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'Makes Me Puke': Analysis Shows Trump Covid-19 Treatment Would Cost Regular Folks $100K

Only a good thrashing would tell. And even if it didn’t, there would be a sense of satisfaction.

Thats seen as a success in the US because its likely going to be pure profit fr US corporations, especially if they can outsource or offshore the actual jobs. Trump is actually doing us a favor to tell it like it is, rather than hide it behind trade policy and foreign organizations we can blame it on, like other parties would.

When will people realize that they are not trying to reduce prices, they are trying to keep them high for as long as possible.

If people don’t have money then its time for them to be put on the back burner.

Look up “Make Live or let Die” in the context of running countries means.

Oh this poor man.
We need to start a GoFundMe to help pay for his $100,000 medical bills.
This could happen to anyone.
He took all of the necessary precautions and still got COVID through no fault of his own.

It is all the fault of those suckers and losers who died while enjoying their government paid travel overseas.
Trump blames the Gold Star Families with whom he met with and listened to too closely while they shared their stories.
That is who he says gave him his COVID.

Super Spreader Amy Barrett had absolutely nothing to do with it.