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Makers of Nuclear Weapons Only Winners, Warn Critics, as Trump Ditches INF Treaty

Makers of Nuclear Weapons Only Winners, Warn Critics, as Trump Ditches INF Treaty

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With the Trump administration on Friday fulfilling its months-long promise to withdraw from the Cold War-era arms control treaty with Russia—despite warnings that such a move would only win applause from nuclear weapons manufacturers—a group of Democratic lawmakers and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) have unveiled a bill that aims to prevent a nuclear arms race.

So, destroying the EPA isn’t fast enough for this shit-head in eliminating life as we knew (past-tense) it, let’s blow ourselves up. I wanna die fast, faster. This is beyond dumb or stupid, this is CRAZY!!!


Pestilent Chump sez:
“This would be a fantastic thing for Russia and the United States, and would also be great for the world.”

I believe the word you were searching for is actually “phantasmagorical”.
You’re welcome.

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Against the will of the German people the US stationed approx. 80 tactical B61 nuclear bombs on German territory two decades ago. Protesters actually chained themselves to rail road tracks to prevent delivery of the weapons. The protests were futile because German politicians are vassals to the US. Ditching the INF Treaty means great uncertainty for all of Europe:


What a farce! Congress already has that power, It is called the CONSTITUTION! But Bush was correct when he called it irrelevant.


The entertainment/fear/political propaganda will just produce another movie like: “Dr. Strangelove”…and make it all “entertainment”. We really are not the smartest biological beings in this universe.

As witnessed by the current species extinction rate, I suspect that the humanoids will be the last to go. So, if we don’t make the effort to make environment habitable for future generations of humanoids, the flora and fauna that we love will continue to decline and go extinct. Just sayin’…

…We drain the swamp or we’re done, period, paragraph…

Thanks for that link. Very interesting. You are right what you say. Many people protested worldwide against the iraq inasion too.

The right wing continues to gain political power because they have ignored the
will of the people for the last 50 years – with the help of hack-able computer voting
which only produces lies based on 1% and even 0% of the vote where winners and
losers are called. Before the computers, winners and losers could only be called
based on actual votes tallied.
See: Votescam – The Stealing of America/YouTube

This goes back to the Cold War … made laughable by JFK?

Many opinions that the purpose of the Cold War for US, Russia and Elites in many
other countries was to work on “alien presence” while citizens were given something
to encourage greater FEAR - atomic bombs.

Mockingbird and FEAR –

It’s getting serious now.

Fear runs the planet.
Fear …False Evidence Appearing Real …

No one wins ,as there are no others that can lose.
There is only us, just one team on the pitch . The other team is not real ,its every thought that ignores our oneness ,every idea that seperates us ,every action which announces that we are not united.The other team is not real ,yet we have made it so as part of our collective reality.

Humanitys Team

This is insane. So the President can break a treaty and chances are the Supreme Court won’t step in.
“Presently, there is no official Supreme Court ruling on whether the President has the power to break a treaty without the approval of Congress, and the courts also declined to interfere when President George W. Bush unilaterally withdrew the United States from the ABM Treaty in 2002, six months after giving the required notice of intent.[10]

Two minutes till’ midnight folks, according to the Doomsday Clock. I guess it’s time to start practicing to put our head between our knees and kissing our ass goodbye.

I swear, this son-of-a-bitch just does things to get lots of attention. Egotistical maniac is the medical description I think.