers generated by Agent Orange's flagrant spray campaign over Vietnam. There's growing evidence that a Monsanto hybrid is behind the emerging tragic cases of microcephaly in Brazil, too.

This corporation is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity along with its insidious, nakedly corrupt business practices.

And it's precisely entities with the moral failings of Monsanto that will RULE the world if treaties as disastrous as TIPP and TPP manage to squirrel through the channels of the official government agencies involved.

Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of Mother Nature and sentient life, Ms. Shiva. You are one of the most significant voices of our tragic times.

From the article:

"Herbicide tolerance, which goes hand in hand with Monsanto’s Glyphosate based RoundUp herbicide, has failed across the world at controlling weeds, creating super weeds. Glyphosate, classified by the World Health Organisation as a carcinogen, is already being used across India and we are seeing an explosion of cancers in villages where Glyphosate is used."

In functioning Democratic societies, Monsanto would be tried at the Hague for War Crimes and put out of business NOW!


I am sure TPP will eliminate any safeguards that India has against Monsanto.

If not, Mitch McConnel already has a Boehner showing through his legislative suit so hard, his Chinese born wife won't be able to satiate it tonight.
The Pentagon MIC funding for his campaigns will forever be insured, as this would be reason enough to go bomb another nation of Brown skinned people.


There should be an environmental criminal court. Monsanto & many other companies could be prosecuted there. Union Carbide is another company that could be prosecuted along with Exxon, BP, Shell & many other companies. Francois Hollande could go there as well.


This company is the world's foremost corporate sociopath. How can an entity doing this much damage to the world, on this scale, for this long, still be allowed to exist? Even the cigarette companies had to face a reckoning, but Monsanto? It just kills on and on and on.

I mean, take all of the known serial killers in U.S. history combined, from Ted Bundy on down, and their combined death toll is utterly trivial compared to that of Monsanto. If the world somehow makes it through this climate collapse to a long-term future, the reign of Monsanto and its transnational corporate ilk will one day be regarded as akin to the era of Nazism.


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Well said, and sadly true, yet, on the positive the murderers, are being exposed. Corporate amerika is at the end of its rope! Along with the empire monsanto will fall! What a test for the People to rise from the ashes of a failed empire!


Isn't the Prime Minister a right wing neoliberal? Of course he is going to support Monsanto...he probably owns large pieces of stock in the company....(alongl with the Clintons, of course)....farmer's deaths? collateral damage....


When the issue concerns patents, it is a confusing mistake to refer to them as "intellectual property". That term brings in several other laws which are totally different, including copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, publicity rights, controlled geographical product names, and more. These laws are so different that any attemot to generalize about them misleads people. To avoid spreading confusion, please reject the term "intellectual property" and call each law by its own name.

See http://gnu.org/philosophy/not-ipr.html
and http://gnu.org/philosophy/komongistan.html.


Cotton has been a blight on the planet and should be replaced immediately with hemp. Cotton depletes the soil and requires massive doses of pesticides to grow, Industrial Hemp by contrast is environment-friendly and has one thousand and one uses!

Yet another obscenity is continued demonization of one of, or the most, valuable plants of the planet - cannabis in all its iterations! So many industries have conspired with corrupt government to make and keep medicinal, recreational and industrial hemp illegal!




Interesting, the fight in Vermont to label GMO's and what Monsanto does around the world-----Who has connections to Monsanto? Sanders should make this an issue. Good food and water-part of the commons-and a key factor in healthcare.