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Making America Hate Again


Making America Hate Again

Robert Reich

Two days late, Donald Trump has finally condemned violent white supremacists. He was pushed into it by a storm of outrage at his initial failure to do so in the wake of deadly violence to Charlottesville, Virginia.

But it’s too little, too late. Trump’s unwillingness to denounce hateful violence has been part of his political strategy from the start.


Trump’s approval rating has fallen to an all time low. Yet 1/3 of Americans still approve of this piece of human garbage. Out here in the rural sticks, I assume about 1/2 still support him. And this is progressive Minnesota. Undoing all the damage that is being done and will continue in countless ways will take decades to overcome. It’s sad to realize how awful things are. That said, I’m still optimistic that some things will improve someday.


Trump has certainly incited the white supremacists in his base to be more active in their hateful way. But what is the best way to counter this hate? I believe we need to remember that the First Amendment applies to all, even white supremacists. While I strongly disagree with what these white supremacists say, I would also strongly defend their right to say it, and their right to choose their venue to say it in. And, apparently, their rally was permitted by the city of Charlottesville. No good can come from trying to suppress free speech, even hate speech, and I think the violence in Charlottesville shows that. If the counter protestors, instead of trying to stop the white supremacist rally, had just held their own separate rallies, in a very different part of town (as many residents of Charlottesville did), or on the following day, to show Charlottesville is a city of love, tolerance and racial equality, then the result would have been very different. In this case the young woman and two policemen who died would most likely still be alive, and we would have been able to see how well or how badly the white supremacists would have acted on their own, without being provoked by counter protestors. Also, they would have received much less publicity for their racist cause. If we protest some other groups right to protest, aren’t we being a tad hypocritical? And aren’t we transgressing on their First Amendment rights? If we want to avoid a civil war, we need to cool things down, and soon. Perhaps progressive people in this country could start by not counter protesting to try and stop rallies we don’t like. We could instead have our own fully separate rallies to oppose hate groups and support our own good causes.


I like what you wrote, Mark. And agree. I understand how fraught the whole background of racist monuments to the South’s Civil War ‘heroes’ is, for African-Americans there–(and for those of us who are also offended at their standing in public spaces). And that the time to take all these down has finally come–I still wish that the rallies had had separate venues in which to gather, and that the police/local government had a better plan to manage the presence of so much hate and planned violence. No one expressing their views should be paying for that speech with their life or injury. Confront racists with speech–not weapons. And work, as a citizen, to make sure people historically harmed by racism have education, civil, economic and voting rights!


The simple fact that the protestors, who did receive a permit to march, picked up torches and marched through the UVA campus should have immediately had their march permits revoked. The fact that law enforcement stood back and let the confrontations take place should tell you what you need to know about “free speech”. I agree that the young woman should not have had to be killed but you sound like DJT in your response…that there was wrong on both sides. This was clearly the fault of the white power advocates - no one wants to take away their first amendment rights but inciting violence is a crime as it should be…


Yes I agree, Kathryn, that the time has come to take the Confederate monuments down, as they are offensive. At the same time we can allow people to have their say about it, then take them down anyway, because most people now want them down. When I visited Richmond Virginia I was dismayed to see all the statues of Confederate war “heroes.” I though it a nice irony, however, that the two statues in Richmond of sons of that city who had contributed the most in a positive way were of Arthur Ashe, the famous tennis player and Mr. “Bojangles” Robinson, the entertainer - both black men!


It is really hard to understand the rather wide support that Trump has. I understand KKK and neo-Nazi types supporting him but it is a little hard to understand how many people who are not avowed racists support him. I think it is a backlash that goes back at least as far as the counter culture and anti-war movement in th 1960s. It was in the 1960s that the country began to change toward what is it now. All this change went completely against the strongly held values of many people. The hippies tried communal living and there was free sex. Psychoactive drugs suddenly were everywhere. Couples began to live together without being married. Only two decades after the end of WWII the soldiers who went to Vietnam were treated as the bad guys. Civil rights legislation ended segregation and helped African Americans gain political power and economic power. And since the 1960s things have moved even faster. Manual labor has been losing out robots and the degree of education needed for many good paying jobs has put those type of jobs out of reach for many. Not only men and women marry but now men and men and women and women. Basically many people are just fed up with a changed society that they blame on liberals and will even vote for a racist like Trump who lacks even the slightest sense of human decency if the only real alternative is to vote for a liberal and certainly Hillary Clinton falls squarely into that category. .


