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Making America Mediocre Again


Making America Mediocre Again

John Feffer

The first signs of decline are physical. Citizens don’t grow as tall. They don’t live as long. They start killing each other in large numbers.

Sounds like the post-mortem for a society that disappeared long ago, a conclusion that archaeologists deliver after sifting through bone fragments and pottery shards. Why, the puzzled scholars ask, did such a vibrant society, which produced beautiful art and remarkable scientific advances, fall apart so rapidly and leave so little behind in the unforgiving rainforest?


Excellent and depressing analysis of where we are and where we're headed, I'm just glad I'm old enough to, hopefully, not have to witness the final death throes of what used to be a magnificent and hopeful country. At least that's the way I remember it from growing up in the '50s and '60s, maybe it was all propaganda and "fake news" after all?


While I will never condone it, I understand that many Murkins voted for Trump as a result of their disdain for Clinton.

However, anybody continuing to support Trump after he has already proven to be more dishonest than all of his predecessors (a high bar indeed) must be afflicted with dementia which is far worse than stunted height or shortened life expectancy. Far worse because these dementia cases won't ever be able admit that they were duped.


At 5'4" I resent being told that my size is a "sign of decline".


Even though many people who thought DJT would "make America great again," that making the military strong enough so the USA would "stop losing" sounded good, like a much needed national reboot, a lot have begun to have "voters remourse" and have jumped aboard the Trump Hate Train.

Nonetheless, none of things said about The President come close to the mean spirited nastiness of the invective directed at the Obamas.

To me he was certainly not a "great" president, mostly a stooge acting as a defender of the Military Indusrtrial Complex and the Deep State. But the hatefulness of the expressed opinions about Barak and Michelle is unprecedented and seems racially motivated as if his becoming president was an offensive affront to everything good and decent, the ultimate act of uppityness.

Even though he and his wife and two children are gone to the obscure "used to be sonebody" obscurity that former presidents are assigned to, and not much will he heard from him, the invective still keeps coming. His antifans can't get over him or stop feeling the smoldering resentment that, if he accomplished not much else besides a few out of site unwinnable wars and bailing out the big Banks's he did break the black barrier and achieved the presidency twice and did not during his eight year run screw things up as much as Donald Trump has in just a few short weeks,


Agree. However, I think it still important to speak of mistakes of the past that have led us to our present condition. A lot of the rhetoric against Trump seems to make him a scapegoat of all that has preceded him in the wrong direction. And now to have some kind of CIA coup to oust him and his cabinet does nothing to return us to the same old lesser evil of the DNC. If any kind of successful revolution takes place, it must not be co-opted by those who just want to return to the same old corporatist warmongering future.


Martial law, anyone?

My heart screams it couldn't happen, here, but my head knows this is a very real possibility. Summer is coming and it appears that it will be another record breaking year for heat. At the rate Trump is destroying what's left of this country's social safety net, turning the wolves loose on the helpless and working overtime to divide the country, some significant rioting is possible in the days to come and given Trump's inability to handle even the mildest criticism or dissent, it is not out of the question that he would resort to martial law.


"The world will continue to suffer the consequences of U.S. military force but without the mitigating influences of U.S. foreign aid and diplomacy."

Oh stop. Tell it to the Ukrainians, Hondurans, Venezuelans, and Cubans. Looking back, tell it to the Guatemalans, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Nicaraguans, Iranians (coup of 1954), Cambodians, the French and the Italians (subversions of elections in the 1950s). Remind the black South African population of the mitigating influence of U.S. diplomacy during apartheid.

Don't forget to tell every head of state and important foreign official in the world to be properly grateful for total NSA eavesdropping on them whenever they use a computer or make or receive a phone call. Just think what we might be doing to them if it wasn't for all that mitigating American diplomacy.

Oh, and don't forget how beneficial mitigating diplomacy was when the CIA was collaborating in the international drug traffic (heroin and crack cocaine) which has been flooding the inner cities since WW2.


It seems to me that he's already appointed several Horse's Asses to his cabinet, and a Nero (or three) as his advisor(s).   Alternatively, Bannon advising Trump conjures up a vision of Rasputin directing Mussolini.


AMEN to that!  What is so great about a 'legacy' that includes failure to put ANY Bush-era War Criminals and Banksters on trial - much less in prison, failure to support 'single-payer' health care, and the hypocritical betrayal of both America's middle class and any serious effort to reign in excessive pollution and the destruction of our democracy by oilogarchs & pollutocrats through his promotion of the Trans-Pacific "Partnership" with its odious 'Investor State Dispute Settlement' provisions.


Thanks for reminding me!  Watching the news these days is like watching reruns of 'I, Claudius' — except the costumes are contemporary and the names have been changed to protect the reputations of Nero & company.


"but without the mitigating influences of U.S. foreign aid and diplomacy".

Yes; well. The last 71 years of all that haven't done the world that much good. At least we Brits stopped the slave trade and taught the world soccer and cricket.


The main reason that the progeny of Augustus went crazy seems to have been their liking for wine sweetened by boiling it in lead pans.Lead acetate is a sweet poison. Same with the tapwater in Flint, by all accounts, and as 90% of USAian housholds get their water reticulated through lead pipes I think it may well explain the madness of the progeny of the "Pilgrim Fathers".

At least Caligula had the wit to appoint his horse as Senator.


Is that not a symptom of heavy-metal poisoning, such as that induced by lead?


No grounds for impeachment in sight.
"We would rather be ruined than changed." - W.H. Auden


Speaking of Caligula. At what point do the be-headings begin? (Kind of an evil Rube Goldberg contraption, expending massive energy for a few decapitations.)


Conservatism is the Domination of Society by an Aristocracy!!!
As aristocracy gains control of a society, democracy slowly disappears leaving behind only a rich and a poor class. The lower class gets exploited making them poorer as the upper class gets richer. Conservatism has been around for thousands of years...from the Pharaohs of Egypt with their slaves to the Kings and Barons of their fiefdoms; Democracy flourished allowing a middle class to take shape when we got rid of King George... Now, democracy has been deferred back to the rich leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of social stresses.


One of the problems with amerikans is the fact that they have bought into all of the wealthy elite's BS about the country, one of the most prominent of these is the myth that the stock market is the barometer of how the US economy is doing. The Dow Jones is a marker of how the top 30 blue chip corporations are doing by their bottom lines as dictated by Wall St., it has absolutely nothing to do with the overall condition of the US economy. (There is an old saying, that when the stock market goes up, workers get screwed!) Another line of bull that amerikans have bought into is the exceptional country, the indispensable people crap that Slick Oily "Snake Oil" salesman extraordinaire use to push in every one of his foreign policy speeches. There is absolutely nothing exceptional or indispensable about a country or a people that bullies, kills or overthrows legitimate governments to reach its ends. Period. The end!


At 5'11" I don't see any decline :sunglasses: