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'Makes Zero Sense': Health Experts Warn Against Feinstein Threat to Withhold Covid-19 Funding to Compel Mask Mandates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/makes-zero-sense-health-experts-warn-against-feinstein-threat-withhold-covid-19

smdh…Corporate dems love them some sanctions, though they are usually reserved for third world countries…oh…wait…


Oh Jeez! “Zero sense” is an understatement. All she is doing by this stupid proposal is fanning the flames of divisiveness (as if this country isn’t already being torn apart by it.) No regard for the innocent people who would be caught in this game of political grandstanding by withholding much needed COVID funds. She needs to go. Another career politician who is past her sell date and bordering imbecility and dementia. It seems to be a requirement to hold office in the Senate.


What do you expect from someone who pushes sanctions in an imperial context?

Punishing a population to “help” them is simply par for the course.


Feinstein’s an idiot.


Democrats once again making the fascistic Republicans look reasonable by comparison. And again we all suffer because of it.

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Whatever we do to other countries eventually comes back on us.


Vietnam War mantra: Destroy the village to save it.

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One of the major reasons Canada was able to flatten the curve on COVID while the US was not was the bipartisan nature of the fight against it. Political parties put aside all of their differences to work together. The Conservatives in Ontario worked WITH the Liberals in Ottawa. Provinces with surpluses of masks and protective equipment shipped those to Provinces where there was a shortage. The NDP here in BC worked with the Conservatives in Alberta to limit border crossings and travels and share data on outbreaks so they could do contact tracing to determine where workers returning from other Provinces contracted the virus. This even as a few months before they at each others throats over the pipeline Alberta wanted to build across BC.

In the US the Politicians let Political differences lead to needless bickering between jurisdictions with the If the Democrats do this we Republicans will do the opposite and the Democrats pointing at Republican run states as failing even as they claimed Democratic run states did better. In the US it was never about containing the virus and protecting the peoples health. It was always about trying to score Political points for the next election.


The ironic thing is though that in the U.S. there is bipartisan support behind that apparent divide: That being “fuck you peasants, die for our economy”


I’m guessing, a LOT of us were all thinking the same thing? “We think the price is WORTH it…” There’s a special place in HELL, for Madeleine Albright? Support for the virus may not look exactly bipartisan: homes, rent-controlled apartments needed to be flipped for gentrification & “essential workers” need to be chastised, motivated, indentured and cured of uppity “free stuff” aspirations for both parties’ 1% donors. A crisis is a terrible thing to waste… but, being too blatant at murdering your purported constituants, has become more of a GOP strategy (as their lemmings are happy to jump, rather than be forked… to frenzy-feeding FIRE & PhARMA Sector sharks?) Maybe the Feinsteins just bought into the mask makers, by mistake? I still want a Kickstarter to PAY Red State first responders, nurses & poors to stay at home?





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Senility turns the mind to mush.


I agree. We do not need laws (which would be impossible to enforce and prosecute anyway) to get “society” to self-enforce" the strong scientific and government recommendations. We can issue strong, personal objections to those people not wearing masks and violating other distancing and gathering protocols and avoid those people. We can stop shopping at places which do not require masks and whose management allows people not wearing masks to enter their businesses. We can simply follow protocols and let those who don’t get sick, die and spread the virus among themselves. Yes, those irresponsible, selfish people will take up hospital beds, put health care workers in danger and cost taxpayers a lot of money; but, that is the belly of the beast in which we now live.

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After which, we’re told to VOTE for them… or we’re Trumpy? Just how many insider trades, shorts of businesses, she’d helped destroy by floods, plague, firestorms, AGW, or ISDS panels. How many properties they’ve flipped as her yuppie constituents eat organic food irrigated with fracking brine; workers made offers they can’t refuse, exposing their loved ones to COVID, herbicide dessicated crops, etc… Oh, well.

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Good insight. I say that because it’s the way I see it as well.
It’s choices not mandates that will keep us healthy, or not.
The bottom line for people who want to avoid the virus is to be smart and safe.
Sign up for home schooling for a school season or two.
Don’t go to work in an unhealthy environment if you can afford to.
If I have to buy a hazmat suit for shopping, so be it.

No wonder the U.S. government is broken.

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And will remain so as long as 95% continue to support both Democrats and Republicans.

The exact definition of “insanity.”

Dianne, Ms. Reporter, it’s 6 feet WITH masks. Otherwise, the efficacy of two masks on people deteriorates. (Love to all readers)

They have just euthanized about a million minks in China when seven people tested positive for Covid - 19 and then 97% of the minks tested positive as well. Also, in the Netherlands. Better bone up on infection control and make it a part of your daily habit. Remind those around you to do the same.

Friendly amendment— “Feinstein’s an instinctive totalitarian with no sense of how to induce, and no interest in learning how to induce, democratic compliance with public safety measures.

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