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Make No Mistake: Trump Is Paving the Way For War with Iran


Make No Mistake: Trump Is Paving the Way For War with Iran

William Hartung

President Trump’s decision to violate and withdraw from the Iran anti-nuclear deal is one of the most dangerous foreign policy blunders in recent memory, setting the stage for a war that one analyst has noted could “


This man has no rational thinking powers. People have a chance to put a Democrat majority in the Senate and House of Representatives in November. This is the only way of putting the bone head under control.


Why do you say that? Congress gave up it’s rights to declare war a long time ago. Trump can do whatever he wants. The Democrats saw to that.


With Netanyahu and Stormy on his heels, its time to wag the dog.



What the American people think obviously means nothing. The Dem-Gop carefully crafted divide ensures the system remains as is. The United States of War.


The prelude to war?

Israel accuses Iranians of launching rockets at IDF on Golan Heights


IDF spokesman, Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, told reporters, “This event is not over.”


Trump is Netanyahu’s poodle, and willing accessory.

Netanyahu knows Iran is not an existential threat. If it were he would not want the inspectors pulled out. A priority for him would be staying in the deal, as the best chance there is achieved to date to ensure Iran does not become such a threat.

A great result for Netanyahu would be if Europe and Iran stayed in the deal. That way Trump could impose harsh sanctions on Iran over the real problems Netanyahu has with Iran: supporting the Palestinians, and the development of missile or other weapons technology. What Netanyahu wants is Iran’s commitment to and ability to support the Palestinians and Hezbollah or oppose it in any way, smashed: by sanctions, or or war, regime change, or whatever, done for him, courtesy of Donald Trump. Trump will gain the support of the Israeli lobby, and America can pay the price in blood, treasure, and standing in the world. That would be wonderful with Netanyahu, whatever the cost for the US.

If Iran pulls out of the deal, that would be fine from Netanyahu’s (and therefore Trump’s perspective), as that would give him (Netanyahu) the nefarious ability to push the US into even more devastating sanctions, and get International support for same… If Iran actually did start a nuclear weapons program, then the US could strike Iran for Israel. Without that or a false flag operation (as suggested by Bolton), I believe that the American people would not support a full scale invasion of Iran.


“The imperative now is to head off any Trump administration efforts to prepare the ground for war against Iran and to remind the American public that reneging on the Iran deal is a reckless and unnecessary move . . “

This is correct. Power to “head off” anything this Administration wants to do no longer exists even to the extent it once did. The “opposition” parties — Democrats and the pathetic little minor parties, the Greens, Peace and Freedom, Libertarians et cetera — are not able to get enough membership or gain enough clout to slow down the slide towards war. Probably the only reason Grandmaster Trump hasn’t cut loose and activated his “peace through strength” meme already is there are too many declared “enemies” that they just have to see which one provides the best provocative excuse. Will it be North Korea? Kim Jung-un seems to have backed down and has decided to try to play nice, but we can’t count them out. The president is certainly capable of taunting and insulting him back into active enmity. Will it be Iran? Insisting that Iran, despite lack of an active nuclear weapons developing program, the tossing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal gives them motivation to move back into active development which is what its enemy nations —Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States — want to happen so they will have a bogus reason for flexing their thermonuclear muscles and destroying it.

Or will it be China or Russia? Both heavyweight contender nations have done things recently to get them moved back near the top of the Trump Gang’s enemies list. This is unfortunate. Russia and China have enough nukes to do some damage if they are forced to return atomic fire, unlike twirp countries like Iran and North Korea which Big Don and his Enablers would much prefer to bomb out of existence. One can easily picture him dusting off his hands with smug satisfaction until the blowback radioactive or geopolitical gets there.

In any event, everyday citizens of countries have no say in any of it. We The People have no preventive leverage, nor evidently few if any ideas as to how to get some,

So all we can do, as sorry am option as this is, all that can be done as things are now is to wait it out and hold onto the slim hopes for the best


What will Europe do? Will they do the right thing and stand up to the US? Iran has every right to protect itself and play a role with its neighbors. This is the US trying to start a war-------WHAT HAVE WE BECOME!


