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'Makes Me Puke': Analysis Shows Trump Covid-19 Treatment Would Cost Regular Folks $100K

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/makes-me-puke-analysis-shows-trump-covid-19-treatment-would-cost-regular-folks-100k

Take the $100K out on his hide.


He deserves all he gets ,he’s a winner in the game of Life.

To the Victor’s go the spoils .That’s the way these guys believe life really is . Its myths lived as reality .

That’s where the real work must be done .

Change the story to change the future .


Trump is a trust fund baby, freeloader, robber, draft-dodger, tax dodger, bankruptcy king, daughter-humper, fraudster and traitor.
This article fails to make clear that the treatment he got is not even available at any price to regular Americans, because he got experimental drugs that aren’t FDA approved.


Trump is the one person on Earth who doesn’t deserve ANY treatment for Covid19 and they give him immediate, premier, and generally unavailable VOIP treatment using our money to fund it.


Yes, the $100 K price tag for the high tech, biotech medicines, funded by your US tax dollars. Aren’t you happy now that you have paid for and developed medicines for people like Trump… Makes one yearn for the antiquated general health care system of years gone by …what is needed are basic health care clinics available to all people to cover both routine/basic health care needs and emergency-care situations…Now that’s National Security…It’s in your best interest to cut all funding on biotech-based drugs, too expensive to develop and too expensive to use for treatments… high tech biotech utopian drugs…

And good thing that our Government Leaders have their own Health Care Insurance/system…well no need to make changes to the current system… for those common people and folk…ba


Time we harness our rage and channel it into organizing.

Fro National Nurses United:

*It’s not a mystery why other countries have been able to respond more effectively and quickly to Covid-19. *

*For countries like Taiwan and South Korea, it was their single-payer, unified health systems that allowed them to respond quickly, effectively, and in a coordinated way to rein in Covid-19. *

*These countries were able to maximize resource allocation and usage – coordinating a national testing plan and the dissemination of resources. Our fragmented health care system, on the other hand, was unable to respond quickly, cohesively, or in a coordinated fashion. With no communication between payers, and no single source of public health data, we’re left with a system that can’t respond effectively. Single-payer health care enables the crucial integration and cooperation between public health and people’s health care. *

*Medicare for All would eliminate the fragmentation in our health care system and ensure that we have the capability to react swiftly and aggressively, in a coordinated way, to combat public health emergencies. *

One national plan can centralize public health data, coordinate a national testing plan, direct resources appropriately, and respond more quickly and effectively to public health crises like Covid-19 than a series of fragmented and disjointed responses – while also avoiding the bidding wars over Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we have seen in the U.S.

We’re not the only ones who understand this. In the midst of Covid-19, national support for Medicare for All is at a nine-month high. 1 This pandemic calls for nothing less than a massive movement building effort to bring thousands of new supporters into the fight for Medicare for All – that’s exactly what we are doing, and we need you to join us .





Ha ha ha ha ha


The CEO of Regeneron is a golfing buddy of Mr. Hocus Pocus. Trump owned stock in the company – A + B = C.


Thank the neolibs/John C. Calhoun/Tea Party/Ayn Rand/John M. Buchanan/Economic Liberty/Koch Brothers/DeVos family et alia…for our lack of a national health care plan. Raygun, with Milton Friedman plus the neoliberals and their pack of Libertarians really put this policy into play hard. They went so far and so fast that even his handlers finally had to put the brake on it to prevent the recession of the early 80’s from going into a major Depression.
From then on, we’ve fallen apart as a comity, developing more and more stuff to keep us more and more estranged from each other and from the public good. In my 70+ years, I’ve seen us go from community banks, where the owners knew the clients by their first names, their families went to school with the other families in the community, attended the same churches, went to the same activities. We had local grocery stores that provided many local children their first jobs and the money went back into the community. We even have our own department store, again providing local children their first jobs. Locally owned drugstores. Locally owned restaurants, shoe stores(and repair!), hardware stores, appliance stores. Locally owned grain silos. No one was rich-rich and no one was truly poor to the point of destitution. We even had local doctors who made house calls and a local dentist.
Television didn’t arrive until I was about eight years old, and I saw a rapid change in how we related to each other. Instead of sitting outside in hot weather, chatting with each other and with neighbors and playing board games or reading in cold weather, we were riveted to the one-eyed monster. Suddenly, we had to stop social activities to watch our favorite shows. News was no longer provided by local newspapers and locally owned radio stations, but by television. Family meals were now centered on the television playing, curtailing conversations.
As for politics…we knew our elected officials personally. Such royal treatment as that given to Trump would be immediately castigated both in the media(local) and from the pulpits.
But the long game of estrangement played itself out with local industries closing as the big-money folks opened industries in other countries, with big box stores and malls strip mining main streets all over the country. And we allowed it!!! Because we were told we had to have personal responsibility, no longer our brother’s keeper.
The US of course was founded on genocide and chattel slavery, but we did form comities of sorts. Now it’s dog-eat-dog while we worship the ultra wealthy, allowing the person beaten by the thieves running the country to lie in the gutter at the side of the road, without any Good Samaritans helping. After all, it’s their fault, right, to allow such a thing to happen.
I’m so done with all the political parties. And the economic wizards. And the techies who keep inventing more and more shit to estrange us even further. Vote if you want but we need to completely raze the system and start anew, if we have enough time between climate change and global economic collapse.


two items:
one, did trump receive plasma? if yes, he will live.
two, Dr. Fauci advises we will have 400,000 dead.

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Another thing - your for-profit health insurance company will not pay for “experimental drugs”.

There’s a reason Trump’s mouth resembles an anus. Shite is the only thing that comes out of it.

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I seriously doubt his hide is worth 100k.

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Twelve doctors, experimental drugs, three days hospital stay? Sounds like more than 100K to me.

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Mr. “I Love To Play With My Little White Balls” 'Makes Me Puke.'

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He even lies to his balls as he plays with them!

And if trump’s SCOTUS offering goes through, he gets his ruling on the ACA.
Millions more lose insurance and then that $100,000 dollar treatment looks to be too far afield.

Medicare doesn’t pay for experimental drugs either, that is probably a good thing.

“Insurers vary in their willingness to pay for treatment INDs. Medicare considers them to be experimental and so covers neither the cost of the drug nor the associated costs of care, with the exception of Group C cancer drugs, which are treatment INDs sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).”

IND = Investigational New Drug

Very observant point, am in total agreement with your spot on analysis, you brung a smile this morning!