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Make the Bad Man Stop: An End to the Bullying Trump Years Can’t Come Soon Enough

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/08/make-bad-man-stop-end-bullying-trump-years-cant-come-soon-enough

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An end to Trump can’t come soon enough.

For all humankind.


Slim Pickens?


Yep. Chalk it up to the pitfalls of self-editing.

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For me, Trump’s latest grift bring to mind a memorable scene from “Good Fellas”.

“Fuck you! Pay me.”


Yes, Trump bad. But the writer suffers from believing that Biden and the Dems are much better. The faith he places in their ‘competence’ is startling even while it represents the dominant corporate media view.

‘But this isn’t just about frivolous legal actions, ignoring the rule of law, or bending it to whatever suits your personal gain, it’s the long con – continuing to bamboozle the low-information throngs who see him as the man through whom they can channel their racist rage and disappointment with their own lives. It exists only to keep in the limelight a dictator, a glaringly obvious and egregious human being.‘

Get a hold of yourself. Trump is not a dictator. And the way you write about his supporters has a lot to do with why they hate you and the rest of the ‘liberal’ media. (I’m starting to hate you, too.)

How’s the air up in privileged liberal land? Weather says you will experience dense smug for at least another four years.

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So you hate the dems for being repug lite, but love the repugs?
Privileged? welfare? why are you here? try some facts first. I do agree that Biden and such are working the same train as the repugs. cheers.

I don’t love the GOP. Where did you get that? Try some facts, first? Why am I here? I’m here to read and comment on articles and subjects I find important. And my point here is that the writer of this article is part of a broader problem with the two-party rule of this country - in this case, finding (easy) fault with the GOP, lecturing down to GOP voters, and ignoring the corruptions of the Dems. Thinking and writing like is part of why the GOP detests the Dems, and it lets off the hook those Dems who think they do no wrong. This lack of self-reflection is how the Dems came to gas-light their own with Russigate and Impeachment, etc. This is just as awful for the country as so much of what Trump has said and done. These are the facts I’m interested in, and what I feel the writer works hard to ignore. That is why I had such a strong reaction to this article.

My family thinks similarly to you, progressive1 - that because I have problems with elite Dem hackery, as here, that I must love the GOP. Can you understand that I might find them both detestable?

Dems routinely Self criticize not the GOP. People here are here because the media is not liberal. Everyone here realizes Biden is part of the two-party duoploy. Status quo Joe. Nobody here wanted to vote for him. Why the support for any enemy? What liberal media? And if you think there is liberal media that tells more about you. Impeachment could have been foe many reasons, cept the coin is the same. Who would you like to be the ones in charge?

‘Support for the enemy’? When did I say I support the enemy (whoever you think that is)? Now I think there is a ‘Liberal Media’? I put liberal media in quotes to acknowledge what the GOP call the corporate whore media.

With respect, I suggest that you imagine what a country outside of the D/R paradigm might look like, with an expanded field for conversation and solutions, where credence is given to the notion of government actually doing good by the people with their tax dollars on issues such as healthcare, education, transportation and media services (among others,) items that should exist outside of a market-driven profit motive; where the wealthy are taxed appropriately so that the least of us can have a good quality of life. Not all of us are going to be highly educated or invent a good or service that will make us millionaires. It is statistically impossible. But we deserve a life free of excessive worry, too. This is what I’m arguing for - and arguing that the Dems have no interest in.

Who do I want to be in charge? Not the party that sold us out 40 years ago, have lied to us about offering hope and change ever since, and have just recently shows their disdain for progressive values and voters in the last two presidential election cycles. Neither them nor the GOP, please. There is more and better if we only demand it.

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I think we agree. But the disdain for the Progressives should not be included. How can we get this to happen? The system forces will not allow this.