Any nation that does not use the dollar in its trade will face threats and invasion from the USA (Wall Street). Iran is one of those nations, as was Libya.


Trump may have let himself be painted into a corner by his warhawk cabinet. US can’t even lasso Taliban on the ground, forget about invading Iran. The alternative, airstrikes, will result in casualties above which will be acceptable by US public, even if US is lucky enough to avoid broader conflict. That will fracture Trump base, which he is relying on to secure 2020 chances. But Iran issue will be eclipsed by the looming economic meltdown in US, no false flags will save them from that one.


AIPAC and Bibi are very pleased with Trump’s actions in this regard.


How a nation uses the dollar is not a cause of anything. If a nation despises the US, they may well wish to limit dollar use. But, that in itself means nothing to the US. Other political issues are what matters.


I like your post except the “looming economic meltdown” seems like an overblown statement. We will certainly have another recession at some point, but something horrific seems unlikely in the near future.


Very true. The US Congress is not made up of two parties, WHEN IT COMES TO WARS, because when it comes to wars, there is only one party: THE CONGRESSIONAL WAR PARTY!


From my perspective, the answer is: THE FOURTH REICH!


I have been posting this and not just recently. Iran has to go. That message has been used since the Iranians overthrew the Shah. They got rid of our dictator and the access to cheap oil.
I have been hearing for a long time that Iran calls us the Great Satan and that they wish the destruction of Israel. Totally ignored is how both have continually called for the overthrow of the Iranian government since they got rid of the Shah. So Iran is suppose to accept that the calls for their overthrow and thus destruction is alright, but their calls are wrong. Oh aren’t they the terrible ones for calling for destruction.
I don’t like the Iranians’ hardliners in government. But then again I don’t like the hardliners in Israel and the US, none of them are decent people. All 3 have more in common than to any of the other people.
Unfortunately the decent people are going to get screwed in all 3 countries as war will come. Just how soon it can be drummed up so that the US population goes along with it is yet to be determined. It took months for Bush. But soon the mushroom clouds over US cities will be heard or some variant to scare people. Just a matter of time until the people bleat yes.


Okay…I admit I haven’t taken the time to examine this issue in any detail.

Someone please share with me what was so good about the Iran deal when Iran is a major player in funding and exporting terrorism. Maybe I missed something.

BTW - It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Iran is indeed the next war to be fought for the benefit of the military/industrial complex. But the actions of the Iranian government have apparently been nothing short of throwing gasoline on the corporatist fire.


So if you guys keeping talking symptoms, the root problem which allows the chicken hawk Bolton and the silly-putty Trump to take us into an Iranian conflict then we are to blame for letting THEM get away with 911 and the fairy tale they fed us and the fact that we accepted the fairy tale! However, if we blow the whistle on the fairy tale then this latest fairy tale that somehow Iran is a threat to USA security will be exposed for the LIE that it is.


Eight months ago the left wing writers braced us for an imminent conflict between Trump and North Korea. It didn’t happen. In fact there is less fireball rhetoric than at any other time during this administration despite the ‘promises’ that war was about to occur.
Now the same writers are telling us that war with Iran is imminent despite no evidence that Iran will try again to restart their alleged desire to acquire nuclear weapons, much less use them. Nor is their any evidence that Trump will bomb Iran even though imbeciles like Bolton and Pompeo claim that war is the only way to truly achieve peace.
The U.S. earns around 90% of its export revenue from the sale of weapons of war. Iran by contrast gets around 90% of its foreign revenue from the sale of oil. Everyone else who is caught somewhere between buying over priced, under performing U.S. weaponry or bargain basement barrels of oil from Iran will surely choose the latter as a trade war may very well develop between Trump’s world and the rest of the planet. The most likely scenario from Trump’s latest supposed foreign policy blunder is that even more defectors will leave the pro U.S. corporate fold for the rational policies of our more culturally and philosophical advanced members of the UN.
Progressives must be careful in predicting imminent doom with every thing Trump does or else risk losing our credibility by making endless flawed predictions. To date Trump has used the military far less than either his Democrat or Republican predecessors. This may change in the near future, but all of us must temper our reflexive nature to deem any Trump move as an obvious sign that war is inevitable.