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Make Trump Great Again! (By Taking The Donald Down to Toddler Town)


Make Trump Great Again! (By Taking The Donald Down to Toddler Town)

Frida Berrigan

So far, I’ve dealt with Donald Trump’s bid for the White House as performance art: a clever, full-body, self-marketing scheme in the fashion of actor Joaquin Phoenix restyling himself as a hip hop artist to promote his mockumentary I’m Still Here. You remember that odd media moment from a few years back, right?


Make America Grate Again: Trump 2016!


Trump's candidacy is filling a void created by the GOP and the Democratic Party that is to the right of where the GOP was forty years ago and keeps pushing the GOP further rightward.

Unless you eliminate the void you there will be an endless stream of Trumps lining up to fill it.


Too bad Frida herself doesn't get the meaning of 'everybody's' as in everybody's president. So many people do that 'mine' vote and not the who is best for the country vote.

Frida says in the midst of a excruciatingly tight nomination race between the first real progressive to have a chance to be elected and Hillary (who won't be signing up for a membership in the War Resisters League anytime soon). What is the game about throwing away a vote for the Green Party when you know it could end up helping an autocratic fascist, a theocratic fascist or a war monger (who will very likely take us into an expanding war)?

But while there is still a very good chance to give Bernie the nomination why throw in a naysay now - that you will probably vote for a Green? Why help Hillary win the nomination? The difference between a 'mine' vote and an 'everybody's' vote. Pretending that just talking about you giving the Green Party your vote even though it is during the nomination won't help Hillary is a bitter joke. It encourages some people to not to vote in the primaries and that means less votes for Bernie and that helps the Warrior Queen Hillary win the nomination.

So Frida you go vote Green Party and don't forget to tell us here on a progressive site that you aren't voting for Bernie but for Stein amid this tight fight for the nomination. It is your vote after all...it is your >>> mine, mine mine, right?

Mine...my vote...mine mine mine! And your war too later if Hillary wins.


The best thing, to me, about Trump becoming POTUS is that the Republican party says Trump will destroy their party. What could be better?

Vote for Trump! Vote to destroy the Republican party!


The spoon in this graphic oughtta be silver....because that's what he was born with in his mouth. The 'silver spoon' syndrome is his entire persona!


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I'm sure glad I know you've got a sense of humor 'cause given the pervasive 'politics' by brinksmanship these days its way too close for comfort.


what an insult. i have known many many toddlers, and they were all fun to be with, also cute.
whats happening now is really he spoils of empire- the u.s. not just the republican party gas been a hateful presence on the world stage for 15 years- that ugly face is the face the world sees when they look at us, with our bombs, our drones, our endless wars.


Thank you, Frida, for making an analogy between toddlers who are not heard or listened to, and Donald Trump's arrested emotional development.

You must be a terrific mother. The children destined to "come through you" are getting a wonderful spiritual and political education.


You nailed it! Ergo, Narcissistic Personality Disorder summa cum laude with features of sociopathy.


Well first off - how does voting for Stein in the general election "help" Clinton win the DP primary? Please, do explain ...

But more to the point - you make a few (to understate) unwarranted assumptions - a) that Sanders is "everybody's president" - tell that to the Reps who will vote Rep 2) that your (as in "mine") choice is the best candidate for everybody. Berrigan's "probable" choice is the same as my definite choice - Stein, because I choose to vote for the best candidate ...

That is the problem with our politics - if we all chose on the basis of the best candidate for everybody, everybody would be well served and Stein would be on top ....But using Berrigan's assessment, you are choosing one way to the right of her ...

Please refresh my memory - for whom did you vote in '08 and '12, "everybody's" candidate, by your definition, or the best candidate ....

It's about time that more folks on a "progressive" site started voicing support for the only real progressive in this race ....

Sorry - your "mine, mine, mine" choice is not "mine" ...


And vote for folks like Stein when they grow up (smile) ...


The biggest enemy of Stein not winning is the perception that she "can't" ...

Sanders was in the "can't win" column not that long ago - what changed was that folks decided to pooh-pooh that and support him anyway - that's how it is done ... That's how it could be done for her ...


You are a troll. One last time ...this is a nomination race and Greens keep trying to pull votes away from Bernie for months already. It is a nomination race for democrats and the Green Party is not involved yet people continually play the Green Party card as a spoiler that ultimately hurts Bernie and therefore helps Hillary. Hillary the warhawk! To say you will vote Green Party while it is still only a nomination race is to be a spoiler for Bernie and a shill for the warhawk. Reality!

I am hoping Frida is more perceptive a reader than you and I know that she is more ethical, so she will get the irony of the 'mine vs everybody's reference ( hint...it is a comparison to her 2 year old's language) general issue. A personal wish vote - 'mine' vs a vote for the president for the whole country - everybody's. The reality is that Jill Stein cannot win. To throw away your vote because it is the 'mine' vote is delusional wishful thinking (that would be you) or a symbolic protest vote (her) but Frida knows Jill can't win even if you pretend that she could. I know Frida does not want the warhawk and I thought I'd remind her in this manner ( the one you didn't get)

Went back to your old screen name today? That tells you about honesty btw. Don't be embarrassed, how many screenames are you using? Lol


As I said a hundred times before - i do not care who wins the DP nomination, I am not trying to "pull votes away from Sanders" in the DP primary process - Stein has nothing to do with that ... you still have not explained, nor can you, how pointing out how Stein is better than Sanders hurts him against Clinton ... that assertion is absurd on its face ... only if I claimed that Clinton is better than Sanders would that be so ....

"To say you will vote Green Party while it is still only a nomination race is to be a spoiler for Bernie and a shill for the warhawk." That is not "reality" just more BS which is no more true now than when you said it the last umpty-leven times ....

I hope Frida sticks to her "guns" - that is what I call ethical - My vote for Stein is no more a "mine" than is your vote for Sanders .... and you obviously didn't get the irony when I pointed that out. And her vote for Stein in the election doesn't rule out a vote for Sanders in the primary, if she is a reg Dem .. so your "reminder" is a bit silly ...

Sanders "couldn't win" either until enough folks decided to support him - when enough folks finally get around, if they ever do, to supporting the best candidate, folks like Stein will win ..