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Making America Great

Making America Great

Thomas Meisenhelder

There is a lot of talk around about how to “make America great.” It seems to me common sense that if we really want to “make America great”, then we must be prepared to learn from societies that are doing better than we are. In business, medicine, and other fields, organizations take pride in discovering “best practices” and adopting them. This is one common way large organizations learn and evolve.

So, what are the “best practices” among developed nations?

Excellent essay here, could the USA do what is necessary to achieve a society as described? Big question. To do so would require a massive change of attitude in a large segment of the population, is that possible? Too many negative things are held in way too high a regard in this land, such as money/wealth, the owning and amassing of weapons, then there is the racism, the lack of respect for many people, animals, society, etc, etc.Don’t know how we could get into a better society here in America, but…it would be nice.


In addition, one might consider Nordic electoral prioritization - In fact this information is already being compiled and organized at Nordic Model USA

We are, IMHO, hamstrung by the vile Citizens United decision and its consequences (thank Hillary for that one!).

from their website:

" The Nordic nations all have different policies which together follow a certain pattern, known as the Nordic Model. Torben M. Andersen describes the Nordic Model in books such as The Nordic Model and Reform Capacity and Macroeconomic Performance in the Nordic Nations . These nations all follow a socioeconomic system known as Social Democracy, a mixed-market system of capitalism with government services filling in where the private market can’t, won’t, or simply cannot achieve efficiency. (emphasis added)

Whereas Social Democracy USA and the Democratic Socialists of America specifically seek a transition to a Socialist future, Nordic Model USA believes in Social Democracy as an end goal. We believe in government services and a market of privately-owned corporations, partnerships, B-Corporations, 501© non-profit organizations, worker and consumer cooperatives, and all other forms of well-regulated business whether organized by the will and capital of their investors or by the will of their democratically-elected boards and donors."

The Nordic countries also have much smaller populations than the US, which means that ordinary citizens can have greater access to the government, rather than vice versa.

Blaming Hillary for Citizens United is disingenuous claptrap.

Wait! What? We should thank Hillary for Citizens United? No wait, for its CONSEQUENCES? Citizens United put out the very anti (Hillary) “Hillary, the Movie,” due to Sen Clinton’s opposition to Citizen’s United. I guess among the twisted “Hate Hillary for Everything” folks it would therefore make sense that she’s to blame—but it just confuses me.

What is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people other than a social democracy? Lincoln in his Gettysburg address, referred to “the people" - as opposed to what? It was “the people” as opposed to those of great wealth. It’s an age old problem of the people of inordinate wealth, such as aristocracies of old, subordinating the majority, a problem that democracy was supposed to bring to an end.

The Supreme Court with decisions like Citizens United is on the side of wealth rather than democracy. Money dominates elections, the legislative process, the MSM, all while the Courts are being stacked with sycophants to the interests of people with money power.

There is no good reason why nearly a half of Americans should be living in or near poverty (while the MSM tells us how great the economy is doing). A government of the people, by the people, and for the people would not tolerate this, and bring it to an end.

We need a new birth in freedom.

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Unfortunately, Hillary and Bill Clinton are not angels and its not simply sad that the legacy has such a thick cosmetic cover. It is very dangerous.

At some point the truth about the legacy of Bill and Hillary Clinton will be clear.

The near endless investigations of Bill and Hillary by the republicans should have been TOTALLY endless until we are all dead and buried, amirite? And, since they are humans, they are less than perfect and I’ll let you and the republicans throw the stones.

Well, I don know about throwing stones but, from whitewater to the white house practices and beyond, their foundation activities in Haiti… in what we would hopefully speak of as governance, the documentation is better taken into account. The sooner the better.

I’m with you. I don’t personally know of connections between the Clintons and the Citizen’s United ruling, however, I know of many ways the Clintons have caused enormous harms to individuals and to our country as a whole.
Let me be clear - I’m an intelligent, thoughtful person with over 11 1/2 years of college education. I’m not some nut job. That being said, I have no problem stating that I fully believe that the Clinton family has believed themselves to be of such importance that they allow nothing to stand in their way - including human beings.

It goes without saying that it is extremely difficult for ‘regular folk’ to allow themselves to believe that people who seem to already have so much would allow themselves to be in positions where they could cause harm to human beings, but in the case of the Clintons, they absolutely have. I’m sure they believe that all of their actions were, in some way, for the ‘greater good’, but it is absolutely ridiculous what people in positions of power will allow of themselves once greed sets in.