Trump campaigned on a message of Hate, won the Presidency on a message of Hate, and turned the home of previous presidents into the White “Supremacist” House.

Trump installed numerous secretaries and even the head of the DOJ all whom have racist beliefs.

Many of his most trusted advisors are known racists.

And again today, three days after a young woman protesting against racism in Charlottesville was murdered by an avowed racist in an act of domestic terrorism, Trump still doesn’t get it.

Trump may have the title of president, however, he will never be presidential. Never.

Whether it is dementia, or one or more of other forms of mental illness he is afflicted with, he must be removed from office with a sense of urgency the likes of which have never been seen before.


Did no one here see the presser where he just defended Nazis???



And now for something completely different! Off-topic and other than the ginger POS driving the news with his ego mania depravity and exploding every thinking persons head at least several times a day…since CD is overloaded with the POS’s insanity and has written nothing on this very important piece of history!

We always get great, relevant journalism from Aljazeera.

When hatred exploded at the partition of the Indian sub-continent and millions lost their lives and homes.

“Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it” - George Santayana


"Instead of condemning the brutality, Trump excused it by saying “people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again.”
Robert Reich

Look at what the Nazis did for Germany.


#MakeAmericaTruthfulAgain to #BanishAltRight Support/sign/share this campaign and invite people and organizations with large social reaches to sign up to0. We need courage, love and truth to trump fear, hate and fake news.


Support/sign/share this Truth campaign and invite people and organizations with large social reaches to sign up too. We need courage, love and truth to trump fear, hate and fake news.


So all this violence is over some statues? What are the real issues here----these people are allowed to protest but do they actually get to air their views(people here on the real left should understand this)Allowing these people to air their views in a real way would defuse a lot of the violence,and help people understand some of the root causes of this hate. Its kind of interesting that a lot of this revolves around “white culture”-------what exactly is “white culture”? And maybe as these discussions take place some African Americans should join in,and maybe some Native Americans should join in, and maybe some Mexican Americans should join in----and just maybe we should start teaching real American History to the kids in this country. And as I listen to Brian Williams on MSNBC what exactly is he doing -is he raising awareness of these divisions-or is he doing the same thing Trump does-fuel division. The way these “news” organizations devoted themselves to the Russia story for these many past months will they do the same on these race issues???


I can’t say about this instance, but there is a lot of evidence that when the anti-fascist anarchists show up there is going to be trouble. There have been a number of large peaceful protests by left wing groups that were marred by violence when these anarchists showed up. Often they are called the black bloc. They have tried through violence to stop right wing extremists from giving speeches at least a couple of universities recently. They are committed to violent means to shut down speech by right wing fascists. While the vast majority of protesters against these right wing group are committed to the First Amendment and avoiding violence the anti-fascists aren’t. We have a very difficult situation with groups on both sides training to fight each other. I think only sufficient police presence and action can prevent violent encounters in many instances when right wing extremists hold rallies or give speeches on state university campuses.


Those white supremacist “protesters” showed up with arms and armor. Had they been environmentalists showing up similarly equipped to protest an oil pipeline they would have been immediately arrested. This is a stark indication of what’s wrong with this nation. Those white supremacists weren’t exercising their right to freedom of speech. They were terrorists pure and simple! Showing up for a “protest” with shields and sticks isn’t free speech!


The KKK is a terrorist organization and their presence has been tolerated for far too long! Our so-called anti-terrorist security agencies needs to be targeting those bastards and arresting them! The KKK has conducted thousands of terrorist activities for over a century and membership in that organization is guilt by association and deserves punishment! Arrest them all! Now!


“Hate” has always been just below the surface in this country…itching to be scratched but the scratchers better be very careful because the itch spreads and becomes an infection.


No surprise. Donald Trump is following Adolf Hitler’s playbook to the letter. Identify “others” and unite haters behind him in hate. Encourage “nationalist” groups that he can control and use as weapons.against anyone who opposes him. This man is the single most dangerous person in the United States. We already have mass roundups and internment in concentration camps. We already have a puppet Reichstag (Congress). We already have a plethora of state laws that limit the constitutional rights of target groups. We now have citizen “armies” marching down our main streets promoting violence against target groups. Laws are being drafted and executive actions taken that punish dissent. WHAT IN HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?


Along with Oprah, I recommend an excellent book set in that time period. “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry.