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'Make No Mistake. People Will Die': Backlash Against 'Relentless War on Medicaid' Waged by Trump

'Make No Mistake. People Will Die': Backlash Against 'Relentless War on Medicaid' Waged by Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Following reporting that the Trump administration is planning an attack on Medicaid by seeking key changes in how the program is financed—changes it wants to make without Congressional approval—Democratic lawmakers and healthcare advocates are warning the proposal means healthcare for millions of Americans will be threatened as states will be forced to "make draconian cuts."

When Steve Bashear was governor of Kentucky, thanks to the program’s financial flexibility—and Bashear stepping back and letting the computer techs create a simple and effective online Medicaid signup—Kentucky’s Medicaid system, KYNECT, was one of the best in the country. (It was up and running well before the complicated national model was!)
Under his successor, however—Matt Bevin, who fancies himself a Trump “Mini-Me”—thousands of Kentuckians are in danger of losing all their coverage. But then, like Mitch McConnell, who also isn’t a native of the Commonwealth, and has no real connection to the land or its people, Bevin doesn’t care how many people die in ditches, so long as he pleases the Orange Shitegibbon.


A point that should never be forgotten, the POS sitting next to Trump in the picture was brought in to kill people. That is literally her job, and as long as she’s there, the ACA and Medicare will never be safe.

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So where is McConnell ( Turtlehead ) from?


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That figures- so he has no interest in this state only money.

Why the surprise? Every single policy of the Trump administration will result in the suffering and deaths of multiple thousands of human beings. His war on the poor - not to be confused with the War on Poverty; his war on our environment; his war on immigrants, on people of color, on Muslims, on the LGBTQ community; and his war on our allies and alliances will be a boon for the funeral services industry.

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Who would even want to live to a “ripe” old age in these times? F that!

Yes, we are all gonna die eventually.

“Make no Mistake”…the federal government is the enemy of the People.