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"Making America Great" at Americans' Expense


"Making America Great" at Americans' Expense

Ralph Nader

Donald J. Trump was a builder of casinos and high-priced hotels and golf courses. Now he is a builder of a tower of contradictions for the American people that is making “America Great” at their expense.


We really can not be sure why Trump does what he does. He might be a secret Tea Party conservative, he might simply take pleasure in disruption and not care about the consequences, he might be so impulsive that that he can’t help himself from going to extremes without thinking things through, he might be simply vindictive. One thing we do know is that with regard to his business he will do well if rich people continue to do well and spend money at his high end hotels, condominiums, and golf courses. But whatever the reason it is up to us to get involved politically and do the best we can to stop him from being so destructive to our society.


“we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military and make ourselves a military power once again.”

As always Ralph, spot on. Which is worse? That the speaker might actually believe the truth of that statement, or rather that he/she is an amoral poser, a business-suited huckster for death and destruction, and what we heard in that statement was more that we, the bullet-stoppers and cannon-fodder, overheard Gary Cohn whispering sweet nothings in the ears of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Electric Boat, etc.

Just what real percentage of USAn’s nod their heads in agreement at such a gravity-reversing statement? Not nearly as many I suspect, as Gary Cohn’s crowd would like us to believe. This nation is sick of war - us, the people. The theft of our common wealth, the sacrifice of our children, the neglect of our communities, the never-ending phantasmagoric breadth of death and destruction perpetrated in just the last 15 years - in our names. Suffering enough already to surpass that inflicted by many past empires.

“we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military and make ourselves a military power once again.”

Because Gary, nothing says democracy and freedom as bigly as massive military excess and brute aggressive threats.


“Runaway Ryan even fantasizes about going after Medicare next…” is no fantasy, Ralph !

TrumpDon’tCare removes $346 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund, giving Ryan’s Raiders all the leverage they need to “prove” how distressed Medicare is and how it needs to be privatized. Ryan and the GOP have refined the art and science of telling us how bad “domestic programs” are as they create self fullfilling prophesies by gutting them to “prove” how bad the programs are…

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other “domestic programs” have been in Ryan’s crosshairs ever since he showed up in DC in 1999. The perfect storm provided by the November election has given him all the ammo he needs to gut those programs and win his war against the 99%.


Great is an overused word, and it has apparently lost all meaning. What the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans are currently doing to policies that help and protect We the People in our day-to-day struggles can hardly be classified as great, or any other positive word one can conjure up.

Make America Great Again–I’m still waiting for the great part on the first go round. If this is great, if what once was was great, then this person wants out. America became “great” on the backs of others. First the Native Americans, then came African slaves, workers in general and the working poor, women, immigrants, the land air and water and numerous animal and plant species. America has always been a colonial power and remains one today. Hardly great for those folks who built this country and only got the crumbs off the aristocracy’s tables (if they got that much).

Because the Constitution gives us the power to change things, and in the past, people have built powerful movements and expanded the protections of the Constitution to protect more and more human beings, it is not abnormal to assume that we could perfect our democracy, a journey the founders set us on. Screw making America great. Let’s Make America Wonderful, knowing we may have to rebuild from the ground up.


Based on his appointments and other actions since the November election Trump actually meant “Make America GILDED Again”.

TrumpDon’tCare has GILDED AGE written all over it.


Thank you Ralph! This is one of your very best essays!

Thank you, also, for always being a consistent voice of reason, a shining beacon of integrity and a caring intelligence, through of of the insanity that is our policy-making and politics.


Totally agree with you, ray. Whether Trump stays in office or not, the real long-term damage will be done by Ryan and the rest of the Republicans!


Wish Ralph’s Voice was heard Nationwide.


That whole mentality is daily reinforced, by the Spectacle of Professional Spectator Sports, conflating the Military, in a positive way, with Patriotism, no room for Thought or Logic.


Ray, Thanks for taking my suggestion.

The truth must prevail.


Why would you cut the Coast Guard???here’s a few hints----Mob—Drugs???Donald made 60m profit off a Russian. His son in law is about to make 400m off the Chinese from a building at 666 5th av. I think people need to WAKE THE ---- UP!----------666-----really


Cutting the Coast Guard will enable more immigrants to take to the sea to circumvent Trump’s Mexican border wall.

Trump and the GOP don’t really give a rip about illegal immigrants, they are just an issue to distract us from the GOP’s sinister agenda and supplement the daily ration of raw meat Trump needs to toss to his base to keep them loyal.

Ditto the flow of opiates and other non legal drugs into the US. Trump knows that many of his voters are hooked on opioids and when he cuts their ACA, Medicare and Medicaid programs that pay for those opioids, Trump’s voters will need to buy opiates on the black market that will be floating drugs into the US.


Me too. Did you know he has a radio show? I don’t know what stations play it, but I listen online at:


Trump, our very able Distractor in Chief.


Ralph was great on “Democracy Now” this morning raking Trump’s 'War Budget" over the coals, and Ralph was much smarter than the stupid media in his strategy of countering Mulvaney’s propaganda BS about this awful Trump Budget unlike the rest of the knee jerk one sided and weak attempts at criticism.

Unfortunately, during Mulvaney’s defense of the Trump ‘war budget’ the stupid media/press pressed him on the defunding of ‘wheels on meals’, PBS, and other liberal programs, while Mulvaney repeatedly said, “we can’t fund things that don’t work and aren’t accomplishing anything”.

And yet nobody in the press had the brains to retorted along the lines of: “How the hell well do you think these decade long useless wars are working in accomplishing anything other than making a trillion dollar piss hole in the snow and on top of the graves of my kids in uniform that you arseholes have killed in these illegal effin wars??” — except for Nader on “Democracy Now”, when he focused along the lines of “clearly pointing-out” how awful and destructive Trump’s ‘War Budget’ would be.

However, in Ralph’s advocacy of using “clear and simple language” of holding all politicians’ feet to the fire directly, rather than just posting about all the liberal causes; health care, PBS. ‘meals on wheels’, etc. that are being ‘deconstructed’ by this Trump budget.

We should really be strongly confronting the politicians on the ‘simple language’ of them being accomplices to this overall ‘Empire economics’ of a crooked, dangerous, destructive budget by the EMPIRE.

Attacking one lying Vichy Party vs. the other lying Vichy Party of the same EMPIRE is stupid ---- Ralph would certainly agree that the ‘simple language’ solution is to attack the EMPIRE and both of its lying parties!!