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Make One More Call To Senators To Stop Fast Track


Make One More Call To Senators To Stop Fast Track

Dave Johnson

The fast track trade promotion authority vote in the Senate is itself being fast tracked. The last time fast track was in front of the Senate, members spent three weeks discussing it. This time the Senate gets just a few days.

The final Senate vote is coming up. Make a few calls and see if we can head this off.


There are three deals and each one is worse than the last, As far as I can tell, the process leading into this is the most deceptive I have ever seen. one of the bills, hopes to globalize services - making huge mistakes which will put Americans into a race to the bottom on wages- it could result in the WTO gaining control by virtue of a service segment being international trade… Another deal, TTIP, tries to “harmonize” block new chemical regulation, despite huge body of evidence that endocrine disrupting chemicals are dangerous. A recent article in The Guardian shows the US trying to to block European regulation of EDCs, despite a huge cost to society, a recent study by the endocrine society says hundreds of billions of dollars a year in europe, the amount in the US is unknown… also TTIP wants to vastly expand fracking and drilling, and resume and lock in irreversibly the export of natural gas, something the US has not done since the 1970s, this could make natural gas and electricity a lot more expensive and hurt affordable housing a great deal. Buildings may suddenly be deemed too expensive to heat and torn down. TISA mandates privatization of a great many public services - everything which is sold in any way ends up having to be sold in a country and the public service part privatized. This is because it relies on GATS (for example Article 1:3) for its definitions of what is a service supplied as an exercise of government authority (not privatized) or a “service” privatized. Virtually all public services fail. Additionally - they are trying to deregulate financial services again, making the same mistake we made in 1999 when, because of WTO rules, we repealed the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, leading to the loss of firewalls between business and banking- and the creation of incredibly complex “products” which - by all accounts was one of the major factors behind the 2008 financial disaster. Now, with TISA we are trying to use trade deals clout to force a number of arguably quite unwise hidden agandas, quietly on the world and the US, without any scrutiny. If this happens we’re likely to learn fast how important transparency is, however, it would be a lot less potentially dangerous for us to make this realizion without a disaster being needed to teach us. For example, wouldnt it have been better if we had stopped the Japanese fleet at pearl harbor instead of allowed them to attack unawares? Millions of lives would have been saved.


Do we really want “fast track” to be voted down? Al this does is prevent the US congress from amending the final deal. But do we really want congress to “amend” - i.e. put a few inconsequential tweaks on this abomination, then pass it?

Better that the option be a complete down-vote of the whole thing altogether. So frankly I dont care if fast track passes. We need to prepare to stop passage altogether - make the politicians know that we will shut down DC and make it unmanageable if they pass it.

Where did the Seattle generation go?


Those few dozen middle-class white kayackers are hardly a replacement for the tens to hundreds of thousands of youth (mostly too poor to afford a kayak) who converged on Seattle, Quebec City, Goteborg, Genova, DC, Davcos; the World Social Forum in Puerto Allegre, Mumbai and other places. One of them was named Naomi Klein, who today lives in a nice condo in Toronto and wags her finger at the youth who engaged in more vigorous, direct-action protest when the G20 came to her home town a few years ago.