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Making America Dread Again! Trump Is an Unparalleled Threat to Safety and Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/14/making-america-dread-again-trump-unparalleled-threat-safety-and-security


Come on Ralph it’s out cultural story that’s the problem Trump is just following the script.
Competition,winners, survival of the fittest, power goes to those with the most possessions .To the victor go the spoils. These are myths of course but we live them as the truth unfortunately.
How else would you end up with Trump and his ilk.
Change the story to change the future …


But but but Ralph, don’t you know it’s ALL YOUR FAULT that Gore/LIEberZionman lost in 2000.
It’s your fault, along with Jill Stein, that Hillary lost.
In fact, it’s your fault that the GOP has taken over almost everything.
Gee whiz, Ralph, why can’t you just go back to creating the most important consumer legislation in this country’s history and stop upsetting the two-party duopolistic oligarchy???


Good pre-emptive sarcasm (I hope it’s not too subtle for the Dbots who usually say stuff like that with a perfectly straight face).


I love Ralph but he’s got to give a rest. Bashing Trump gets nowhere. Ralph - set your sights on the Dems, who are doing everything in their power to get this guy re-elected.

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Clearly the DINO elite are complicit to the framework and foundations of the nightmare trump & co are exploiting and taking to new levals of depravity. That said, there has arguably never been a regime so destructive to our republic in so many ways; contempt for law and justice, our founding documents, people and any semblance of unity, environment, health and safety, and economic justice, as the depraved donald rump and his RepubliCon co-conspirators/handlers.Sure, the DINO Dem regimes did their bit and served the endless war machine, but all in all the obscenities and atrocities committed by trump & company destroyed all they touched with no service given except to vast wealth, exploitation, polluters and expanding the obscene military budget!

Taking Ralph to task for pinning the tail on trump at this time before the so-called “elections” serves none but the tea-trumpers and right-wing talking head media nutters that have so twisted truth and reality beyond all recognition - a truth the progressive/independent/left should not emulate.

The actions of the trump regime have done far more than divide society and serve the wealthiest, they have destroyed public education, environmental protections of all kinds, ignored global climate-change, further empowered the security police state, sold-off public lands and national parks, and so much more - the list of trump atrocities is endless and accelerating as we near the “elections”; reality made a mockery to trumps lies and evil fantasy worlds.

Ralph Nader has been in the forefront of resistance and activism his entire adult life. We need to at least try to elect Bernie Sanders as our only real possibility to escape from the vulture capitalist “script” and complicit DINO sycophants.


May I suggest that you check out Mr. Nader’s new book, To the Ramparts: How Bush and Obama Paved the Way for the Trump Presidency, and Why It Isn’t Too Late to Reverse Course

Lots of Dem bashing there all totally right on target and just as deserved. Hard to get the details in these pithy little online pieces. And there’s so much dirt to get.


Remove Trump.

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Ralph, of course, exposes the “saving American lives” excuse for the War on (of) Terror for the lame bullshit it is. Saving “American corporate and political interests”, another story.


I blame the third-way Dem’s including Clinton, Obama, Pelosi & Schumer for Trump’s ascendance. Maybe the American public would’ve been dumb enough to elect him anyway, but God damn it can’t we at least find out? Help Sanders get the nomination this time!


OK, that is true. And…my Representative sent out an e-mail to his constituents saying in part…“the president is a threat to national security.”
So…just what are Congress and the Courts going to do about it? Um, we’re waiting, right along with them, except they can do something, and we cannot.

I gladly support whatever candidate has a progressive record. For the most part, the Dems are and have been the lesser of two evils (minus a few like Wellstone for example) and at this stage of the game on this flogged and dying planet, I’m done with voting if that is the choice available.

As to Bernie’s label and history for what that’s worth, one thing is clear, Sanders isn’t enthusiastic about being part of the Democratic club, or any club for that matter. And I feel the same on a personal note.

“He was never really a party guy,” Guma, the author of the book on Sanders’ legacy in Vermont, told the Daily Beast . “His career was to be a voice and a candidate.”

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Off topic but I really miss not being able to post links.PonyBoy I’ll miss your well chosen song choices on Youtube. Are they afraid of Russian influence or what?


I second that emotion!


I’m not sure what is up with them keeping us from linking other materials CoolBreeze, but, don’t send them any money till they fix it.


I think THEY is DC, as in DT and friends.
THEY is going to work on re-election because the impeachment flyby is just smoke. But I also suspect the orchestrations we’ve been seeing are bigger than Trump. Whichever Democrat we put in is going to need a lot of other Democrats around him her. We need to work on electing Democratic senators.
It looks to me like one part of the plan is to choke political media. This action came yesterday. Today I read more of attempts to stymy political conversation:
Just add h…