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'Make Your Stand': Medicare for All Supporters Ready to Hold Dems to Account


I bought the original book titled “Operation Paperclip” decades ago when it first splashed across the headlines. I had a relative who worked for NASA back in the days when Werhner Von Braun ran the missile program and who knew him. Paperclip became a media issue long after it was not really relevant anymore. The furor that arose when former Nazi scientists and spies as well as police officials were given a free ride ala the ‘needs of the Cold War realities’ was a scandal for most Americans at the time, particularly veterans.

While today’s media makes it seem like it was something of a conspiracy (MK Ultra was discussed in the Village Voice back in the seventies but it wasn’t mainstream by any stretch of the imagination), post war there was hardly an American who didn’t know about Von Braun as it was almost a joke (featured in cartoons no less). Nevertheless serious investigators reminded people of Von Braun’s own culpability in using Jewish slave labor, however that was rarely mentioned in the media as he was now discussed as ‘Our Former Nazi Scientist’!


Don’t say that too loudly and clearly Tank.

The Duopoly will send it’s Death Squads to silence any naysayers.


2018 and 2020 candidates will be defined by this issue.

Are you: Pro, Medicare for All, or
Are you: Con, Medicare for All?

Beware, as there will be many Con Jobs lying through their teeth!


Thank you Anna for your work with the Green Party in the 90’s.

It is apparent you have more ethical and moral standards than the great majority of Americans.

I have grown increasingly cynical about my fellow Americans support of the corporate parties whose main goal is to maintain the destructive Empire that is robbing us all of a Peaceful Planet.

Please continue your enlightenment and work for a better Planet.


$696 Billion to maintain Empire.

Is it worth it?




Were –

Paperclip was an actual operation carried out – not some fable in a book.
And it was being put in play two years before the end of WWII.
200,000 ex-Nazis were brought into the US – used to found the CIA, funneled
into our FBI and other government agencies – and to “hot spots” around the world.
JFK had some very great concerns when he realized that Werhner Von Braun was
heading up the NASA program, including the fact that he wanted to use nuclear fuel.
I would say the doubts about the US Moon Landing prove those concerns to be correct.

You seem to be suggesting that this was a scandal that came and went. Of course, it didn’t.
It is why we have fascist leaders in the US today, it is why we have fascist leaders rising all
over the world today. ALL of these programs have continued on.

MKULTRA was a conspiracy which has never ended if you understand human sex trafficking.
child trafficking, organ trafficking which parallels the same pathways as drug trafficking …;
and it is happening with the assistance of high government officials in the US and around the
world. MKULTRA was not only run in the US… it is run in Australia, and the UK … to name
just a few nations which were corrupted by this program.

Try reading some beyond old news, Were – !!!

MKULTRA is about Mind Control – actually read something about it.

We are still in the same gene pool which gave us the Genocide vs 112 million native peoples
here to steal their land –
and the enslavement of Africans here for 250 years – and another 100 years of Segregation.
And the Civil War which resulted from that protection of slavery.

Now tell me the one about our Constitution and “All are created equal” … !!!


The simplest way is to expand Medicare –
We could begin by lowering the age from 65 to 45 …
We could make sure that all dependent children are covered in the next step - 18 or 21.
We could then in the third step, cover everyone in between. 22 to 44.
Each step could take an average of 3 months – and we should have emergency situations.
People who have problems with their eyes which can lead to blindness and where they are
uncovered for very expensive lenses, for instance…
But it has to be a program based in PREVENTIVE health care, not cures which are fakery.
And we would have to ensure that the programs are not starved for funds.
Nine months into the program, we would have everyone covered.

This isn’t inventing the wheel … every other nation has National Health Care – even Mexico–!!


Americans are now laying out as much money as the very luxurious system in Switzerland costs
their citizens … except that we don’t get the health care.

PLUS we have not only the corrupt involvement of insurance companies adding a huge profit margin,
but also Big Pharma which is pushing drugs making us ill and charging us 10X and 100X and more
for drugs than what citizens of other nations pay for them.

There’s no question – the money is there – and it has long been there.


You haven’t added in the BILLIONS more which pay for our intelligence agencies …
so that they can spy on us 24/7.


No … they will be defined by THIS issue … “Are you a loyal corporate candidate?”

And likely they will be loyal because often their owners have “something on them.”

These are criminals promoting criminals for public office.


Too rude and unnecessarily so to begin with.

Just so you know.


Were –

I’m willing to be considered rude if the pulling back of the curtain has
exposed the very naïve reasoning behind your thinking, including your
push for continued support for the Democratic Party.

Too rude and unnecessarily so to begin with.

Just so you know.


Those who give support to the Duopoly must live with what their decisions enable the Empire to do.

Or, suffer in their ignorance.


Well, I am not funded by Koch or anyone. I think it would be good at least
at the Rep. level to have several permutations of Left from D to
Dem/Socialist. Then, like Parliaments, coalitions could be formed without
everyone having to agree to everything dictated from the top. I suppose
the right could do the same. I realize that the Presidency would be a tough
situation as we are not really set up for more than two parties. I feel
that the top of both parties is so entrenched and frankly wealthy that they
really don’t represent me or many of us.


Here is one permutation. And please sign the petition for Dems to back the People’s Platform.


You definitely weren’t rude, Greewich, just sharing Facts, which he has a Selective Aversion to on these boards.

In my dealings with him he has attempted to Undermine references to “JFK and the Unspeakable- Why He
Died and Why it Matters” as conspiracy theory, for starters.


Howling –

Don’t know how you’re doing with your reading, but somehow I’m getting much less
reading done of actual books – so I have read large parts of fairly recent books but still
have a lot of catching up to do. The internet takes a lot of my reading time.
Don’t own JFK/Unspeakable so I haul it out of the library every now and then … or
catch up when I’m at Barnes & Noble and very much hope that younger readers are
using the library and more current books to understand what has happened to our country.

Of course, I knew Allan Dulles was rotten to the core, but I still find the evils recited in
"The Devil’s Disciple" by David Talbot can still horrify me and I have to go away from the
book for a while.

Dulles also well knew that many Americans weren’t taking the time to do much reading
and often it was of fiction which was hyped in reviews versus non-fiction.

And thank you for your comments. :slight_smile: