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Making America Insecure Again


Making America Insecure Again

Rajan Menon

Donald Trump’s supporters believe that his election will end business as usual in Washington. The self-glorifying Trump agrees and indeed his has, so far, been the most unorthodox presidency of our era, if not any era. It’s a chaotic and tweet-driven administration that makes headlines daily thanks to scandals, acts of stunning incompetence, rants, accusations, wild claims, and conspiracy theories. On one crucial issue, however, Trump has been a complete conformist.


This is one of the most cogent and complete analyses of the awful reality of last year's election that I have yet seen. The things that, indeed, needed to change will just get worse!


A most cogent and prescient article. Unfortunately, sheeple have been sufficiently indoctrinated so as to lack even a modicum of appreciation of such a work of journalism.


Very good, insightful article.