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Making America Meaner


Those proposed cuts were small (and a bad idea), but Obama was trying to get the republicans to do something other than merely obstructing virtually everything.


Arthur Conan Doyle, in one of his short stories, explains the origin of the KKK as the unmistakable sound of loading and cocking a bullet in a rifle - “klu-klux”.


I’ll blame you, Wilk, for helping elect this fascist warmonger Trump.
Your argument is the same rightwing BS that reaches conservative voters
via FOX and fake news websites. In other words, your argument is dishonest.


Lock him up;!


“It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.” -General Douglas MacArthur, Speech, May 15, 1951

  1. You can’t support that debunked claim.

  2. In the U.S.A., ‘A pox on all your houses’ supports the right.

  3. Oh, and as noted many times over years on commondreams, despite basic criticisms of the Greens, I have voted for them since Nader and, throughout nominations and last election, supported Sanders and criticized H. Clinton.

  4. What is your progressive counter-proposal vs. Reich? You don’t have one.


I agree with you Reich on the dangers of this rising tide of hate that Trump stoked to ride to power.

That said, seriously Reich you need to come to terms with your enormous contribution during the Clinton years to the advancement of corporate power in this country.

Sans that ugly development, of DLC spawned Democrats starting with Bill Clinton, a Trump presidency would have never happened.

Repent already.


Repent, or stop writing pieces that point out the obvious. The former would be far more useful.


Why does the corporate media seem to have more outrage over what happened in Montana compared to what happened in Portland. Thank you DN for highlighting the importance of what is happening in the northeast----A Trump supporter kills two while defending children.

The media in this country is racist and creates hate to fuel the military police state. Next to no reporting on drones that kill so many innocents.Americans seem clueless as to what is done in their name. Because we have headline news and not real reporting.

And now the hate filled uncle at the dinner table who everyone ignores is now President.And this man is a true representative of our UGLY past—hopefully not our future.


Something I noticed, and wrote about, when the orange turd began getting a lot of news and TV time when his “race to the top” began, is that he has Hitler’s “gift” of appealing to the baser qualities of man. His orations even got him some sincere “Heil Trumps” from his audiences.

  • When Hitler began spouting his hatred of Jews, the Slavic and Romany people, and others of different ethnicity, great numbers of Germans went out to act upon his words. Many Germans objected to this, and a lot wound up in camps, or being shot in the street by the SA while “trying to escape.”
  • We are not quite there yet, but I see the same symptoms showing up in the streets, in the “press,” and in government officials, who should know better, but play “follow my leader,” no matter how cruel that may be.


“Trump has licensed the dark side of the American psyche” should read “Trump has licensed the dark side of the white American psyche.”


Hillary did not encourage her “fan club” to do violence to others. Although Bill Clinton was probably a sex addict, he did not encourage his voters to beat people up.


The lies that George W told were whoppers that had lasting consequences such ad the lie about Saddam having WMDs, ei, chemical weapons and was developing nuclear weapons. We still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east are dead, and at over 2,000,000 are displaced.


Ever read “locked in the cabinet?” the Sec. of Labor is the most ignored and marginalized of the cabinet posts. You are giving Reach far more power than had to influence anything, including NAFTA And recall he did resign in the second Clinton term.

Believe it or not, NAFTA is not all bad - the concept of a free trading bloc is a good one, it is only the details that get inserted into it that are bad. Canada and its large union workforce has done well under NAFTA - you hear no Canadians complaining about NAFTA.


The Nazis, I’m sorry to say, did things that the vast majority of humans would never, ever think of doing to other human beings. Putting people in ovens, locking tons of them in gas chambers after making them think they were going to take showers, doing horrific medical experiments on them, and then putting them out in the snow to watch them die were unusually horrific, as was rounding them up from other countries and taking them to places to be burnt in the ovens or gassed, or at least subjecting them to hard, hard labor until they fell down dead, or were shot and killed for the slightest error were the absolute worst things.


WRONG – nothing was more entertaining in merry old England than a good gory public execution … drawn and quartered etc., head on a spike.


Like I said, the statements that Bush made were usually included with a qualifier that would make the statement less than a lie. They absolutely were intended to deceive, however.


Hey, listen. What merry old England did by executing people in public and putting their head(s) on spike(s) may have been horrific…and wrong, but at least they didn’t single out an entire population for the most baseless reason of all–being of the wrong ethnicity or religion(s), by creating total massacres of them by putting them in gas chambers or ovens, doing cruel medical experiments on them, or rounding them up from other countries just for extermination.


Yes. This is it in a nutshell. Despite history of ‘politics’ , response of repub. party has become thuggish and ‘accepted.’ Sad state when hate reigns.



is not a fair analogy. This “dark side” of the white American psyche does not represent the psyche of all white Americans…period.